Naren undergoes the hypnotic experiment in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta

Pavitra Rishta is now focussing on Naren and Ankita love story. Naren comes to Shashank’s house with the reporters and tells them that Shashank’s parents have agreed to accept Mansi and goes gaga over their goodness. Shashank’s parents agrees infront of media but later refuses to accept Mansi as their bahu. Pia enters into Deshmukh’s lives as a chef. She is trying to unite the family into one. Naren and Ankita are having a romantic moment in the rain. They come home and sees Rushaali back at home. Rushaali gets angry at ankita for sending Raunaq to jail. Sunanda supports Ankita and tells Rushaali that Raunaq deserves to be punished as he did a heinous crime. She holds Rushaali responsible for Raunaq’s doings.

Pia shakes hands with Pushti to unite the family. Pushti promises to help her. Later Pushti pretends to insult Pia, Sachin comes and scolds her. Ankita thanks Sunanda for understanding her and supporting the truth. Ankita is falling in love with Naren with each passing day. Naren asks her to give the presentation. Ankita do the rehearsal with him. They have some cute moments together.

Shashank calls Naren and tells him that his family have refused to accept Mansi. Naren comes to their home and directly tells them that Ankita is the owner of 200 crores, out of which she will give 95 crores to Mansi. Shashank’s parents get greedy and thinks to accept Mansi. Shashank feels ashamed for his parents’ thinking and greed. He refuses to marry Mansi.

Pari gets hungry. Pia cooks omelette for her. They talk about their parents. Pari tells her that she hates her father very much. Pia thinks to unite Pari with Arjun and also think to clear the misunderstandings from Pari’s mind. Savita comes home and sees Pia welcoming her. She takes her interview. Pia calls her Aaji. Savita says, only my grand children can call me Aaji. Pia thinks she is also her grand child. She makes Kande Pohe for her. Shashank’s parents come to Ankita’s house and accepts Mansi. Everyone is happy. Later Mansi overhears them talking about the money which Ankita will give after marriage. Mansi gets shocked and talk to Ankita. Ankita breaks the alliance shocking everyone.

Pia takes care for Archana and makes her drink turmeric milk. She tries to make Neena realize her mistake. Sachin realizes Neena’s bad behavior towards his parents and scolds her. Shashank’s mom tells Ankita that she has to compromise if she wants to see Mansi married. Ankita doesn’t pay heed to her suggestion.

Sunanda asks Kinnari to make the preparations of the havan. Kinnari agrees hesitantly. Sunanda makes her clear that although Raunaq is in jail but she is the second daughter in law of the house. She tells Rushaali that Ankita and Naren will sit for the havan. Shekhar comes to Karmarkar’s house to apologize to Naren. Naren forgives him and offers him a job as a legal advisor in his company. Shekhar agrees.

Later Naren makes Pizza for Ankita and asks Kinnari to bring her to the hotel which he customized as London restaurant. Kinnari agrees. She brings Ankita to the hotel. Ankita and Naren have some cute moments together. Naren makes her eat the pizza of her choice. Then they dance passionately. Naren surprises Ankita as he organised the dance performance of Sunny Leone, who comes to promote her film Ragini MMS 2. Ankita gets jealous seeing him dancing with Sunny. They come home. Ankita confesses to him that she loves him but Naren doesn’t listen to her confession as he is asleep.

While Ankita and Naren come for the puja/havan. Kinnari thinks to do something and throws hot water on Ankita. Naren gets panicked and gets an attack. Doctor comes and informs them that the attack is a serious one. Ankita hugs him and determines to see him fine. Doctor assumes that fire is the reason for his attacks.

Doctor suggests Hypnotic Relaxation Therapy, we will put Naren in a relaxed state and we will try to find out everything from him which will make it easy for the treatment, there is 30% chance of success. Ankita thinks to convince Rushaali. Ankita talks with Rushaali, but Rushaali is against the treatment as she fears for Naren’s life. Sunanda asks her to let Ankita decide about Naren’s betterment. She shows faith on Ankita.

Naren tells Ankita, how painful was the injection and it upset his mood. She convinces him for the experiment. Doctor says, we will do the treatment tomorrow. Shashank calls Naren and asks him to come to the certain place. Naren convinces Ankita to let Shashank marry Mansi. Ankita get convinced but she says, how we will convince Mansi. Naren comes to Mansi and says he has found a good alliance for her. He asks her to move on in life. Mansi agrees. They bring her to the temple. Mansi is surprised to see Shashank. Soham is a bit shocked. They get married in the temple.

Experiment start on Naren. Doctor start the hypnosis. Naren closes his eyes and tells him about Ahana. He tells about the car on the fire and gets hyper. He says, he couldn’t save Ahana. I want to go to my Ahana. Ankita tries to calm him down. Doctor gives him injections. What will happen now. Will Naren regain his memory and get back to normal life after the experiment? Keep reading.

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