Raghu and Shivani took shelter in Veer Pratap’s house, Gini gets engaged in Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se.

In Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se, Raghu and Shivani go to the temple to seek God’s blessings. Aarti starts. A rich man Veer Pratap comes to the temple and does the aarti. Goons comes and tries to kill Veer pratap with sword. Raghu saves him and goes behind the goons. Veer Pratap sees this and praises Raghu. Panditji tells Raghu that Veer Pratap is a big producer and mafia wants to kill him for money. Veer Pratap asks where are they from? Raghu and Shivani say they are from Jodhpur and are staying in a chawl. Veer Pratap invites them to his house and gives his visiting card.

Agarwal family comes to see Gini and approves the alliance. Gini too likes the groom. Sumitra questions them that if their son is earning well then why did they gave the matrimonial advertisement in the newspaper etc. Agarwal family gets angry. Baburaam and Lata apologize to them. They like Gini and fixes the marriage. Bella asks Sumitra to stay away from Gini. Sumitra thinks of destroying the whole family. Raghu worries for Shivani’s operation and Gini’s marriage. Shivani tells him that everything will be fine. Veer’s wife Madhavi comes to meet them.

Sumitra meets a guy at midnight and takes some property papers. She smirks. Bella watches her and gets suspicious. Madhavi brings gift for Raghu and Shivani. Shivani accepts it. Madhavi compliment them as a couple. Shivani tells her that even though they are tied in marriage, but are not together yet. She tells her that Raghu didn’t realize his love yet. Vivek gives some money to Lata for Gini’s marriage. They get happy. He tells them that he got the money as advance for the chaat orders.

Veer comes to the chawl and asks Raghu and Shivani to stay with them. Raghu thanks him and says he doesn’t want to leave the chawl. Bella asks Sumitra to show the papers which she took from the guy. Vivek checks the papers and says these are loan papers. Sumitra acts and says she wanted to take loan for Gini’s marriage. Baburam says they need money and asks Sumitra to get loan. Sumitra thinks Baburam and his family has to pay for her insult. She takes out property from her bag and thinks when Baburam signs these papers, she will take over this house and laughs loudly.

Raghu’s chawl owner comes to their house and asks them to leave. Munna comes there and asks owner to let Shivani and Raghu stay there. He doesn’t listen and throws their stuff outside. Raghu and Shivani leave the chawl. While Gini and Bella are going somewhere. One biker splashes mud on them. Bella scolds him, who fights with them. Gini’s would be groom comes there and makes the goon apologizes to the ladies. Bella and Gini get moved by his gesture.

Baburam informs Ginni that it is her engagement tomorrow. Groom’s mother brings a gold ring for Gini. Bella praises the groom/ Rajesh. Sumitra brings the loan papers and asks Baburam to sign on it. Sumira sees him signing on the loan papers and to stop him drops hot tea on him. Sumitra smirks and changes the papers. Baburaam says, he will sign tomorrow. Sumitra searches for the papers in Baburam’s cupboard. Lata sees and questions her. Sumitra says she is searching her earrings.

Baburaam comes and asks Lata to give the papers. Lata gives the papers and asks him to read it before signing. Baburaam starts reading the papers. Bela informs Baburam that Lata is calling him. Baburam goes from there. Sumitra quickly turns last page and hides. Baburam signs papers and asks Vivek to check it. Sumitra drops Vivek’s chat items to make him busy and changes the papers. She thinks Baburam’s house is hers now.

Raghu and Shivani get tired walking. They both sit on a park bench. Raghu feels sad seeing Shivani tired. Shivani sleeps on Raghu’s shoulder. Constable comes, wakes them and asks them to go from there. Raghu says they don’t have a place to stay. He asks them to leave. Raghu and Shivani wander on the road. A pickpocket clashes with Raghu and steals his wallet. Raghu does not realize it. Raghu decides to stay in the hotel. He is shocked not to find his wallet. Shivani asks him not to worry.

They both start walking again when Shivani falls unconscious. Raghu sees Veer’s visiting card and goes to his house. Guard stops him. Raghu tells his name. Another guard recognizes him and calls Veer. Madhavi picks the call and asks the guard to let him in. Raghu takes Shivani inside the house. Shivani is still unconscious. Raghu tells Madhavi and Veer that Shivani fell unconscious. Veer asks Raghu to stay in his guest room. Raghu thanks him.

Shivani regains consciousness. Raghu apologizes to her. Shivani says she is happy and nothing has happened to her. She says she is enjoying the moments she is spending with him. She asks him to sleep now and gets dizzy. Raghu holds her and walks her towards bed. He lets her sleep . Baburaam tells Rupesh that Mr. Agarwal gave him a shop. Rupesh gets happy. Veer’s maid gets excited seeing Raghu. Shivani scolds her.

Next morning, Shivani and Raghu collides with an old man. Old man’s flowers fall on the ground. Raghu apologizes to him. Old man introduces himself as Veer’s father and says these flowers are for his wife. Raghu and Shivani meet Veer’s parents. Keep reading.

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