Natulal’s truth is revealed to Gunjan in Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke

Sapne Suhani Lakadpan Ke is witnessing some fraudulent as they are trying to trapped Mayank and get some money from him. Mayank thinks he had killed someone and therefore repenting for his sin. Actually he is trapped by Natulal and his family. It was Natulal’s trap for Mayank. Mayank is forced to act as someone’s husband. Natulal tells Mayank that his daughter will not be able to take the truth. She will die if she knows about her husband’s death. Vidhi calls Mayank as her husband and she is acting all the while. Mayank feels she is innocent. On Rachna’s birthday, Rachna feels bad as her family forgot to wish her, but they give her surprise. Rachna gets emotional and happy. Later she cuts the cake and gets the gift.

Mayank gets a call from his boss asking him to come to the site. Gunjan and Mayank leave from home and on the way they come to know about the gangs that steal money from people after trapping them in false cases. Mayank and Gunjan realize that they have been blackmailed all this while. Gunjan decides to investigate the matter and makes a plan to meet Natulal. Gunjan enters Natulal’s house as Champa. Vidhi shares her problem that her husband seems tensed and doesn’t have time for her. Gunjan thinks they are innocent people and they are not frauds or greedy people. She leaves.

Sonal gets ready to trap Kabir but Kabir has other plans. He surprises Rachna by giving birthday party for her. Dadi gifts her a dress and asks her to wear it as it is specially designed by Kabir. Rachna is happy and touched to know that it is designed by Kabir for her.

Gunjan comes to Mayank after passing the forest area. Vidhi follows her. Gunjan sits in Mayank’s car. She tells him that Natulal’s family was looking good and not greedy. They didn’t show any interest in money and jewellery. Mayank says, I think I did a mistake. Gunjan thinks to find a way out. Vidhi looks around for Gunjan but doesn’t see her. She peeps into someone’s car but is scolded by the car owner. Vidhi makes excuse that she has the same color car. Mayank and Gunjan leaves. Vidhi wonders, where is the golden bird flew?

At Kabir’s party, Kabir is waiting for Rachna to come. Sonal comes and greets her. She asks, how am I looking. Kabir looks at Rachna and says good. He couldn’t keep his eyes off Rachna making Sonal angry. Rachna comes and Dadi praises her beauty in Kabir’s designed dress. Kabir gifts her a pendant. Rachna is delighted to get a gift from him. Dadi makes her wear it. Sonal gets irked as she thought that Kabir brought it for her. She thinks, what is wrong with Kabir’s choice. Kabir asks her to cut the cake. Rachna is on cloud nine. Dadi thinks, even her Kabir has heart.

Gunjan and Mayank discuss about Natulal’s family and decides to help them monetarily and also to settle down Vidhi. Kabir tells Rachna that Sonal helped him in selecting the gift. Dadi thinks to teach her a lesson as she is trying to get close to Kabir. She tells that Kabir will dance with the most beautiful girl and asks Sonal to write the girl’s name on the chit. Sonal writes her names on all the chit. Dadi is a way ahead of Soham and mixes a chit in the bowl. She takes it out and says beautiful, charming, birthday girl Rachna will dance with Kabir. Sonal is shocked.

Rachna feels awkward but Dadi asks her to dance with Kabir. She agrees. Kabir and Rachna dance on the song Zehnaseeb. Kabir gets flowed by her beauty and Rachna feels shy. Dadi offers to dance with jealous Sonal. Sonal says no, but Dadi takes her to the dance floor. She spins her hand and Sonal falls. Dadi shows fake sympathy towards her.

Gunjan decorates the dinner table specially for Rachna’s birthday and also the house. Shail and Seema praise her. Mayank praises Gunjan. Dadi announces the cake cutting ritual. Waiter brings the cake. Rachna cuts the cake and makes Dadi eat the first bite. She then offers Sonal, but she doesn’t eat it. Then Rachna offers it to Kabir, who takes it.
Rachna thanks Kabir for throwing the birthday party for her. Kabir smiles. Sonal looks at them and gets jealous.

Rachna comes home and is wished by her family. She is overwhelmed about Kabir’s party and tells her family. Shail tells her that Gunjan made special preparation for her birthday. Rachna gets excited. She enjoys the special dinner with her family and thanks Gunjan.

Dadi asks Kabir about throwing a party for Rachna. Kabir says, he came to know about her birthday one day before and that’s why he thought to give her a suprise. Dadi says, you didn’t give any party to your previous assistant. Kabir says, it is nothing like that. Dadi says, my kabir heart is melting because of the girl Rachna. Mayank is sad about the accident and Vidhi. Gunjan assures him that a morning comes after a dark night. Everything will be alright. Sonal praises herself while looking in the mirror and thinks that Kabir is only hers’ as she waited for him since 7 years.

Next day, Rachna gets a letter congratulating her on her 18th birthday and her pics with Kabir. She gets shocked. Rachna wonders who has done this. Mayank tells Gunjan that he is applying for loan at his office. Seema asks Gunjan to accompany her to the temple as she has done some mannat. Gunjan hesitantly agrees. Rachna is surprised to see the happy birthday message on the board and wonders who is doing all this. Rachna feels someone is following her. Kabir meets her and thinks she is embarassed because of dancing with him. Gunjan sees Natulal and Vidhi dressed as cops. She is shocked.

Natulal and Vidhi manage to get some cash. Natulal tells Madhav about their next plan. Gunjan asks the auto driver to follow them. Seema wonders where is Gunjan. She comes home and informs Mayank. Mayank gets worried for Gunjan. Gunjan follows them. They come to a house and raid the house. The owner of the house pleads with them that he is not having any black money. They impose as a IT officer. They get money and is about to leave then they hears a mobile ring. They turn to look at Gunjan but she hides. What will happen, will they find out that their truth is revealed to Gunjan. Gunjan is determined to save her Mayank from the fraud gang. Stay tuned or keep reading.

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