Gunjan exposes Guruji’s truth, His followers calls for a strike and attacks Gunjan and Rachna in Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke.

In Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke, Gunjan tries to wake up Mayank after witnessing the drama of 10th Devi while he is fast asleep. She hides in Guruji’s car and reaches the jungle. She mistakenly leave behind her necklace. Guard notices it and tells to Guruji. Gunjan gets trapped in the net laid by Guruji. Guruji asks his men to keep her at a place until the 10th Devi arrives and decides to kill her family. They lock her in the temple area. She thinks, how to get out from the temple.

Seema is happy with Gunjan. Mayank gets a call from her dad. He tells him that Gunjan is blessed and got an opportunity to clean the ashram. He tells him that he didn’t know where is she now. His dad asks him to call Gunjan and know about her whereabouts. Mayank tries to call her, but her phone is unreachable. Gunjan sees the camera watching her and thinks of a plan to get out from there. She wears a dupatta and sings the bhagan. The guard hears this. Mayank calls Rachna. Rachna tells him that she is unaware of Gunjan’s whereabouts. Guruji tells his men that there must be no mistake in his accomplishments. Mayank comes to Guruji and tells him that Gunjan is missing since night. He asks him not to worry as she might be busy with Ashram work.

Dayal and her brother leave for the ashram after coming to know that Gunjan is missing. Gunjan comes to the camera man and asks him to get some water for her. As he goes, Gunjan adjusts the idol in such a way that it appears as if she is sitting and drapes the dupatta on it. She somehow manages to get out of the temple. She sees the girl who was going to act as 10th Devi with the men. Guard checks on Gunjan and is shocked to see the idol on her place.

The guards kidnap Gunjan again and informs Guruji. They tied Gunjan on the chair and pours kerosene oil on the floor. They light a flame and leaves. Guruji performs the same trick which Gunjan saw magician teaching him. Guruji dances. A lady appears in Goddess Avatar. Guruji is shocked to see Gunjan as goddess. She tells him to wait and watch. Her family unable to see her in the crowd and smoke.

Guruji’s follower tells Gunjan’s family that he saw Gunjan and she is injured. He takes them somewhere. Gunjan tells everyone that Guruji will serve her today. She asks him to distribute his wealth among the poor. She makes Guruji clean the area and washes her feet. Guruji’s men tied Dayal and everyone. They are shocked. Seema and Mayank repent for trusting Guruji.

Guruji announces to distribute his wealth today. Gunjan recalls Kabir and Rachna saving her. Kabir starts distributing Guruji’s money. A man comes and shows him the video of Gunjan’s family. Gunjan stops Kabir. Kabir follows Guruji’s men to the store room. Gunjan tells his followers that Guruji is the true living God on the earth. Guruji smiles.

Kabir fights with the men and saves the family. Gunjan tells the people that Guruji is a magician. She comes into the public, removes her jewellery and announces she isn’t the 10th Devi, but Gunjan Garg and this man is a magician. She shows them a hole in the center of the place of fire and came easily through it when the fire was lit. She says she just came here to get her family rid of this false belief.

Guruji shivers and tells his followers that 10th Devi came inside him and calls Gunjan as witch. Seema comes and hugs Gunjan apologizing her. People throws stones on Guruji. Police arrests him finally. Gunjan and Mayank hug each other. He apologizes to her. Gunjan says, she feared to lose him. The Guru ji’s men plans something as a protest of his imprisonment.

Rachna thinks she should get something to Kabir and keeps the gift for him. Shail asks her to get something from the market. Rachna says, she has headache. Mayank goes for the interview after romancing Gunjan. Kabir calls Rachna and asks her to come for the meeting. Rachna thinks he called her without any reason. Kabir calls her again and asks her to come soon. Rachna goes through the window as she lied to her mom about her head ache.

Gunjan goes to market to buy shirt for her dad in law. Rachna comes to meet Kabir while Gunjan goes to the market and comes to know about Guruji’s men done the strike and burnt the market. Kabir asks rachna to get laces from Shastri’s shop. She feels Kabir behaving weird. Kabir sees a gift falling from Rachna’s purse. Dayal informs his wife about the curfew in the city. They worry for Mayank and Gunjan. Dayal gets shocked not to see Rachna in the house.

Rachna comes to the market and sees Guruji’s men attacking her. Dayal calls Kabir and asks him if Rachna is with him. Kabir assures him that he will drop Rachna home safely and she is with him. He runs to search for her. Rachna runs to save her life.

Gunjan saves someone from getting beaten with the goons. The goon asks the fellow goons to attack Gunjan. Gunjan tells them that she did the right thing and exposed the fake Guruji. She throws the spices on them. Police comes there. Rachna enters into a shop. Goons says, they won’t leave her. She begs them for her life. Kabir comes and saves her in the nick of time. Mayank comes there and saves Gunjan as well. While Kabir and Rachna hug each other, Gunjan and Mayank are still hiding from the goons. Keep reading.

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