Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke has ended with Kabir and Rachna’s union and Gunjan’s godhbharai.

In Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke, Gunjan and Mayank explain to Murli to think about his wife and daughter. Murli’s mother comes in and argues with Gunjan, asking her what she thinks of herself to interfere in their family matter. Gunjan asks her who she is to interfere in her son’s life. Murli’s mother gets angry. Mayank asks who is responsible about giving birth to girl or a boy. If he gets a baby girl born to him, no one will be lucky than him. He asks what will happen if they leave, has he think about Khushi and Peehu. Murli’s mother says that his mother can’t give birth to any other child and they won’t accept such a girl. Gunjan says this is bad luck of Peehu that she has come to such a family married. Murli’s mother feigns heart attack. Gunjan understands her plan.
Pihu tells Murli they came to solve the matter. Murli says to Peehu that they came here to insult him and his mother. Mayank says they tried to solve the problem, now they must let the elders to look into it, and she must not depress herself. Murli asks Gunjan and Mayank not to interfere in their personal affairs. Dayal tells Peehu that they will go to her mother in law tomorrow. Murli and his mother come to Dayal’s house. Murli’s mother says she wanted to insult her again. Gunjan says no, they were coming to present them with laddoo. They get surprised. Gunjan and her family announce Pihu’s divorce with someone. They get surprised and shocked.
Murli’s mother says she is watching this for the first time, that they are distributing laddo on a divorce. She remains uneffected. Shayl and Gunjan were hopeful that they have seen love in Murli’s life.Shayl and Seema tell them they have also found a suitable groom for Pihu and that this man has accepted both Pihu and her daughter Khushi. Murli doesn’t say anything because of his mother’s fear. Murli feels bad and tries to convince his mother to go back to Pihu, she does not agree. Pihu gets sad as she thinks Murli won’t come back to her. Just then Murli comes and apologizes to Pihu for leaving her for giving birth to a girl child. He promises to stand by her side through tough times. Gunjan and her family get happy. Rachna goes to meet Kabir at his home. She gets shocked seeing Kabir hugging a girl and thinks it is not true.
She questions Kabir about the girl. Kabir asks her to move in her life. Rachna goes home crying and tells everything to Gunjan. Mayank says to Gunjan that Rachna is wasting her time behind that useless Kabir. Kabir gets hurt as he has broken Rachna’s heart and tells the girl, he was paid a big price for this. Later Rachna and Gunjan hear Mayank and Shayl discussing about forcing Kabir to leave Rachna. Mayank tells that she just fulfilled what a mother’s responsibility is. Shayl says she has joined a girl’s life, and has badly broken another’s. Mayank says Kabir’s life is so disturbed. Rachna gets hurt and sad thinking her own family betrayed her. She goes to her room cryingly.
Rachna says to Gunjan that with a single glance of Kabir, everything returned. It is the same love as she had loved Mayank. Gunjan asks her to let her talk to KT, and till then she won’t do anything wrong. Shayl says if Kabir knows about the truth, he won’t ever go away from Rachna’s life. KT was leaving. He says why doesn’t he feel good when everything happens for good. Gunjan comes to Kabir and confronts him on his actions to hurt Rachna once again. Kabir regrets leaving Rachna. Gunjan says it isn’t about me or you knowing about it, has he thought about Rachna. KT shouts what he must do. He tells her that he might be unable to take care of Rachna and keep her happy throughout their life.
Shayl comes there and asks Kabir to leave soon. Kabir tells them that he loves Rachna so much that he is leaving her for her family’s happiness. Shayl says she wants to find the best for her daughter. Gunjan says that Rachna is incomplete without Kabir, what will happen if he leaves again. Shayl says she will take care of her. Rachna elopes from the house and leaves a letter for her family. Shayl and Dayal reads the letter that she has decided to leave the city. Kabir is on his way out to leave the city. He gets a call from soneone informing about Rachna’a accident.
It is actually Gunjan’s plan to unite them. She thinks she has seen love in Kabir’s eyes, and prays for the plan to work. Kabir and Rachna meet at the place. Kabir hugs her and says thank God that she is fine. He asks what is this madness, why someone told him about her accident. Rachna says this showed he loves her. She convinces Kabir to fight with her family members for their love. Kabir asks will she be able to live without them. Rachna says if he is with her, she will. He hugs her and says I love you too Rachna. They cry.
Rachna’s family members get worried and look out for her. Gunjan wonders if she should tell Shayl, then thinks she would ask how she know. Shayl gets even more worried, and asks Mayank to look into Kabir’s house. Kabir tells her to inform her family or Gunjan. Rachna calls Gunjan and informs her that they are heading towards the temple to get married. Gunjan asks her to come home soon, else KT can be accused of kidnapping. Rachna says she will never let it happen and will come home soon. Shayl and Dayal call the police and tell about Rachna’s kidnapping. The Police say that Kabir could not have kidnapped Rachna as they both love each other.
Rachna buys mangalsutra for herself. He asks her to drink water. She takes the bottle and drinks from it. Rachna feels dizzy. Kabir comes there, carrying unconscious Rachna in his arms. Kabir confesses to had mixed sedatives in a bottle of water to escape from marrying her against Shayl’s wishes. The Police officer is about to arrests him, but Rachna stops him. Later Shayl agrees to their relationship. Rachna and Kabir come to hug Shayl, Gunjan is happy.The show shows the story after 6 months. Gunjan’s godhbharai rasam is shown. Everyone get happy hearing Rachna pregnancy. The show ended on a happy note with the lover’s union and the girls singing Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke.

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