Gunjan protects Seema infront of media in Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke.

In Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke, Gunjan opens her blog and sees many comments. She thinks so many people can relate to her and thinks to change the thought. She thinks she won’t let Mayank read this as she may fight with mummy ji. She shut the laptop. Seema meets Mayank in the hall and offers him an oil massage, but he leaves. Later Seema manages to get Mayank’s hairs. Bindiya says once the report comes, their work will be done. Seema thanks her. Gunjan speaks to Seema and she just wants the assurance that she didn’t mean whatever she said. Seema says if what she said, means so much to her, she would have got the test done. Gunjan comes to her room, thinking about Seema. She writes about it on her blog. She writes paternity test ruins the reputation of mother and child both. It is distrust. She is going through the pain of proving, that the child is her husband’s, to a woman who is a mother herself. She uploads it as ‘Aam Larki’’. People read the blog, and discuss about it widely.
Rachna opens her laptop, and is shocked to see the blog. She comes to Gunjan, and asks to tell her truly. She asks if Seema is still forcing her to get the test. Gunjan says yes. Rachna tells her that no one will know about it, but she must keep her fight and she is with her. Bindiya over hears the conversation. Media comes to take Gunjan’s interview. Bindiya invites them inside. Gunjan looks at Rachna.

All the family members get excited about Gunjan’s interview with the media. Gunjan says that in this city, she doesn’t feel alone but she knows that the city isn’t safe for girls. We should increase police petrolling, and also teach the boys about girl’s respect. One of the Reporter asks her about humiliating paternity test. The reporter asks her if the same is happening to her as well. The family is shocked at once. Gunjan denies. The reporter goes to Seema and asks her views about the paternity test. Seema stammers and begins to cry. Mayank and the rest of the family too get upset. The reporter asks Gunjan how she feels knowing about her mother in law’s reality. Gunjan gets shocked. Bindiya signs them to leave after Mayank intervenes and shouts at media for troubling his pregnant wife. Dayal, Shayl and Seema feel that Gunjan didn’t do the right thing by writing the blog. Rachna wonders how the media came to know about it as Gunjan didn’t mention her name. Mayank tells Gunjan to delete the blog. Gunjan says what matters is that her and mummy ji’s differences have increased. Mayank asks Gunjan to promise, she won’t do any such thing again. She deletes the blog. Seema gets furious with Gunjan. Bindiya gets a message that her latest film poster is released. She gets tensed. Bindiyaa is shocked to know that Rachna is going to Chaya’s house. She shouts after deliberately hurting herself with the broken glass. Bindiya runs outside and tears all the posters off the wall.

Shayl says to Seema that she has loved Gunjan. Gunjan is expecting and in such conditions one gets mood swings. Seema says whatever Gunjan did is wrong. Shayl asks her to scold her. She asks her to tie the thread for Gunjan and her child’s safety. Seema says she can’t do it and leaves for market. Shayl ties to thread to Gunjan’s arm, and says it will keep them both safe. Dayal gives Shayl some money to save, which Bindia sees. She later opens the wardrobe and is shocked to see so much money. She hides when Rachna comes in. Rachna sees money on the floor and wonders who left the wardrobe open. The reporters wait for Seema in the market. Seema gets shocked when she is surrounded by the media asking her questions about the injustice that she has been committing to Gunjan. Seema starts crying and tries to escape from there. Bindia gives a high-five to the reporter. The media sensationalizes the issue. The Reporter asks why she deleted her blog, and shouts against Seema. Gunjan gets a message about media grilling Seema with their questions. The entire family rush to help her. Gunjan and Mayank try to rescue Seema from the media. Bindiya congratulates her reporter friend for troubling Seema.Gunjan notices Bindiya signaling the reporter.

Gunjan tells Rachna to take Seema from there. She shouts that it was her mistake. Seema wishes she had died as everyone stared her like she is a killer. Rachna says this drama wasn’t about the blog and Gunjan isn’t responsible. Seema asks Rachna to stop taking Gunjan’s side. Gunjan sympathises with Seema. She gets angry. Gopal asks Dayal to switch the TV on. They are shocked to see the news. The media takes Seema’s silence as her acceptance to the sin. The police come to take Seema to the police station, but Gunjan makes it clear to them that she is happy with her mother-in-law and has no problems with her family. Later a group of people from NGOs gather infront of the house and protest against Seema. Gunjan spots a man colouring his hands black. Gunjan understands what he is going to do, comes between the man and Seema and jerks him backwards. Gunjan later shouts at the protestors and makes it clear to them that she loves her mother-in-law and their relation is fine. She protects Seema infront of them.

She says she is proud to be a part of this family, and her mother in law has always loved her like a mother. Seema thinks about accusing Gunjan. She says she did it because she didn’t want her grand child to be questioned. She forgot that love of Gunjan and Mayank doesn’t need any test. It was eternal, and will remain so. They both apologize and hugs. Seema thinks how to tell them that she got Gunjan tested by mistake. Bindiya receives the result of the paternity test and gives the envelope to Seema. She thinks to burn the envelope. Shayl asks if there was something important in it, Seema denies it being important and is worried. The envelope of the tests fell down, and Mayank picks it up. He turns the envelope around and is shocked. Prabhu and Dayal scold Seems. Gunjan tells them that she knows about the test. Keep reading.

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