Raghu organizes a dinner date for Karan and Shivani, Shivani gets sad in Zee TV’s Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se.

Last week, Raghu invites Shivani for dinner date. Shivani gets happy thinking she will have a romantic date with Raghu and shares it with Bella. Bella asks her to get ready. Sumitra hears them talking and hides Shivani’s almara keys. When Shivani couldn’t get it, she asks Bella to give her clothes. Bella tells her that she don’t have good clothes.Shivani then gets an idea and borrows a saree from Lata. Lata happily gives her saree to Shivani and blesses her. Vivek and Maya offer money to Lata, but she refuses to take money from them as she is still angry on them.

Shivani goes to get ready. Maya tells Sumitra about Shivani getting Lata’s saree. She tells Sumitra that Shivani has written the address of the venue on the paper. Sumitra comes to Shivani’s room and gets the paper. She plans to have dinner with Raghu before Shivani reaches the place. She sits in the auto and comes to the place. She sees one tantrik performing some puja. He holds her and makes her sit in the puja. Sumitra manages to escape from there and thinks who would have changed the address. It shows that Bella changed the address when she heard Sumitra and Maya talking about it.

Shivani comes to the place and gets happy seeing the decoration. She sees Karan there and gets surprised as she was expecting Raghu there. Karan says, he will come soon and has invited him for dinner. Raghu is standing nearby and watching them. He calls Shivani and tells her that he couldn’t come there as he have some urgent office work to do. Shivani gets sad. She sees Raghu hiding behind the fountain and starts going towards there. Karan stops her and tells her that Raghu is not there and she is just imagining him. Raghu thinks babyji is childish and soon she will realize that he has done for her good.

Shivani comes back and sees Raghu having dinner with Sumitra. She feels bad. Raghu asks her, how was her dinner with Karan. Shivani says, it was not good without him. Bella hears and feels bad for Shivani. She confronts Raghu and asks him to throw Shivani out of the house rather than playing with her emotions. Sumitra smirks thinking about Shivani’s sufferings.

Shivani tries hard to remove her earrings. Raghu helps her and removes the earrings. He compliments her and says she looks beautiful in Lata’s saree. Shivani feels happiness and smiles. Karan calls Raghu and tells him that he feels Shivani loves him and there is no point in playing with her emotions. Raghu comes to Karan’s home to give him some files. He sees Karan speaking to Shivani’s portrait. Karan tells her portrait that he loves her, but destiny took her from him. Raghu tells him that Shivani is in your destiny.

Raghu assures him that Shivani will soon realize his importance in her life. Karan says, she won’t marry me. Raghu says, he will do whatever he can. Gini calls Karan and disconnects the call. Karan calls her back. Shivani picks the call. Karan invites her for their school reunion party. Shivani refuses to come. Raghu tells her to go and offers to accompany her. Shivani agrees. Rupesh finds hard to manage the home expenses without a job. He brings Nishi to a doctor. Doctor prescribe her medicines. Rupesh gets and idea to enter Lata’s house.

Shivani and Raghu come to the party venue and are stopped by the guards as Raghu is wearing chappals. Raghu thinks Shivani will feel ashamed to be his wife and will leave him. Shivani argues with the guard and leaves her footwear too. Karan comes and asks the guards to send them in. Shivani meets her friends and have a good time. Raghu tries to embarrass her infront of her friends. Raghu mingles with the car drivers and tells Shivani that they are his school friends. Shivani takes him inside. Raghu comes wearing the turban and dances on some Rajastani song to embarrass her. Shivani dances with him. Shivani friends make fun of Raghu. Shivani warns them not to talk bad about her husband else she will show their place.

Announcement is made to pick a chit and dance with the partner. Raghu picks the chit and gets Shivani’s name as his partner. He gives that chit to Karan. Karan and Shivani play games as a couple and wins. Then they dance and get the winning titles. Raghu hopes for Karan and Shivani’s togetherness. Karan offers todrop them home, Shivani says they will go by auto. Raghu and Shivani start walking on the road, just then Raghu gets a call and he leaves asking Shivani to wait. Shivani waits for him for an hour. Karan is going from there and gives her lift. Raghu sees them going. Karan drops her home. Raghu comes and pretends to forget her. Shivani asks how can he forget. Karan then recalls their plan and start confronting Raghu. Raghu tells him that he has other things to do as well rather than babyji.

Maya gives idea to Gini to asks Shivani to talk to Karan about teaching her. Gini hugs her happily. Maya thinks to gets rich with Karan’s help. Shivani asks Raghu, how can he leave her at a stranded bus stand and forget. Raghu asks her not to make an issue. He tells her that he is her worker and he gets money for his duty. He tells her that his priorities have changed. Shivani feels bad. Raghu tells her that she is not his wife. Raghu feels bad and thinks Shivani accepts Karan soon. Shivani cries recalling Raghu words and feels bad. In the coming week, Shivani will come to know about Raghu’s motive behind his doings. Keep reading.

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