Ankita decides to marry Ranvijay for Vaishnavi’s happiness; Aashi bumps into Ankita and feels motherly love; Pari hits Ranvijay by her car; Naren bribes the Police to dismiss the case shocking Ankita in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta.

Last week in Pavitra Rishta, Ankita comes to Vaishnavi’s school to cheer her for the school competition, but hides. She wins the first two rounds. Teacher asks Vaishnavi to withdraw from the competition as her parents didn’t turn her. Ranvijay comes and asks her to withdraw. Vaishnavi cries and tells him that her Ankita mom would definitely come. Ankita comes and tells Ranvijay that Vaishnavi will definitely participate. Vaishnavi wins the game with the help of Ranvijay and Ankita. Vaishnavi’s friends call her a cheater as her parents are not married. This doesn’t go well with Vaishnavi and she falls sick.

Ranvijay asks Ankita to leave the house for the betterment of Vaishnavi and tells her that he will take care of Vaishnavi. Ankita agrees to marry him for the sake of Vaishnavi’s happiness. Neelima, Gopal and all others get happy. Gopal takes the auspicious date for their marriage and decides the wedding venue to be Agra.

Naren and Pari leave for Agra for the holiday, unaware that Aashi accompanied them in their car. Car stopped on the way. Naren calls the mechanic and gets it repaired. Ankita informs Archana about her marriage decision. Archana supports her but asks her to rethink of her decision and tells about the other options. Ankita is adamant on her decision and tells her that Vaishnavi’s happiness matters to her a lot. Ranvijay hears her and tells her that he respects her a lot. He confesses his love to her.

Ranvijay, Ankita and his family leave for Agra. Ankita thinks about Naren. Naren on the other hand comes to the hotel with Pari. Naren asks the receptionist to send a doctor as Pari is not well. Meanwhile Aashi gets down the car and looks for Naren. Ankita who is looking at the toy happens to see little Aashi and saves her from the coming cart. Ankita takes her in her arms. Aashi smiles looking at her adorably. Ankita buys blue berry pastries for them and have a good time with Aashi.

Naren gifts saree to Pari and orders blue berry cake for her. Pari eats it and tells him that she is allergic to blueberry. Naren calls the receptionist to send an anti allergic tablet. Naren calls home to talk to Aashi. Rushaali lies to him saying she is sleeping. She gets tensed as Aashi is missing. Kinnari doubts her as she gets tensed about Aashi. Vaishnavi asks Ramvijay to propose to Ankita with flowers and gifts. Ranvijay agrees. Rushaali takes Shirish to the Police station.

Ranvijay sees Naren in the jewellery shop. He looks for him, but Naren has already left. Rushaali informs Naren about Aashi missing from home. Naren gets tensed while Pari blames Aashi for ruining their happiness. Waiter shows him toys that he found in his car dickey. Naren opines that Aashi accompanied them here. Ankita drops Aashi at the hotel. Naren is relieved and happy to find her. Aashi tells him about Ankita and says she selected her to be her mummy. Pari gets irked. Naren goes to thank her, but Ankita had already left the place with Ranvijay.

Ankita gets ready for her engagement. Naren makes Aashi understand that no one can be her mom except Pari. Ankita and Ranvijay get engaged while their family looks on happily. Aashi apologizes to Pari and orders cake for her. She puts fake cockroach in the tray to scare Pari. Pari gets angry at her. Pari informs Rushaali about Aashi and tells her that they are returning home.

Ranvijay thanks Ankita for agreeing to marry him and tells her that he will never force his husband’s rights on her until she is ready. Ankita gets ready for her marriage. Archana calls her and tells that they are sending gifts for her. Manav talks to her also. Ranvijay calls Ankita and asks her to meet him outside. Ankita refuses. Vaishnavi asks her to come with her. Aashi pours water on Pari’s laptop. Pari gets angry and tries to slap Aashi. Naren saves Aashi and tells Pari that Aashi is just a kid. Pari angrily leaves the hotel in the taxi.

Naren follows her and stops the taxi. Ranvijay practices to say I love you to Ankita. Pari starts driving Naren’s car and hits Ranvijay. Ranvijay gets unconscious and falls down. Naren checks him and tells Pari that he is still alive. Pari says they shall escape before anyone comes, but Naren takes him to the hospital. Vaishnavi brings Ankita to the same place. Ankita gets shocked to see Ranvijay’s watch and blood on the road. She gets shocked and panics.

Ranvijay’s family gets tensed as they have not returned home. Naren brings Ranvijay to the hospital and requests the doctor to operate him immediately. Ankita comes to the hospital. Inspector questions her and tells her about his accident. Neelima prays for her son. Pari packs her bags. Naren assures her that the man will be fine soon and asks her not to worry. Nurse asks Ankita to get the signatures of the person who brought Ranvijay to the hospital and gives his address. Inspector comes to arrest Naren to the hotel. Naren asks him to settle the case and offers bribe. Inspector agrees.

Ankita comes and is shocked. She confronts Naren for hitting Ranvijay. She also tells him about her losing the child and was about to marry Ranvijay. She promises to punish him. Naren gets tensed. Gopal and Neelima talk about Ankita. Ankita feels bad and thinks she is responsible for Ranvijay’s condition as her past is behind his accident. Keep reading.

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