Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se Watch OnlineDo Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se Watch Online (English: Two Hearts Connected By One Thread) is an Indian television drama, which premiered on August 12, 2013. It airs on Zee TV Monday through Friday nights.

This story revolves around a young woman named Shivani whose parents died in a plane crash. After her parents’ demise, her paternal grandfather, Daaju takes care of her. Daaju is overprotective of Shivani and he believes that he can control Shivani’s life. Therefore, Daaju wants to plan Shivani’s future, including her wedding. Raghu is Daaju’s servant and he helps Daaju in his errands. Shivani calls Raghu a jaadoogar since he always fulfills her wishes.

Daaju has arranged Shivani’s marriage with her childhood sweetheart, Abimanyu, however Daaju is unaware of Abhimanyu’s evil intentions. Abhimanyu wants to marry Shivani, so he can inherit Daaju’s wealth and property. Once Shivani and Raghu find out about Abhimanyu’s evil intentions, they have a “fake” marriage in order to prevent Abhimanyu from getting Daaju’s property. Through their fake marriage starts Shivani’s exposure to the real world where she realizes that life isn’t as beautiful and easy as her life with Daaju. Through their fake marriage starts Raghu’s and Shivani’s journey into a blissful married life where they realize that they are each other’s true soulmates.

‘Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se’ lends to this thought beautifully and delves a little deeper into the heart of one such woman who marries a man who is unequal to her in every respect. The story unfolds in Jodhpur where Shivani and Raghu share a master servant equation respectively. Hailing from two very different strata’s of society, Shivani is a privileged girl who lives a luxurious life with her grandfather Balwant Chauhan. He is an overprotective guardian who has an aide in the house named Raghu.

Circumstances conjure up a situation where Shivani, the girl born to riches is married to an underprivileged Raghu. Like the old saying, life happens to you while you were busy making other plans, the story traces the journey of Shivaniher adjustment with a man who she always thought of as her grandfather’s right hand man and now she has to accept him as her life partner. It’s her struggle to adapt in a household and a lifestyle that is diametrically opposite from what she is used to!

Arhaan Behll Role:Raghu
Raghu (Loyal Employee of Balwant Chauhan) is a simple lower middle class boy in the show who is loyal and hard working..

Mansi Shrivastav Role:Shivani
Shivani (Grandaughter of Balwant Chauhan ) is brought up like a princess by her Rich Grandfather but destiny later on gets her married to Raghu

Alok Nath Role:Balwant Rana
Balwant Chauhan (Head of the house and Shivani”s Grandfather) is a super ruch businessman and his only dream is to find an ideal groom for her grand daughter Shivani.

Vikas Sethi Role:Jaswant Rana
Jaswant Rana is Shivani”s brother who has negative shades to his character…He has been roped in to play antagonist opposite Rucha Gujarati (Mahima).

Rucha Gujrathi Role:Mahima
Mahima (Shivani”s Sister-in-law) is simply materialistic and power hungry. She makes Shivani believe that she is her well wisher whereas the viewers will know that she is actually not so. She has been roped in to play antagonist opposite Vikas Sethi (Jaswant Rana).

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