Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani

In Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke, Gunjan proves Mayank’s innocence and gets Natulal and his associates arrested whereas Sonal succeeds in her plan and gets engaged to Kabir. Gunjan comes to know about her plan. Sonal thanks Tanveer for helping her and gifts her something. Rachna is shocked to hear that it was Sonal’s plan. She confronts her. Sonal accepts that it was her plan. She filled Rachna’s ears against Kabir to get him. She says, Kabir was getting attracted towards Rachna and that’s why she has to work on her plan. Rachna decides to expose Sonal anyhow. Sonal brings Kabir and announces her engagement with him. Everyone congratulate her. Kabir is lost in Rachna’s thoughts.
Kabir questions her why she did the drama of the engagement. Sonal says, although he doesn’t like her but she loves him and can’t see him insulted by anyone. Sonal praises herself and show off the ring in the mirror. She thanks Rachna for making her succeed. Dadi hears everything. Sonal gets shocked and says she loves Kabir. Dadi says, I don’t like you but my haooiness lies in Kabir’s happiness. Sonal gets happy and takes her blessings.

Rachna tells her father that she haven’t done a right thing by insulting Kabir. Her Dad asks her to stop going to the office. Rachna says, she has to go to office as she can’t quit the job suddenly. Gunjan supports her. Rachna gets an idea to expose Sonal. Mayank comes and shows faith on Kabir. Rachna’s dad is upset with Rachna. Shayl asks him to have faith on their daughter. Their elder daughter Pihu comes to their house. Shayl asks her about her husband. Pihu goes to the room and locks it. Next morning, Shayl asks her if everything is okay and asks her to have breakfast. She refuses to eat.

Sonal comes to Kabir and pretends to love him. She says, he can break the engagement if he wishes. Kabir says, the fact is that they are engaged now. Sonal hugs him with happiness. Kabir recalls Rachna and removes his hands. Sonal sees Rachna standing and gets shocked. Dadi comes with her and tells Kabir that she tried to stop Rachna but in vain. Kabir asks her to get out from his office. Sonal starts insulting Rachna and asks her why she came after insulting Kabir yesterday. She tells her that she knows everything. Kabir thanks her and says whom you trust the most will hurt you. Sonal looks worried.

Later Kabir handsover the termination letter to Rachna and asks her to get out. Rachna tells him that Sonal is behind the plan. Kabir asks for the proofs. Rachna says, I don’ have. He asks her to come only with proofs. Rachna cries and leaves.

Pihu’s husband Murali come to the Garg’s house. He tells them that he wants to talk to Pihu. Pihu tells Shayl that she doesn’t want to talk to him. Shayl’s husband tries to know from Murali about the issue. Murali doesn’t say anything. Shayl lies to Murali saying Pihu is not at home. Murali leaves. Pihu tells everyone that she needs divorce from Murali. Everyone are shocked. Shayl thinks to talk to Pihu. Pihu tells Shayl that she has been working in Murali’s house since morning till the evening. She says she is not happy there and cries.

Rachna thinks everything is over. Just then she sees something and gets hopeful. She comes to Kabir and handover the terms and conditions letter. She says, he terminated her from the job but she didn’t accept it. She tells him that he can’t fire her like that. She has worked for the development of the company. Kabir asks, do you want credit? Dadi comes and asks Kabir to let Rachna work for sometime. Kabir gives her one week’s time to complete her fashion show project. Rachna looks at Sonal.

Rachna and Sonal challenges each other. Murali comes to Garg’s house and tells them that Pihu wants to go out often and doesn’t want to do the household chores. She even gets upset seeing him talking to his mom. Pihu’s Dad tells Shayl to call Pihu and they need to settle the issue. Gunjan informs them that Pihu is not in her room. She gets a letter. Pihu writes in the letter that she is leaving the house and she don’t want to return to her inlaws house. Murali reads the letter and gets annoyed. Pihu’s dad breaks down.
Murali says, he came to solve the matter but she doesn’t want to come back home. He leaves. They get a phone call from Pihu’s friend saying she is at their house. Shayl go there with Mayank and Gunjan. They bring Pihu home. Seema tells Pihu that she upset everyone including Murali. Shayl says, there might be a reason for Pihu’s behavior.

Gunjan thinks, why Shail is supporting Pihu and why she left her house. Pihu insults Gunjan. Mayank apologizes to Gunjan on Pihu’s behalf. Gunjan gets a message on her phone and she leaves. Pihu’s father Dayal tells Shayl that marriage is not a joke and she should make Pihu understand to go back to her house. Shayl says, she will do whatever is good for her daughter. Pihu gets happy and thinks she can get whatever she wants from Shayl. Gunjan meets rachna. Rachna tells her that she is thinking of a plan to expose Sonal. Gunjan tells her something. Rachna says, it is a crazy plan. Gunjan says, it is a reply to Sonal.

Seema and Sangeeta talk about Pihu and they wonder why she left her house and people will start gossipying about her. Shayl comes and says it is her house too. Pihu comes wearing salwar kameez without the mangalsutra. Seema asks her to wear the mangalsutra. Pihu refuses to wear saying Gunjan also doesn’t wear it. She leaves for her friend’s home.

Rachna arranges Kabir’s things on his desk. Sonal comes and asks her what she is doing. She says, you are lucky. She didn’t realize that Kabir is handsome and interesting. Sonal tells Dadi that Rachna told her that Kabir is a lottery. Rachna tells Dadi that why she would tell that and Sonal is the one who will be marrying Kabir.

Gunjan thinks to find out about Pihu. She talks with Shayl. Shayl says, she is doing what is good for Pihu. Kabir tells all the designers that they have been invited to showcase some designs in a convention and tells them the theme and asks if anyone has ideas. Rachna thinks of an idea but then thinks he is angry.
One designer comes up with an idea of writing all their ideas in a chit and keeps it in a ballot so there will be no bias and all will have a chance. Rachna thinks she has the chance now. Will Rachna succeed in getting Sonal expose? Kabir and Rachna will end up in a romantic situation in the coming episodes. Keep reading Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke.

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