Gunjan solves the villagers’ problems and comes home, Kabir and Rachna get caught by Shayl and Dayal, Dayal holds Kabir responsible for Shayl’s accident in Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Lakapdan Ke.

In Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke, Rahul and Gunjan are shocked to see the records stating that toilets are made in Birpur and a large amount is sanctioned for the same. They complain to the police saying the toilets have been stolen. Police refuses to file the complaint. Gunjan invites the minister to inaugurate the toilets. He agrees and tells his secretary that tomorrow they will come to Birpur to inaugurate. DM comes to the head and tells him that the minister is coming here to inaugurate the toilets. The head says that the only way is to get it made within one night. Gunjan gets worried that if the toilets are made, minister wont get to know about the head’s true face.

Next morning, Minister comes to inaugurate the toilets. Vikram shows the toilets. The minister goes to cut the ribbon, but all at once the walls fell down. The minister asks what is this? Gunjan, Rahul and Chiraya appear from behind the walls. Gunjan tells him that there is no electricity and toilets though they are mentioned in the office records. The minister asks the Inspector to arrest the head and the DM. The minister appreciates Gunjan and promises her that in one week there will be electricity and toilet. Gunjan suggests Chiraya’s name to fight in the elections.

Rachna calls Kabir and invites him to some restaurant for his birthday celebration. Shayl decides to catch her red handed. Chiraya’s parents apologize to Gunjan. Gunjan asks them to get Chiraya and Rahul married. They agree for the marriage. Racha goes out of the house at 11 pm. Shayl decides to follow her. Rachna reaches the restaurant. She lights the candle on the cake and comes towards Kabir. He tells her that she will be giving her biggest gift of his life by telling her family about them. Rachna gets sad. He cuts the cake and thanks Rachna. Rachna gives him card. They dance on the song.

Shayl and Dayal reach there and search for them. Rachna fell down, Kabir takes her from the other door. Gunjan comes home and kisses Mayank. Mayank gets surprised to see her. Kabir and Rachna enter some room to clean Rachna’s dress. The Police knocks on their door asking them to come out. Rachna and Kabir come out. The police inspector tells them they got to know there is drug trafficking going on. Kabir tells him that he is a fashion designer and Rachna is his employee. Shayl and Dayal interfere. Dayal requests the Inspector to let his daughter go. He takes Rachna with him. Rachna comes home with them. She apologizes to her parents. Dayal tells her that she betrayed their trust. Kabir comes with his Dadi and tries to explain that they didn’t do anything wrong and was just celebrating his birthday.

Kabir and Rachna tell them that they love each other. Dayal asks, have you gone mad? Dadi talks to Shayl and says you knows my Nanha naa. Shayl says it seems like not. Gunjan supports Rachna’s choice. Dayal asks Rachna not to step out of the house. Dayal tells them that Kabir is steps ahead of his mom. Kabir gets angry. Dadi asks him not to talk about the past. Kabir comes home and cries thinking about Rachna. Rachna calls Kabir, but his phone is in his coat. Mayank and Gunjan promises to support her. Kabir tears all the letters and photos of his mother and cries. Dadi gets worried.

Shayl and Dayal talk about Rachna’s betrayal. Mayank tells Gunjan that he is resigning from the job. He comes to the office and gives the resignation letter to GS. GS asks him to pay 25 lakhs to leave the job. He asks Charu if they should let him go. She nods in a yes. Mayank thanks him. GS invites Mayank and Gunjan for Charu’s birthday. Mayank says he can’t come. GS insists. Gunjan serves the food to everyone. Shayl couldn’t eat the food. Rachna promises to do as her parents say. Seema asks Shayl to talk with Rachna with cool mind. Mayank comes home and tells Gunjan about GS inviting them for Charu’s birthday. Gunjan decides to attend the party to meet Charu.

Mayank and Gunjan come to the party. Mayank asks GS to sign on his resignation letter so that he can leave. GS introduces himself to Gunjan. Charu cuts the cake. GS takes a ring for her and puts it in her ring and kisses her. GS tells Charu to dance with Mayank giving him a special good-bye. Mayank and Charu dance. GS goes to Gunjan and offers to dance with her. They start dancing. GS start touching her badly. Gunjan slaps him. She says that he should never misbehave with her.GS says, his wife is doing the same thing. Gunjan asks him to trust his wife. GS tears the resignation letter and warns him to take him to court.

Shayl and Dayal come to the temple. Kabir is going from there and hears about a mother on the radio. He cries and gets emotional. Shayl sees the car and tries to save the boy. Kabir tries to save the boy and hits Shayl. Dayal sees Kabir coming out of the car. Shayl was about to tell that it was not his fault , but faints. Dayal brings her to the hospital and asks Kabir to leave. He blames him for hitting Shayl deliberately. Kabir tries to explain that it was an accident. Rachna, Mayank and everyone reach there. Gunjan believes on Kabir’s words. Rachna asks, whether her Dad saying is true? Kabir asks, can he do such a thing. He leaves. Rachna cries. Gunjan tells Mayank to be strong. Dayal tells to the Inspector that it isn’t an accident but a pre planned murder attempt. Everyone are shocked. Keep reading.

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