Yeh Vaada Raha

Set in a traditional Marathi family, the show narrates the story of Survi Mohite and Kartik Baruve, who are separated by their backgrounds, age and temperaments. However, they are bound to each other across a lifetime by promises made by one of them. A twist in the tale prompts Kartik to make an unbreakable vow to Survi’s father that brings Survi and Kartik together. Survi is a responsible 9-year-old child, wise beyond her years while Kartik is a happy-go-lucky 19-year-old boy, who wholly understands his family responsibilities.

The show starts in a Mumbai chawl. We are introduced to Survi, a 9 year old girl who lives alone with her father, Shrikant and Kartik, a 19 year old who is the nephew of the local don and his family consisting of Bhau, Tai, their 2 daughters and a son, Kartik’s mother and sister. The police blackmails Shrikant to take them bhau’s house by kidnapping Kartik and Survi. During this, Aniket is shot in the leg and turns handicapped and Bhau is shot in the head and killed. Bhau’s family and people of chawl blame Shrikant and Tai vows to take revenge. A scared Shrikant is sent to Dubai with his daughter and he leaves one of his property to Kartik and urges him to stop doing bad things and lead a life of honesty. Kartik promises Tai that he will take care of the family and that he’ll think of her and her children before his own mother and sister.

4 years later: Kartik arrives in Dubai after Shrikant calls him up. Shrikant is arrested for some reason and so he gives Survi’s responsibility to Kartik who promises that he won’t let anyone harm Survi. It is revealed that Tai is behind Shrikant’s arrest. Kartik brings Survi to Barve Mansion which infuriates Tai and her children who still blame her father for Bhau’s death. Kartik declares that half his property is Shrikant’s which further angers Tai and she tries to kill Survi several times whereas her children torture her. Kartik rescues her again and again but does not know Tai is the one behind all this and view her as his God. Pyaare Mohan is introduced during this track as Hema’s fake boyfriend. Survi begins to fall for Kartik and their friendship becomes stronger. When everything fails Tai brings in Vishaka to ruin Kartik’s life. Survi comes to know the truth about Tai and Vishaka and tries to reveal it to Kartik but fails and is slapped by him. Tai makes an offer to Survi that if she leaves the house, she would make Kartik’s life happy again and Survi readily agrees. Lata who also knows Tai’s truth makes one last attempt to reveal all to Kartik but is pushed from the building by Tai.

8 years later: Survi is all grown up and is struggling to get money for her father’s cancer treatment. Kartik on the other hand has turned into a ruthless businessman and an alchoholic. Survi saves a young man from accident who is revealed to be Aniket and Tai takes her home and offers her job as his caretaker. Survi lies that her name is Simmi yet Kartik doubts on her because he sees the earrings that he gifted Survi and the fact that her behaviour is similar to Survi’s. He constantly tries to make her confess. Both Tai’s daughters are now married. Hema marries Pyaare and Bindu marries Kishore. Survi learns that the reason why everyone hates her is because everyone thinks she is the one who pushed Lata rendering her comatose. Meanwhile Tai tries to kill Lata as she fears that Lata might wake up some day and tell Kartik the truth. Kishore who learns about Tai’s evil intentions tries to tell everyone the truth but is stabbed and burried by Tai and Pyaare. After sometime Survi reveals that she is indeed Survi as Aniket brings Shrikant home to torture him and is thrown out of the house. Lata wakes up and tells Kartik to bring Survi back as she was not at fault yet does not reveal Tai’s fault. Kartik seeks forgiveness and brings Survi back home. Kartik asks Survi out and the next day on the date reveals to her that he plans to bring his mother to her home so that she can ask her father for Survi’s hand in marriage for him but as he returns home, he learns that Aniket has fallen in love with Survi too. Reminded of his promise to Tai, Kartik decides to sacrifice his love for his brother and this angers Survi who later half heartedly agrees to the wedding. Tai pretends to be nice and wedding preparations begin. Meanwhile, Bindu who thinks Kishore has left her begins to have an affair with Pyaare and leaves the house as she is against Survi. During the ceremonies Lata begins to act strange and a doctor comes who says that she has become mentally unstable due to her coma. We are introduced to a mysterious doll dressed like a bride who seems to walk around the house keeping an eye on everyone. Pyaare also begins to see Kishore’s ghost. On the wedding day, Aniket runs away and everyone starts to blame Survi. Kartik steps in to save her honour and marries her. Aniket who is actually tied up, tries to get back to Survi but is shocked to see Kartik and Survi have already married and tells it to Tai who he thinks betrayed him. Tai tricks Kartik into believing that Aniket did not run away but was actually kidnapped and Kartik tells Survi that he won’t be giving her rights of a wife as Aniket loves her. It is also revealed that Kishore is infact alive and he along with Lata and Raghu had kidnapped Aniket so that Kartik and Survi could marry. Aniket steps in before leaving forever and asks them to lead their life happily and pleads to his mother to stop her tricks. Tai and his daughters try their best to keep Survi and Kartik away who have confessed their love for each other. Tai succeeds and Kartik tells Survi to leave his house for a while. Survi leaves but is kidnapped by Tai’s men and brought to an abandoned factory where Tai burns her alive. Kartik starts to worry as he learns Survi didn’t reach Shrikant’s house and gets police involved. Tai scared that the police might solve the case tries to think of a solution and bumps into Durga Rani, a Bihari actress and dancer who looks like Survi. After Tai’s suspicions are cleared, she hires Durga as Survi to close the case and make Kartik hate Survi. Durga Rani is revealed to be Survi who had managed to survive with Kishore’s help. Kartik and Survi walk in on Pyaare and Bindu and Kartik puts the blame on Tai for not being a good mother. Tai vows to kill Kartik and plans to attack him on shiv ratri. Pyaare learns Survi’s truth but is tied up and locked in storage room. Kartik goes missing from his home and it is revealed that Survi had moved her wig so that Kartik starts to doubt on her and makes his own plan to know the truth. Pyaare breaks free and tells Tai the truth. Survi and Tai confront each other and Tai reminds Survi of what she can do. She says Kartik respects and loves her alot and would never believe anything that Survi would tell him but it is revealed Kartik had infact been listening to eveything. Heartbroken, Kartik asks for forgiveness and his rights as a husband back from Survi who tells him that he must earn it. Kartik gives his property to tai and leaves the home with his family. Kartik and Survi start living at Shrikant’s house and try to find a job. We are introduced to Mehar Khanna who is Kartik’s boss and becomes obsessed with him. Survi forgives Kartik and they start their new life. Mehar is seen as a mentally challenged person who speaks to her mother (who has died) on a disconnected phone and she makes attempts to get Kartik along with Tai who still harbours hatred for Kartik and Survi. When all the attempts fail, Ranveer Khanna, Mehar’s brother steps in. He marries Shanti and kidnaps her and then tells Kartik that if he wishes to see his sister, he must divorce Survi and marry Mehar. Kartik and Survi hatch a plan to save Shanti where they will pretend to get a divorce, Kartik will marry Mehar and Survi will pretend to be pregnant so that Kartik can keep her close. However, it is revealed that Survi is actually pregnant yet they continue with the plan. During all this, Shanti returns and reveals about someone called Rahul Awasthi. Tai also tries to turn Mehar against Survi and Mehar attacks Survi and her child when she goes for an ultrasound. Rahul Awasthi is revealed to be Mehar’s first husband who had been brutally murdered by Mehar and her brother. Kartik and Survi get the siblings arrested and plan to renew their marriage vows. Hema realises how evil her mother is and that her brother’s love and care were true and sides with Kartik and Survi. Mehar escapes prison with Tai’s help and is shot by Kartik who is trying to save Survi from her and he is arrested. Mehar enters the scene again posing as her own twin, “Ashima”. Kartik, Survi, Kishore and Hema make her confess her crime with the help from Police but Ranveer also escapes from jail goes to save his sister only to be arrested again. In one last attempt to take revenge, Ranveershoots at Survi who is pushed away by Tai and the bullet grazes Tai’s head. She is taken to hospital and it seems that she has lost her memory. Everyone decides to start anew, Pyaare and Bindu ask their spouses to forgive them and Kartik gains control of his property again. A few months pass, Survi falls and is taken to hospital where she gives birth to a baby girl. Kartik expresses his joy and shares a private moment with his daughter where he says that he plans to live his own childhood through her as he never got a chance to enjoy when he was a kid. He names his daughter Khushi. Kartik then brings Survi from her room to see their baby but find the crib empty. They come to know that Khushi has been kidnapped and the ransom is 5 crores. As police gets involved, Survi creates a ruckus at the scene where Kartik meets kidnapper and the kidnapper flees. The kidnapper calls up Kartik and tells he has killed Khushi and Kartik blames Survi and proceeds to throw her out of the house. It is revealed Tai was faking her memory loss and planned the kidnapping. It is also revealed that Khushi is in fact alive but Tai tells the kidnapper to take the child away. On railway station, the kidnapper bumps into Survi and leaves Khushi with her not knowing she is her real mother. Survi who had not seen her own child’s or the kidnapper’s face adopts the child and names her Khushi.

7 years later: Survi raises Khushi in Nasik unaware that she is her real mother whereas Kartik’s life revolves around his sisters’ children Rohit and Ria. Survi’s boss and close friend Jatin takes her back to Mumbai for business and Kartik and Survi meet each other again. Khushi too meets Kartik and Kartik forms an emotional bond with her unaware that he is her father. Tai also meets the kidnapper and comes to know Survi had been raising her own daughter all these years. Kartik becomes angry with Survi as he thinks she moved on from him with Jatin. Tai makes the kidnapper lie to Kartik and he is led to believe that Survi knew about Khushi being her daughter and kept her away from Kartik. Survi finally tells Khushi that she is adopted. Kartik files a case to gain Khushi’s custody and here Khushi finds the real DNA report which had been changed by tai and comes to know that she actually is Kartik and Survi’s daughter and vows to bring them back together. Tai gets to know of Khushi’s plans and tries to kill her but fails and Survi who is scared for her daughter’s life investigates the matter. She then confronts Tai who accepts that she was behind what is happening to Khushi and that she was the one who kidnapped Khushi 7 years ago as well. She also reveals to Survi that Khushi is her actual daughter. Survi along with Jatin and Kishore tries to bring out Tai and Pyaare’s truth and succeed in doing so. Heartbroken over Tai’s betrayal, Kartik decides to conduct a shraddh of the promise he made to Tai after Bhau’s death. He breaks all ties with her and throws her out of the house along with Pyaare. Kartik and Survi reconcile and renew their wedding vows. Meanwhile, Tai tells Pyaare that it’s not over yet and that she’ll take her revenge from Kartik and reveals that she has planned something big. Survi wakes up in the middle of the night feeling uneasy and goes to the balcony where she sees a woman staring at her house. The woman disappears as she goes down to check. The woman enters the house because of the broken wall. The next day, celebrations for Teej begin and Kartik and Survi fast for each other. Kartik then reveals that he has to go for a meeting which makes Survi anxious as she feels that something bad might happen but Kartik assures her everything is okay and leaves. The mysterious woman keeps an eye on them and tells someone that Kartik has left. Kartik signs the deal and leaves for home and it is revealed that the deal were actually property papers. The mystery woman takes lift from Kartik and meet Tai on the way. Tai, Kalindi (the mystery woman), Pyaare and some of their goons attack Kartik and succeed in throwing him off a cliff and make it look like an accident. The police reaches Barve Mansion and gives them the sad news. Survi reaches the accident spot and suspects foul play. Survi learns that Kartik might be alive and tries to find him while tackling Khushi who keeps asking about her father. Survi succeeds in finding Kartik but he acts strangely. Survi starts suspecting him and discovers that the man she bought home is Krishna, Kalindi’s boyfriend who is working with Tai. Survi and Kishore hatch a plan to expose Tai’s gang and bring justice to Kartik. Meanwhile, it is revealed Kartik is in fact alive and an elderly couple takes care of him. Survi and Kishore find Kartik and together, they make plans for Tai’s downfall. We are also introduced to CBI officer Vikram Khurana who is trying to catch Krishna. Lata starts behaving weirdly and goes to Ganpatipule and meets a pandit. She is followed by Survi who overhears her saying that both her twin sons are alive.

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