Brahmarakshas – Jaag Utha Shaitaan is an ongoing Indian Hindi drama fantasy television series, which is aired at 9pm (Sat-Sun) on Zee TV. The series is loosely based on fantasy thriller film, Jaani Dushman and the traditional fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast. It is aired on weekend nights (Saturday-Sunday). The series is produced by Balaji Telefilms of Ekta Kapoor Shobha Kapoor.The show got remarkable reviews and has been a raving success from its inception

Story of Brahmarakshas started with Aparajita, a bride murdering her husband Sanjay on Poornima for his wealth in Kamalpura and throwing sindoor(vermillion) and Chuda and Maang tika at him. She pushed him from the rooftop until he fell down and got killed by a animal.

20 years later, the story moved forward to Srivastava family in Mumbai. Rishabh Shrivastava is a witty and carefree young man who plays a key role in unfolding the mystery incidents in Kamalpura. He was flirting with his sisters’ friends. Raina is an affectionate, ambitious, graceful and elegant young woman. She is very close to her best friends, Rakhi and Ajay. She was helping Rakhi, Rishabh’s twin sister, dressing up for the engagement party. The big family was preparing a wedding for Rakhi with Ajay. Ajay’s father told them an old tale that if a man is killed on Poornima by a animal he becomes Bramharakshas. Later, Ajay’s parents decided the wedding venue to be Kamalpura as they has heard of the beautiful view in the village.

Meanwhile in Kamalpura, a newly married couple arrives. People there say that if a bride wears Sindoor , chuda , maangtika or plays the Ravanahatta it makes Bramharakshas angry and he kills the person. Here in Mumbai Rishab s mother says that Kamalpura is not a right place as Rishabh’s uncle lives there and says the condition of there. But others ignore her as its a superstition. Mohini’s brother Thakur Aditya requests her not to reveal about Brahmarakshas to Rakhi’s in laws family as he wanted to sell of his properties in Kamalpura and leave from there forever. He also advised her not to carry any bridal stuffs with them. On the way to Kamalpura Rakhi reveals Rishab that she is in love with Varun and can’t marry anyone else. Rishab is shocked but he promises her to speak with Mohini and fix her marriage with Varun.

At railway station, Rishabh, Raina, Shyam and his wife, Mishri missed the train to Kamalpura. They takes a route by jungle to Kamalpura. Shyam and Mishri purposefully skips and reaches the Haveli where Brahmarakshas lives. Seeing Mishri with Mangalsutra and Sindoor Brahmarakshas attacks her and kills both Shyam and Mishri. Brahmarakshas enters in Shyam’s body reaches Thakur Aditya’s mansion.

While roaming in village Raina reaches the temple where a Pooja is going to capture Brahmarakshas. Raina gets hypnotized and starts doing Tandhav shocking everyone. Raina spots the villagers kidnapping an orphan girl Bitto and follows them to jungle were Bitto is tied up and they applys Sindoor to her to get her as a Bali to Brahmarakshas. Raina manages to save Bitto but gets trapped herself. Raina gets tied up and the guys apply Sindoor to her. Before Brahmarakshas could kill her Rishab saves her. Raina spots Brahmarakshas while going back with Rishab. She tries to tell this to everyone but no one believes her thinking it as her delusion except for Mohini and Aditya.

Rishab tries to speak with Mohini about Varun but he fails as unknowingly Raina interferes and spoils it. On the day of Rakhi and ajay’s sangeeth Mohini spots Rakhi and Varun. Yug slaps Varun and takes him in his custody. The family decides to keep about Varun’s truth from Ajay and his family and get Rakhi married to Ajay. Rishab tries to protest. But all goes in vain. Raina learns about Varun being Rakhi’s boyfriend. Mohini some how manages to convince Raina to keep Varun’s truth away from Ajay and his family. Raina over hears Yug and with Rishab’s help they both manages to save Varun.

Raina helps Rakhi to elope before her marriage with Varun. Everyone including Ajay is shocked to find that Rakhi ran away from her wedding and Raina helped Rakhi. In temple pandit warns them not to get married with Mangalsutra and Sindoor. But they ignored. Rakhi and Varun gets married. Rishab arranges a taxi for them and they leaves. Rishab’s family reaches temple after that. Aditya reveals the truth of Brahmarakshas. Rishab and Raina goes in search of Rakhi and Varun. Meanwhile Brahmarakshas attacks Varun and kills him. Rakhi is shocked. Brahmarakshas attacks Rakhi. Rishab and Raina gets shocked. They try there level best to save Rakhi. But she gets killed in front of them. When rakhi’s dead body is brought Mohini and everyone blames Rishab and Raina for Rakhi’s death. Rishab is too broken and believes himself being responsible for rakhi’s death. Raina consoles Rishab and ask him to fight against Brahmarakshas to get justice for Rakhi. Rishab realizes that Raina has a point. From villagers Rishab and Raina learn about Brahmarakshas urf Thakur Sanjay’s story. they decides to explore Sanjay’s mansion to find some clues about his bride as only bringing that women back can stop brahmarakshas attacking innocent people. on the way Rishab is called by ved to come back as Apu Maa ( Aparajita) is on video conference. thinking that his Apu Maa will understand him he returns back to Aditya’s mansion while Raina goes to sanjay’s mansion. she finds Sanjay’s and his wife ( Aparajita) portrait there. Raina doesn’t recognise that Aparajita is Apu maa as she has never met Rishab’s Apu ma. in video conference Aparajita reveals to Mohini and Naran that she can’t come back to Kamalpura because of her past. she also advises them not to blame Rishab for Rakhi’s death. Villagers inform Aditya that Brahmarakhsas could have possed someone from his mansion. Mohini informs to everyone that they are going back to Mumbai. before leaving to Mumbai raina manages to damage the car, Rishab and Raina manage to skip from there and goes to Sanjay’s mansion. before Raina could show Rishab the portrait Brahmarakshas spoils it. rishab and raina spots ajay in that mansion. he manages to skip from them but in reality Brahmarakshas has possesed Ajay’s father Anil. the family had to return back to Kamalpura as the weather goes bad. that night Brahmarakshas attacks Mohini. Raina manages to save Mohini. Raina suspects that Brahmarakshas could be inside Rishab as he was not there when entire family came to rescue Mohini. she tests Rishab and recognizes that he is not possessed. Rishab informs Raina that only when a new bride with all marital symbols comes in Kamalpura brahmarakshas attacks her. Raina says that she is ready to be a new bride for getting justice for Rakhi. she asks Rishab to marry her. she also informs him that this a marriage for convenience not a real marriage. Rishab agrees to marry Raina.Rishab and Raina get married.Brahmarakshas arrives there.Rishabh and Raina uses lotus, Rajgira and because of that Brahamrakshas falls in lake.

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