Abhi and Pragya share a romantic moment in Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya.

In Kumkum Bhagya, Pragya urges Aaliya to open the door, while the latter is devastated over the fact that her brother has fixed Purab’s marriage with Bulbul. She calls Bulbul and tells her that she is sending the gift for her, ven though she can’t attend her wedding. She cuts her wrist by a glass piece while keeps on knocking the door asking her to open the door. Aaliya says she hates her and falls on floor unconscious. Pragya asks Akash to break the door. Pragya gets shocked to see Aaliya bleeding profusely. Pragya calls Abhi and informs him. Bulbul calls Purab and he tells her about Aaliya’s suicide attempt. Pragya rushes her to the hospital along with the family members and gets her admitted. Later Doctor informs them that Aaliya is out of danger. Pragya thanks her. Bulbul blames herself for Aaliya’s suicide attempt. Tanu comes there acting as worried for Aaliya, gets into room and says they both will punish Pragya.

Pragya drags her out of Aaliya’s hospital room. Later Aaliya gains consciousness and sees her family around. Pragya scolds Aaliya for not thinking about family before attempting suicide. Pragya tries to make her understand and tells that Abhi took care of you since childhood and what pain he will go through when he will lift your dead body. Aaliya asks her to stop. Abhi asks Aaliya what made her take such decision. He doesn’t know what to do with her and is mad. Pragya asks him to calm down.Abhi feels hurt because of her and tells her what she means to him. It’s because of her he doesn’t miss his parents. They are together since childhood and he loves her a lot. She promises him she won’t do this again and gets emotional. Purab talks to Aaliya and asks her to choose between a good friend who will always be with her or a husband who is not in love with her. He asks her to choose between true friendship or unhappy married life. He tells her that he is ready to sacrifice his love for her friendship. Aaliya decides to sacrifice her love and accepts Purab as her good friend.

Aaliya realizes her mistake and says she has no objection for Purab and Bulbul’s wedding. Aaliya apologizes to Abhi and asks him to forgive her this mistake like million others. She promises not to take any extreme steps of madness again. Dadi welcomes Aaliya and says she’s glad Aaliya has learned difference in right and wrong now. Mitali is in disbelief seeing new side of Aaliya. Aaliya credits Pragya.Tanu and Mitali try to provoke Aaliya against Bulbul, but Aaliya seems to be uneffected. Aaliya says she won’t do anything that will hurt Abhi and her family. Abhi asks Pragya how she convinced Aaliya. Pragya says it’s all talent. Abhi teases her saying it’s black magic and suggests her to go on border and do black magic there so there are no fights. She will get medals too.

Tanu plans to take revenge on Bulbul and calls goon asking him to crush Bulbul under his car. Bulbul calls Purab and says Aaliya must be planning some conspiracy again. He says he knows Aaliya and knows she is not lying this time. Later Aaliya goes to meet Bulbul. She takes Sarla’s permission to speak to Bulbul alone. Purbi insults Tanu intetionally and drops a tea cup on her dress. She gets irked. Aaliya apologizes to her and says she changed because of Pragya, gives her a gift and says she can go ahead with marrying Purab and she will be Purab’s friend always. Bulbul says she knows she is conspiring something and asks her to stop thinking of harming her. Bulbul and Purab later go to a restaurant on a date and have a great time together. Aaliya and Tanu go to the same restaurant.

Aaliya tells Tanu that she isn’t jealous and have move on in life. Tanu says she wants to destroy the wall between her and Purab. Aaliya asks what she wants to do. Tanu says she will show it and signals her goon to start car and crush Bulbul. Purab seeing a speeding car towards Bulbul and shouts. Aaliya rescues Bulbul and falls on floor. Bulbul thanks her and says Purab told she has changed, but now she saw herself. Aaliya says she has accepted their relationship and wants them to unite. She scolds Purab for leaving Bulbul alone. Bulbul hugs Purab.

Bulbul thanks her and says Purab told she has changed, but now she saw herself. Aaliya says she has accepted their relationship and wants them to unite. Tanugets furious watching Aaliya has spoiled her plan. Tanu asks Aaliya why did she rescued Bulbul when she got the opportunity to get her out of life. Aaliya slaps her and asks when she does not have any problem in their marriage, why is she overreacting. Pragya practices in front of mirror how to propose Abhi. She gets nervous and thinks she has to tell it any cost. Pragya prepares herself to complete a challenge and get romantic with Abhi as Abhi thinks Pragya is not capable of. Purab brings Bulbul home and nurses her wound. Sarla asks how did she get injured. She tells her about the incident happened and how Aaliya saved her.

Sarla along with Bulbul come to the New year party at Abhi’s house. Sarla hugs Daadi and asks why is she not resting. Daadi says she is very happy. Pragya gets ready and applies makeup and lipstick. Abhi pushes her by mistake. He says people will watch her even if he is around. They once again begin fighting with each other and the fight ends up in an intimate moment. Bulbul and Purab meet each other and share a romantic moment. Aaliya and Tanu notice them hugging each other, Aaliya doesn’t show any emotions. Abhi tries to prove to his Dadi that there are many girls more attractive than Pragya. He approaches a woman whom he finds attractive upon looking at her from behind, but he gets shocked to see Pragya there. He decides to show her a girl more beautiful than herself. Abhi’s friends praise Pragya’s beauty and say Abhi is very lucky to have such a beautiful and elegant wife.

Abhi says if Pragya hears that, she will shoot UV rays from her eyes and will make her also chasmish. Bulbul says Purab that his plan is failing and until Pragya and Abhi unite, she will not marry him and ask him to try. Just then Neetu enters. Neetu is a gorgeous girl who has been chasing Abhi for a long time. Abhi meets her and tries to make Pragya feel jealous. Abhi asks Pragya if she is jealous now. He starts dancing with Neetu on the song crazy lamhe… Tanu gets angry seeing that and drags Abhi from there. He says he was making Pragya jealous. Pragya thinks to make him jealous. Keep reading.

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