Seema asks Gunjan to get DNA test done to know the father of her child in Zee TV’s SSLK.

In Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke, Gunjan gives the good news of her pregnancy to her family. They get happy and congratulate Gunjan and Mayank. Shayl and Seema get very much happy. Prabhu asks Seema to bring sweet. Gunjan hugs Seema. Shayl reminiscences Gunjan’s mother Sneha. Gunjan has mixed feelings about her pregnancy and shares it with Mayank. Mayank asks her not to think much and is happy. He expresses his happiness of becoming a dad to Gunjan. Bindiya thinks about getting blackmailed by the goon from her past and thinks to settle down in Garg’s house. She tears the poster of her cheap grade movie and throws it across the corridor. Gunjan is about to pick it, but Bindiya stops her. Later Gunjan picks the poster and asks Bindiya who brought it. Bindiya finds her photo on the floor and burns it. Seeing Seema coming from the opposite side, Bindiya starts acting to talk on phone. She manages to plant the seed of doubt of Gunjan’s baby father in Seema’s mind.

Seema starts doubting that Gunjan is carrying someone else child. She gets lost in thoughts. Mayank tells Gunjan to look in their room. Gunjan gets surprised to see a collection of her childhood photos on the wall. Gunjan gets touched by his gesture. She tells him about Seema’s changed behavior. Mayank assures her that his mum is happy. Bindiya tries to lure Vikram with her beauty. Vikram scolds her and asks her to stay away from him. Gunjan notices Seema smiling at the talk of the baby. Gunjan asks if she is alright. Seema nods. Shayl says Seema got a lottery of happiness. Shayl suggests to gets Pooja done and asks Seema to talk to her pandit. Bindiya sees Seema tensed. She calls Adi and discusses a plan with him.

Adi meets Seema at the temple and asks her if Gunjan is going to be a mother. Seema asks what he has to do with it. He says that child can be his as well, as he got engaged with Gunjan and they spent two nights together. Seema thinks about Adi and Gunjan and cries. Mayank gifts a ring to Gunjan. She gets happy. Seema thinks about asking Gunjan, whose child is this. Rachna gets emotional as Shayl makes her sit and eat breakfast with her own hands. Seema cries as she feels that Adi is the father of the baby that Gunjan will be giving birth to. Seema comes late for the puja. Adi’s words echoes into Seema’s mind. After the Pooja, Pandit asks Mayank and Gunjan to take blessings. Everyone blesses them, except Seema.

Gunjan senses something wrong and she asks Seema to say. Seema expresses her doubt about the father of the baby that Gunjan is carrying. Shayl asks does she know what she is saying, Seema says she knows. Gunjan’s womb and just then Adi comes there. He claims to be the father of her child. Mayank attacks but Dayal and Prabhu stop him. Seema asks Gunjan to confirm that Mayank is the father of her child. Prabhu stops but Gopal asks Gunjan if she is sure that Mayank is the father. Dayal scolds Gopal. He scolds Aadi to go out, as this is their family matter.

Shayl refuse to believe Adi’s allegations. Shayl asks Seema what they shall do to clear her doubt. Seema asks Gunjan to do a test to identify the father of her baby. Gunjan feels bad as Seema have lost trust in her. Everyone get shocked at Seema’s suggestion. Gunjan tells her that she is as pure as the fire. She has nothing wrong done. She says, the child is her and Mayank’s love. She refuses to do the test. Gunjan tells her that she cannot put the life of her baby in danger. Mayank support her. Gunjan gets happy and thank him for trusting her. Bindiya thinks to provoke Seema against Gunjan. Shayl comes to Gunjan and consoles her. Seema thinks to talk to Mayank. Rachna says she thinks someone is creating problems in her life. Gunjan says it is only about mummy ji, she doesn’t trust her and cries.

Bindiya sees papaya in the kitchen and gets an idea. She thinks to use papaya to create rift between Seema and Gunjan. She mixes Papaya juice in orange juice as Papaya is said to be bad for the baby in the womb. Seema serves the juice to all the members of the house including Gunjan. Shayl drinks the juice furst and realizes that papaya is mixed in the juice. She stops Gunjan from having the juice. Everyone doubts Seema as she brought the juice from the kitchen and concludes that she is trying to harm the baby. Prabhu scolds Seema, Mayank also blames her. Gunjan says she didn’t do it deliberately. Seema says she didn’t do it. Gunjan suspects that there is someone, who is filling her ears. She says when the baby is born, everything will be alright. Seema asks Mayank to get the test done. Mayank refuses and asks her not to doubt Gunjan. He sees Gunjan crying. Bindiya smirks and gets happy. Keep reading.

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