Pia plays cupid to unites Arjun and Purvi in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta.

This week Rishabh Kapoor takes Purvi to Pune on the pretext of transferring his property on her name. He comes to know of Pia’s presence and asks his men to caught her. He asks Purvi to wear formal suit for the meeting and mishandles her phone. Purvi feels strange but agrees to wear the clothes. Pia is worried about her. She calls Ovi and tells her about RK’s dangerous plan. RK takes Purvi to the office and asks her to sign on some papers which she signs blindly. RK asks the photographer to take the photo. RK gets happy as he got the property which was on his dead wife Sonia’s name. He tells Chadda that Purvi’s work is done and she is not needed anymore. He plans to kill her on the way to Mumbai. Pia hears everything and gets tensed. RK suffocates her and plans to kill her along with Purvi.

Ankita brings Naren to his house. Naren tells his family that Ankita will stay with them. Sunanda says, she can stay but we will leave. Ankita says, I will leave and you can stay. She leaves. Ankita approaches a NGO and gets a lawyer for the case. Sunanda brief Shekhar about Ankita and her family. Shekhar thinks she is greedy.
RK takes Purvi to Khandala tomb while Pia was in his car decky. Purvi feels strange of him. He tells her that he loved his wife very much, more than his life but didn’t have any other option than to kill her for her property. Purvi gets scared and asks, why he choses to marry her? RK makes it clear that her face resembles his wife Sonia’s face and that’s why he needed her signatures and photographs to get Sonia’s wealth. He says, I can forge her signatures easily but photos is the most important proof of Sonia for him. Purvi hears noise and finds Pia tied in the car decky. RK says, I planned to kill Purvi but detective Pia crossed my path, so she has to die.
Pia requests him to kill her instead of Purvi. She asks him to let Purvi go. Arjun and Ovi reach there on time. Ovi pleads with him to kill her instead of Purvi and Pia. Arjun tries to reason with RK but in vain. RK says, I will kill you all. A fight start between the two men and accidently a bullet was fired from the pistol, it hits RK and he falls unconscious. Don’t know if he is alive or dead.

Pia apologizes to Purvi for being the reason for their seperation. Ovi tells Arjun that she can’t hide the truth anymore from Purvi and tells Purvi that Arjun loves and only loves you and he acted all the while with me. He don’t want to hurt your feelings. Arjun has a blood clot in his mind which is dangerous for his life. Purvi is shocked. Ovi continues that Arjun never ditched you and was always faithful to you. Purvi gets stunned. Arjun and Purvi hug each other emotionally. Purvi asks him, why you didn’t tell me about your illness? Arjun says, I can’t see your pain that’s why I hide the truth and took Ovi’s help. Ovi tells Pia, Purvi and Arjun not to tell anything to Police. Policemen arrives, Ovi tells them that she fired the bullet in self defense. Police arrest her for RK’s murder. Pia cries for her mother and thinks she couldn’t save her. Ovi asks her to be strong like always and praises her for uniting Arjun and Purvi.

Court case begins for Mansi’s rape. Shekhar proves in court that Ankita is a greedy woman who married Naren for his money. He says, no sound woman will marry a mentally challenged man knowingly. He proves Naren to be a mad man. Naren gets disturbed. He asks Kinnari to give the statement. Kinnari supports Raunaq and lies that Raunaq was with her entire night and didn’t leave her even for a min. Ankita tells in court that although she didn’t see Raunaq on that night but trusts her sister Mansi. Shekhar asks the court to dismiss the case. Ankita challenges Raunaq that she will win the case. She warns him not to mess with her and spoils Naren’s health. Arjun and Purvi are united because of Pia’s efforts. What will happen to the case now as Ankita has no proofs against Raunaq. Stay tuned.

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