Ek Mutthi Aasmaan

Ek Mutthi Aasmaan Watch Online Ek Mutthi Aasmaan Watch Online (English: A Fistful of Sky) is an Indian family drama television show. It airs on Zee TV every Mon-Fri at 07:00 pm. It replaced the show Housewife Hai…Sab Jaanti Hai on August 26, 2013.

‘Ek Mutthi Aasmaan’ will beautifully capture the hopes and aspirations of a domestic worker alongside the trials and tribulations of her daily life. It will showcase how domestic workers mortgage their own life to toil and tears only so that their children can grow up enjoying the fruits of education and amenities they could only dream of and live life with dignity in the future. There are over 10,00,000 domestic workers in Mumbai alone whose day starts at the crack of dawn. They have no time to dawdle over a leisurely breakfast and chit-chat with their families. They set about hurriedly cooking, packing tiffins for their men and children, cleaning, washing, etc. This is a normal day for women everywhere, one might say.

Except that these particular women have to leave home and often walk for 30-60 minutes or board a congested train to other households where they repeat the same cleaning, washing, cooking routine several times over in a day. Those who are employed full time have the added responsibility of looking after the needs of children who do not as much as bother to pick up a glass of water or their dirty plates or fold their clothes because they expect the Bai to fetch and carry all day long. Yet, the Bai remains, perhaps, the most taken-for-granted service provider of the household. ‘Ek Mutthi Aasmaan’ is an attempt to sensitize people towards the realities of underprivileged yet constantly struggling life of a domestic help.

Shilpa Shirodkar is set to return to the spotlight after 13 years gap with the upcoming TV Show, “Ek Mutthi Aasmaan” which is aired on Zee TV from August 2013. She plays the role of Kamla Bai . The story focuses on the domestic life of house helps and is produced with the sole aim to give the message that even house helps are human beings with emotions Ashish Chowdhry is a former Indian model and an actor who appears in Bollywood films. He was first noticed in the action movie, Qayamat in 2003. He then appeared in movies like Girlfriend, Speed, Three- Love, Lies and Betrayal, Paying Guests, Dhamaal & Double Dhamaal.

He is also the brand ambassador of Onida. He is set to play role of Raghav Singhania in the serial Ek Mutthi Aasaman on Zee Tv.
His sister and brother-in-law were held hostage and killed in the November 27, 2008 shootings in Mumbai, while they were dining at the Oberoi hotel. Despite this personal tragedy, he became well-known for opposing the death penalty to Ajmal Kasab and for criticising the celebrations that followed his hanging.

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