From real life Bhabhi to reel life Bhabhi – Alan Kapoor and Preet Kaur Madhan’s on and off-screen relationship!

Actors often spend upto 12 hours of their day on set and if the show is revered by the audience this trend could go on for months and sometimes years as well. There are multiple cases when we have heard that actors who meet on set go on to become best friends and sometimes also go on to become life partners. It just feels that being cast in one show was a reason for meeting that particular person. In an interesting turn of events Preet Kaur Madhan (Naveli) who recently entered Pyar Ki Luka Chuppi which airs on Dangal and essays Alan Kapoor’s (Angad) sister-in-law (bhabhi). An interesting anecdote was discovered that Preet and Alan share the same relationship off-screen too (bhabhi-bhai). Alan calls Preet ‘bhabhi’ as she is married to Vishal Nayak, who Alan considers his brother. It was a happy pleasant surprise for Alan when he heard about Preet’s entry in the show and had a smile on his face as he could address her the same way as he has always done.

Sharing his bond with Preet Kaur Madhan (Naveli), Alan Kapoor said, “This is the first time who I call bhabhi in real life is playing my onscreen bhabhi as well. I consider Vishal (her husband) a very close friend almost like a brother. I have always addressed her as bhabhi even before we met on set, so calling her bhabhi comes very naturally to me. It is fun to replication the relation which you have in real life onscreen, however the equation which we share onscreen is poles apart from the real world. In the show she is after my life and wants to destroy me (laughs) but in real she is very sweet and gentle. While I haven’t got much screen time with her, I am looking forward to doing so. It will be fun to have Vishal come visit the set too. They have a cute little daughter who was very small when I was doing a show with Vishal, when I finally saw her on a video call on set, I was pleasantly surprised on how she has grown so quickly. Shooting with Preet feels like extended family and same goes for when you are shooting with friends. Also, many times one makes these thick bonds with people who you work with for a long time and they tend to become an integral part of your life.”

Talking about her rapport with Alan Kapoor (Angad), Preet Kaur Madhan, says, “Alan and my husband (Vishal) are very thick and consider each other bros. I knew Alan formally before and dint know if he would remember me, so when I met him on the set on the first day and barely just started to introduce myself, he said obviously I know you Preet and you don’t need to introduce yourself. He went on to say just recently he spoke to Vishal and said ‘bhabhi’ has bagged the role and coming on the show. We had a good laugh realising that we will share the same relationship status of bhabhi-bhai from real life to reel life. Other than having a family relationship status in the show which is more formal, we are also forming a good friendship bond offline. While chatting we also discovered a lot of common friends who we both are close to and wondered how come we never bumped into each other at those friends’ get-togethers. Our on-screen and off-screen relation has a huge contrast, in the show I have a negative shade and try to take over his property, however in real life it is totally the opposite.”

Some turn of events are just so mystic.

Tune into Pyar Ki Luka Chuppi daily at 7 pm only on Dangal TV. The show is sure to keep viewers excited and gripped with a new turn of events.

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