Sid gets shocked knowing that Krutika is his sister in Zee TV’s Jamai Raja.

In Jamai Raja, DD plans a beach party for New year celebrations and tells and says Naani it is her gift for Sid as her blessings. DD asks her to include Sid’s parents as they are Roshni’s saas sasur. Naani says she is happy seeing her changed. This does not go down well with Mona. She argues with DD and tells her that she is least bothered about Samaira and Rajveer. DD says it is not like that. Raj and Simran reach home and think of wishing Krutika happy new year. Krutika comes home just then and worriedly enters room and locks it. A flashback is shown, Krutika sees Sid happy with Roshni and thinks she will snatch his happiness. She speeds her car towards Roshni, but NGO kid sees that and rescues her and instead meets with an accident. Sid and Roshini bring him to the hospital.

Roshini falls unconscious while talking to DD. Krutika gets nervous thinking how can she try to kill Roshni during inebriation and confides in Simran about the boy’s accident. DD and others reach the hospital and sees Roshni to be fine. Roshini informs her about the kid being critical. The Police come to the hospital and enquires about the accident. Roshni tells them that the accident was caused by a car and gives two numbers that she saw on the car’s number plate. ACP asks Roshni to come to police station and identify the culprit.

ACP says it is Khurana group’s car. DD says she will hire a good lawyer and will get the culprit punished.Roshni gets angry. Inspector arrests Krutika. Krutika pleads Simran to save her. Simran asks inspector to leave her daughter. Simran asks Raj to get her daughter back at any cost else he will see her dead face in the morning. DD and Roshni get the news that Krutika has been bailed out and Sid goes to the police station angrily. He gets a shock when his parents have bailed out the girl. Simran brings Krutika home and says Raj that Krutika did wrong, but she cannot let her go to jail. He goes to his parents’ house and drags Krutika out of the house. Simran tells him that Krutika is his elder sister. He is shocked to hear that.

Sid asking Raj and Simran why did not they tell him that Krutika is his sister. Simran pleads him not to send his sister to jail. He agrees and says he has a condition though. Sid comes with Krutika. Roshni and DD are shocked to see her. Sid defends her crime. Roshini gets shocked seeing Sid supporting Krutika, who had attempted to kill the boy Phatka and herself. Roshni demands to know the relation between him and Krutika. Krutika apologizes Roshni and DD. Sid asks her to fold her hands and apologize.

DD finally forgives her and asks her to give her parents phone number as she wants to talk to them. Rajveer’s lawyer prepares divorce papers and asks when he wanted to grab money from his wife’s family, then why is he divorcing her. Rajveer asks him to just do his work. Sid meets his associate and asks if he found any info about Rajveer. He says he found that Rajveer was in juvenile jail, and if he wants, he will gather information from there. Sid goes to enquires about Rajveer Singh at a remand house.

Rajveer shows property papers to Sam and she gets happy. Sam signs papers without reading it. Rajveer smirks thinking he is ruining her life instead. Kritika gets upset as she felt insulted and badmouths about Sid in front of Simran. Sid manages to get Rajveer’s parent’s Pune address. Doctor comes and checks Krutika. He informs Simran and Raj that Krutika is pregnant. Raj and Simran are shocked. Krutika asks them not to over react and says she loves a man and is pregnant with his child. Simran thinks to meet her boyfriend. Sid comes home and apologizes to Roshni for letting her down. She forgives him.

After some time, Sid goes to a house and tries to enquire with the couple staying there about Rajveer. Raj sees Simran and Krutika coming from outside and asks where did they go in early morning. Simran says she went to meet Krutika’s boyfriend and got engaged to Krutika. She says she can go against Sid and Raj for her happiness. Raj thinks who is this man because of him, Simran and Krutika are going against him.

Sid meets Rajveer’s relatives and requests them to help him. He deny first, but when he pleads that his family’s life is in danger due to Rajveer, they agree. Sid comes to his home and asks Simran why did she call him. She says she has fixed Krutika’s marriage. Sid takes them to his house. Sid asks the entire family to gather in the hall and introduces to the couple. When DD asks Sid about them. Sid tells that the couple told him that Rajveer was in remand home. Uncle says he is proud of his nephew and is like his son. Sid is shocked to hear his changed statement. Raj starts acting and says he had been to remand home and since his parents died, uncle and aunty are taking care of him. Sid is shocked. Keep reading.

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