Raghu wins the fight, Veer signs Shivani for a film and Sumitra continues to harass Saharia family in Zee TV’s Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se.

In Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se, Raghu fights with the boxer in the ring. He gets beaten by him at first, then recalls the promise made to Shivani that he will get her treated. He gets up and beats the opponent. Raghu wins the match. Shivani gets happy with his win and claps. Lady gives him money. Raghu thanks her. Baburaam and family are having a tough time working as Sumitra’s servants. Maya thinks to trouble Sumitra’s guest.

Raghu gets shocked to see Shivani dancing like a bar girl. He angrily beats the people dancing with her. She tells him that she felt pain to see him risking his life for her. She says, he is life to her. Raghu realizes his mistake and apologizes to her. Shivani takes promise from him that he won’t risk his life again. Shivani hugs him emotionally. Sumitra’s parents are brought to the Saharia’s house by Rajesh. They insult Saharia’s family. Shivani sees chill and lemon on floor. She gets suspicious.

She tells Madhavi. Madhavi tells her that there is no one outside. She throws it in the dustbin. Sumitra asks Lata to wash her parents hands and feet. Bella says, she will do. Maya adds something in the water. Bella washes their feet. Sumitra asks her to wash her feet also. Bella washes it. They feels itching in their feet. Baburam and his family laugh on them. Sumitra asks Bella what did she add in water. Bella says she added Rajesh’s gulab jal. Everyone laugh on them.

Veer’s parents cut their anniversary cake and feed cake to everyone. Dada and Dadi dance on the song. Everyone dance with them including Raghu and Shivani. They dance till the end and win the competition. Sunanda gets annoyed. Raghu feels the love which he did not feel before. Everyone clap for them. Shivani thanks them. Veer’s director tells him that Shivani fits ion their film well. Veer takes Raghu’s opinion. Raghu tells him that Shivani is not well and leaves the decision on Shivani. Shivani refuses at first. Dadi asks her to accept it to make Raghu jealous. Shivani agrees surprising Raghu.

Shivani goes to her room. Raghu asks her, why did she agree to work in a film. Shivani says we need money, so I agreed. Raghu says, he will manage. She asks, asks what problem he has. He says she will be intimate with a hero and dance with him. Shivani asks if he is jealous. Raghu says Malik saa will feel bad. Shivani asks him to accept.

Dadi comes to her and says he is jealous. Shivani thinks to get him more jealous. Shvani feels someone going in the well and follows him. She enters the well. Raghu comes and asks her. Shivani tells him that she saw someone entering the well and then disappeared. Raghu says, no one is inside. Sumitra takes out the idol from the house mandir and gives it to Bella. She asks Saharia family to do her Puja as she is their God now. Lata and everyone get shocked. Sumitra continues that she will put alcohol bottles instead of God. Lata tries to make her understand, but in vain. Sumitra asks them to clean the wine glasses as some guests are coming for Party.

Raghu and Shivani reach the film set. Raghu asks Veer about the film. Veer says, it is a romantic love story. Raghu asks him to make family film. Veer says, romantic movies are working well. Raghu asks Shivani to come home. Shivani insists to do the film and gets excited. She makes him jealous. The hero of the film Sameer comes. Shivani praises him and makes Raghu jealous. Sumitra, her parents and Rajesh enjoy alcohol and play cards. Lata wonders how Sumitra’s mom is drinking alcohol. Sumitra asks Lata to bring the alcohol. Vivek brings it. Sumitra asks Lata to bring it. Maya yells at her and says Lata will not bring alcohol.

Sumitra challenges Maya to play cards with her and agrees to leave the house if she loses. She tells Maya that if you loses then you have to drink alcohol. Maya accepts the challenge. Veer introduces Shivani and Raghu to Sameer. Shivani praises him and asks him to give autograph. Sameer says, he is thinking to make the stamp of his autograph. Shivani asks Raghu to give his pen. Raghu hides it and says he doesn’t have. Sameer gives the autograph on her hand, irking Raghu. Makeup artists take Shivani for make up. Raghu says, she doesn’t need makeup.

Sumitra and Maya play cards. Sumitra changes her cards and wins. Sumitra laughs. Shivani comes wearing a beautiful saree and lots of make up. Raghu gets speechless and mesmerised by her beauty. Shivani goes to give her first shot. Raghu gets angry on Sameer as he repeats the shot while holding Shivani’s hands. Sumitra asks Maya to drink the alcohol as she has lost. Lata asks her not to drink, but Maya drinks it and gets a tight slap from Lata. Sumitra and her family laugh on Maya.

Someone tries to kill Veer and awaits for the chance. They see Veer leaving in his car. Dadi asks Shivani about Raghu. Shivani tells her that he got jealous. Dadi tells her that he will express his love soon. She asks her to wear Mangalsutra and Sindoor. Shivani agrees. Someone comes to Shivani’s room and adds something in the milk glasses. Shivani and Raghu drinks milk. They sleep. Someone enter their room, take Shivani with him and makes her sleep on the floor and starts tantric pooja.

Raghu and Shivani wake up in the morning with a hangover. Shivani hurries for the film shoot and asks Raghu to help her with rehearsels. Raghu tells Sameer dialogues and gets immersed in the dialogues. Raghu gets jealous thinking Sameer will tell these dialogues. Shivani thinks Raghu is jealous. Keep reading.

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