Raghu fights with a body builder to earn some quick money for Shivani’s operation in Zee TV’s Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se.

In Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se, Veer think to unite Shivani and Raghu and make Raghu realizes his love for Shivani. Baburaam’s family is on road, Sumitra and Rajesh come there with music playing. They both take their pic and then Baburam’s family’s pic. Sumitra says she will let them stay in house with a condition that they have to be her servant. Veer’s parents dance on music while whole family watches them. Madhavi tells Shivani thatg it is mummy/pappa’s marriage anniversary, so they are rehearsing dance like always.

Mom says, they will have dance competition and whoever will win will get a gift. Bela scolds Sumitra for insulting her family. Sumitra asks Maya to come and stay at her home, but as a servant. Maya agrees and goes near her.

Veer’s dad asks Raghu and Veer to dance with their respective wives. Veer’s mom convinces them. Maya tells her that it was her mistake to trust her and praises her family. She brings a slipper garland and forcefully puts it on Sumitra’s neck. Sumitra and her boyfriend angrily go from there while baburam’s family happily hug each other. Raghu and Shivani rehearsal on the song. Shivani falls on the ground. Sunanda makes fun of her. Shivani challenges her that she will definitely win with Raghu as a team, nobody can defeat them.

Raghu tells Shivani that he can’t dance. Shivani emotionally blackmails him. Raghu says if she insists, he will dance with her and will try his best to win. Dadi tells Madhavi that she wants Raghu to realize how much he loves Shivani and says helping two lovers meet is a good thing. Shivani and Ragu rehearse dance on song Saathiya Saathiya kya kiya. Kids praises their dance. Sunanda thinks, she won’t let them win. Nishi gets ill. Whole family get distressed. Baburaam goes in search of house.

Sunanda insults Raghu and gives him tip being her servant. Shivani gets angry. Sunanda asks how can they pay back Veer’s 20 lakhs with his being a bodyguard and suggests them to work as a servant to get some tips. Raghu says, they have to clear Veer’s debt soon. He says he will do night shift and repay debt soon. Shivani sees her hair cut short and asks Raghu how can her hair be so short. Later, Raghu rescues a woman from a goon. Goon apologizes to the woman and leaves.

Sumitra gets happy seeing Saharia family on street eating borrowed food. She throws stinking water over them. Bella and Vivek get angry. Latha stops Vivek from hitting Sumitra. Sumitra thinks to teach them a lesson. Shivani calls Raghu, but the woman disconnects the call. She invites him for dinner.

Rajesh praises Sumitra for her witty mind and thinks he will take property from Sumitra and throw her out on streets like Saharia family. They have chicken biryani and throw the leftover food infront of Saharia family. Latha asks why is this food stinking. Sumitra says it is hyderabadi chicken biryani. Bella gets angry. Latha curses Sumitra for spoiling her house. Sumitra laughs on her. Maya says Sumitra cannot spoil her house as she is not so rich by values.

She enters the well in search of ball, picks ball and is surprised to see her hair there. She picks her hair and tries to go but her legs get stuck. She shouts for help. Veer hears her voice and comes to rescue her. Shivani says to Raghu that she felt someone is holding her leg. Baburaam and Rupesh return after they failed to get a home. Municipality worker comes there and forcefully shoos them away from there. Baburam and family sadly walk from there. Rajesh gives money to the municipality worker.

Raghu scolds Shivani for going inside the well. Shivani says someone for sure held her leg. Shivani says, she felt her hairs short and is sure someone cut her hair. Raghu it must be someone else also and asks her not think too much. Raghu gets a call from lady and asks his decision about her work. She offers him 20000 Rs. Raghu agrees.

Baburam’s family is drenching in rain on the road. Sumitra and Rajesh come there. Sumitra asks Lata to accept her proposal. Baburam asks her to be ashamed of her deeds. Sumitra says she will give them one more chance of getting into her house as servants, else Nishi will not be alive.

Raghu sees Shivani sleeping and walks out of the house at 12 am. Rupesh says Sumitra they accept her condition of being her servant. Sumitra says, she is feeling peace seeing them rubbing their nose on her feet. Shivani wakes up in the night and does not find Raghu next to her. Raghu comes from outside and says he had gone to hotel to work as guard. She sees scratches on his neck and asks what happened to him. Raghu says he got them by accident. Raghu hides money in cupboard.

Sumitra says rules have changed now. She asks whole family to sleep in lawn on floor except Nishi as she is ill. She asks them to work first and then sleep. She assigns work to Lata. Rajesh and Sumitra ask Bella and Maya to greet them in with aarti and garland. They both hesistantly perform aarti and put garland on them. Bela says her fever is down now. Maya says we will teach Sumitra a lesson and get back our house using her same tactics.

Veer’s parents anniversary party starts. Veer introduces Raghu to his guests and praises him. Raghu gets a call from the woman saying she got a deal of 24,000 rs for him. Raghu says, he will come soon. Shivani opens her cupboard and searches for her scarf when she sees a lot of money. She remembers Raghu telling lie yesterday night. She sees Raghu going out and thinks to follow him.

Sumitra gets Baburaam family to mob the floor and insults them badly. She asks them to clean the house. Shivani follows Raghu and sees him entering a building. Shivani sees Raghu fighting with a well-built fighter. Raghu gets unconscious during the fight. Keep reading.

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