Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai Watch online Rashmi Desai has roped in the Edit II Productions upcoming comedy show Bhabhi Ghar Pe Hai. The production house will soon launch a comedy venture on Zee network’s new channel and Rashmi will be seen in the lead role of Bhabhi. This serial will revolve around a family living in a society and the members depending upon the smartness and capabilities of a woman they lovingly call Bhabhi.

In Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi gets angry and confused with Pragya as she changed her statement and Abhi couldn’t get bail. Aaliya asks Lawyer to get Abhi out on bail and thinks Pragya is unpredictable. Abhi thinks Pragya had always been hurting him. Pragya sees him and thinks she wants to get him out at any cost, but cannot tell him the reason for giving false statement. Abhi sees Pragya talking to the contractor and assumes that they are plotting against him. Pragya tells Contractor that she is well aware of his plan. He gets shocked and tells her that her marriage hall will go down in 2 days as Abhi is still in the lock up. Pragya challenges him to save the marriage hall and gets Abhi freed.

Mitali gets angry with her dad for taking Rak’s signatures on Marriage hall demolition papers. He asks her to take Raj out on vacation. Pragya meets Abhi and tells him that she got the proofs and will soon get him out. Tanu inform Pragya that Dadi will be coming back home and will asks about Abhi. She adds that they will inform Dadi that Pragya is responsible for Abhi being in jail. Pragya silently goes to her room and thinks that she has proof now and looks at the recording of corporator.

Pragya calls Sarla and informs her that she has got a proof against the contractor and says that she can get Abhi freed from the prison with the help of the proof. Tanu overhears them and thinks if Pragya manages to gives the proof to Police then she will turn out to be a saviour infront of Abhi. Tanu goes to Pragya’s room and transfer the video which is a proof against the contractor from Pragya’s mobile to her mobile. She deletes the proof from Pragya’s mobile. She thinks to make sure that she will get all the credit for saving Abhi from the prison. Pragya reaches the police station in the morning and gets surprised when she sees that Tanu has already got Abhi released from the lock up. She gets shocked knowing Tanu had stolen the proof from her mobile.

Abhi comes home and gets surrounded by reporters. He says he will stood against corruption and save families like hers. Pragya gets impressed. Abhi taunts Pragya and tells her that she always betrays his trust but says that he will not harm her or her family. Mitali says Raj that she wants to go on vacation with him to Mahabaleshwar. He says he can take her to Mahalaxmi mandir only. She gets sad. Abhi sees Tanu and thinks she is the only one who deserves his love. He walks towards her to give a hug, but Dadi comes in front of him. She praises Pragya. Abhi gets irked.

Abhi punishes Pragya and asks her to stand on 1 leg. She hesitantly stands and accepts the punishment happily. He comes back and sees her standing on 1 leg and says she has a nice stamina. He asks her to keep her legs down and forces her, they both fall on bed. Pragya romantically looks at him. Dadi and her friends prepare sargi for Pragya for her fast. Tanu gets jealous and mixes chilli powder in thes sargi to make sure that Pragya drink water and break her fast.

Pragya eats the spicy food without any complain. Pragya sees Abhi sleeping in an awkward position. She tries to wake him up, he wakes up and asks her not to touch him. She starts feeling nauseous. Abhi sees her in pain and asks her to drink water. Pragya refuses to drink water as she is fasting. Abhi laughs. Pragya starts vomiting. Daadi asks her to break fast and says Abhi will not feel bad, but Pragya continues her fast. Tanu sees Abhi coming and start bad mouthing Pragya. Aaliya says she is making a drama. Dadi assumes that Pragya might be pregnant.

Abhi feels that Pragya is acting to impress Dadi and asks her to break her fast. Pragya refuses. He tries to walk, but clashes with Pragya. She is about to fall, but he holds her. Aaliya and Tanu are annoyed that time is not passing today when they are fasting. Aaliya says she has ordered pizza for them. They both receive pizza from pizza delivery boy and hurriedly run into their room. Taiji and Mitali see them. Mitali informs Abhi that Tanu is fasting for someone. Abhi walks toward Aaliya’s room, but clashes with Pragya who is carrying food thali for Dadi. Tanu and Aaliya start eating when Abhi comes there. They hide the Pizza box.

He asks her not to fast as she can’t be hungry. Tanu says she loves him a lot and does not want him to be trouble in future, so she is fasting. He gets happy and hugs her. Tanu gets caught, but Aaliya tells him that she ordered pizza and Tanu is fasting for him. Abhi thinks Tanu is fasting genuinely for him and Pragya is just acting. Tanu thanks Aaliya and starts eating again once Abhi leaves.

Abhi gets ready. Dadi praises Pragya’s mehendi. Abhi sees so many ladies gathering at his house. Dadi tells him that they have come for Pragya’s first Karwachauth. Abhi says, let’s play some game and asks question to Pragya. Pragya remembers their marriage and sweet moments. Abhi jokes and that makes the ladies go crazy. Dadi twists his ears and asks him to stop joking. Pragya sees Tanu eating chocolates and tells her that she knows she is acting as fasting and says only she has right to fast for Abhi. She says she will not tell Abhi about it as she wants his happiness.

While all ladies gather on the terrace to see the moon. Dadi stumbles. Abhi takes her to room and thinks to teach a lesson to Pragya for lying to Dadi. Abhi throws Pragya’s thali and asks her why is she making a drama and troubling dadi. She says she is not acting.
He tells her that Tanu is fasting for him by heart and not acting like her. He says she has to understand that he loves Tanu and hates her. He takes out her glasses, says when he sees in her eyes, he feels like seeing moon in them. Pragya thinks how did he see moon in her eyes. Abhi thinks how can he see moon in her eyes and thinks she must have hypnotized him.

Abhi looks in to Tanu’s eyes and says he is trying to find out moon. She says moon comes in sky. Abhi thinks how did he see it in Pragya’s eyes. Dadi asks Abhi and Pragya to dance until moon appears. Keep reading.

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