Naren recognizes Pari as Ahana on her marriage day, Ankita pleads with Pari to save Naren in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta.

Last week on Pavitra Rishta, Pari gets engaged to Shekhar in a ceremony. Archana and Manav’s family celebrate her engagement with dance and jokes. Archana wishes best for Pari. Pia thinks Pari is suffering and not happy with her marriage. Pari and Shekhar dance on the song Love you sona….Ankita gets vomiting sensation. She goes to the doctor, who confirms her pregnancy. Ankita gets happy and thanks the doctor.

Pari recalls her moments spent with Aman. Archana asks her if she is fine. Pari says yes. Archana asks her about Ankita. Ovi tells her that Ankita went home as she was not well. Ankita comes home and hugs Kinnari in excitement. Kinnari gets surprised. Ankita goes to her room and talks to Naren’s photo saying she is very happy. Just then she gets Naren’s call. She asks him to come home soon. Naren says, he will be coming in the morning. Pari recalls about Ankita’s words for Naren and angrily thinks to remove Aman from her memories.

Soham misses his kids and thinks to meet them. Marriage function starts for Pari and Shekhar. Shekhar comes with the baraat. He gives money to Pushti as shagun. Pari comes wearing the bridal attire. Shekhar gets happy seeing her. Naren is coming to the marriage Venue with Rushaali and is very excited. Shekhar and Pari exchange garlands. Everyone clap for them. Panditji starts the marriage rituals. Naren comes there with Rushaali. Archana thanks Rushaali for coming. Ankita comes out of the wedding hall and hugs Naren. She informs him about her pregnancy. Naren gets happy with the good news.

Shekhar and Pari’s start taking pheras/rounds. Naren sees Pari getting married to Shekhar and gets flashbacks about Ahana. He calls her Ahana. He goes near Pari. Everyone is shocked. Pari’s dupatta falls in the fire and Naren rescues her. They fall unconscious. Manav and his family bring Pari and Naren to the hospital. Doctor starts treatment of both of them. Ankita hugs Naren and cries. Ankita tells Shekhar that Naren is under trauma due to the fear of fire. Shekhar tells Mansi that he felt some connection between Pari and Naren. He gets worried for Ankita and Naren’s marriage.

Ankita goes to bring medicines for Naren. She talks to Shekhar and promises to arrange his marriage soon with Pari. Naren gets dream about Ahana and he wakes up. He goes to Pari’s room after enquiring from reception computer. He tries to wake her up and cries. Ankita hears Naren’s voice in Pari’s room and runs there. Ankita and shekhar are shocked to know that Pari is Ahana. Naren gets unconscious. Doctor checks Naren and tells them that it is strange that Naren woke up and went out after heavy sedatives. Ankita recalls about Pari liking for Pizza. Ankita thinks Naren didn’t love her at all.

Rushaali informs Shirish that Naren is in the hospital and called Pari as Ahana. Ankita tells Shekhar that she didn’t identity Pari as Ahana. She was blind in Naren’s love. Shekhar asks her not to blame herself. Ankita tells him that she loves Naren and doesn’t want to lose him. Shekhar tells her that Pari is Naren’s past and she is his present. Shekhar tells her that he have seen love in Naren’s eyes for her during the fire experiment. Ankita tells him about her pregnancy.

Soham comes to the chawl and gives fruit to Shashank’s mom for his kids. Mansi informs Soham about Naren. He asks her to be with Ankita. Pari gains consciousness. Manav tells her that her dupatta caught fire. She asks him to take her home and thinks they are unaware of Aman/Naren. Ankita waits for Naren to wake up. Pari sees them and cries.

Shashank’s mom create a scene about Soham coming to their house. She refuses to stay with Mansi. Mansi promises her that Soham won’t come again. Ankita tells Manav that it is confirmed that Pari is Naren’s Ahana. She says, she cannot let Ankita suffer as Pari is Naren’s past. Manav says, Archana is right. Doctor tells Ankita that Naren’s pulse is low and he can gets well with positivity. He asks her about Ahana. Ankita tells him that Pari is his real Ahana. Doctor asks her to call Pari as she is the one who can save Naren. Ankita agrees to bring Pari.

Archana tells Pari that she knows Naren is her Aman and asks her why she hide it from her. Pari says, she doesn’t want to break Ankita’s marriage. Soham comes to meet Naren and urges him to get up. Ankita comes to Archana’s house and tells Archana that only Pari can save her husband Naren. Ankita talks to Pari then. Pari tells her that Naren cheated her. Ankita tells her that Naren didn’t betray her. Pari tells their love story and tells that Naren didn’t come to meet her after her accident. Pari tells her that she couldn’t forget Naren.

Ankita tells her that Naren saw your car burning and loses his mental balance. She says, Naren calls her Ahana. Ankita asks her to help her for old days sake. Pari refuses. Ankita pleads with her. Ankita brings Pari to the hospital. Doctor asks her to remind Naren of their old days. Pari gets emotional. Doctor insists her to remind him. Next week, Naren will wake up and forgets Ankita. Keep reading.

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