Ganga Watch online The show is based on the life of a young village girl called Ganga who is considered by her neighbours to be cursed, as she has some white scars on her hand. The fact, as revealed later, is that her hand was burnt in her previous birth on the day she had got married to the head priest, Harshvardhan (called Mahantji) in Rajgarh village. Ganga’s stepmother and her brother try to get her married to an evil man named Jeevan so that they can get rid of her. Shiv, who is Ganga’s good friend and does not consider her cursed, wants to save her from Jeevan. Shiv takes Ganga to his village Rajgarh. During the journey they are attacked by Jeevan and his hooligans. Shiv saves Ganga and unintentionally falls in love with her. He takes Ganga to his adopted brother Harshvardhan, the head priest or mahant of Rajgarh. When Ganga meets Harshvardhan, her memories of her past life are revived. Eventually, Harshvardhan also recognizes her as his dead wife who has been reborn.

Amrita attends the press conference just for Trisha’s sake. Trisha tries to influence the goon by offering more money, but he does not agree. Press conference starts and Amrita tells the incident happened. Pratik says he was in a flight with his international client for the betterment of his company and employees, says he did not want to but had to go as professional life and personal life is different. He says his wife had to go alone and he is proud of Swaika family that they helped with what ever money they got, but kidnapper demanded 20 crores ransom, so she had to sell her shares and her parent’s flat which was very dear to her.

Amrita sees Pratik happily speaking on his phone that with conference, company’s shares went up again and his reputation also improved. Amrita says she is feeling hatred for him as a father would never do this and use his daughter for his benefit. Varsha meets Amrita and says she wished Trisha would have come back. She says Kabeer is not just her patient but also her friend, so she is worried about him. Amrita says she can understand her concern. Kabeer informs Pratik that he catched Prem’s murderer. He also informs about it to Lavanya and Kushan. Kushan asks if he thinks him as murderer. Amrita reaches the kidnapping spot says Kabeer that kidnapper phone has fallen somewhere here.

She asks if he is feeling a lot of pain handling this case. She says she he is the one who can do justice to this case and says she knows he tries to find his daughter in Trisha. He says even Varsha knows what this case means to me and says he will not leave this case at any cost and will get back Trisha at any cost. Pratik gets into Amrita’s room and asks her to get back to his room as they are both husband and wife and says if media will know about it, his company will go back into losses. She says he came to save his company and not their relationship. He asks to think whatever she wants and asks her not to stretch a simple issue and says she is Amrita Swaika and not Amrita Verma now.

Lavanya tensely walks in her room reminiscing Kabeer’s words that Prem was ruining your repetition, so you hired murder to kill Prem. Pratik and Kushan also get tensed thinking the same. Abhay says Kabeer that he did not get a call from all three of them, it means they are behind Prem’s murderer. Sonali tries to brainwash Amrita and says she does not know how she is tolerating Pratik’s extramarital affair and says she would have kicked Gaurav out of her life or walked out of house.

The Swaika family then celebrates Bhai Dooj. Neha lures Pratik and says she will leave now, else people will badmouth about them. Swaika group’s broad meeting starts. Neha joins them. Lavanya says it is board of director’s meeting and secretary cannot stay there. Pratik says looking at Neha’s dedication, he has promoted Neha as tower project manager. Pratik says Neha that he made her project manager to take his revenge. Vivan admits in front of Amrita that he was attracted to Trisha but never got intimate with her. Amrita asks what about party night. He says he tried to get closer to her, but she pushed him away. He vigorously cries and apologizes Amrita for his mistake. He says she used to believe me like a brother, but he broke her trust. Amrita consoles him. Trisha continues to dig hole in wall. She hears goons coming and stops. The goons catches Trisha making hole in a wall and informs it to his boss.

Vivan gives his locket to Amrita and says it is his lucky charm. Pratik sees that and angrily asks Amrita not to take anything from Vivan. Amrita asks Vivan to go to his room and then says Pratik that we think wrong about Trisha, she did not have any affair with Vivan. Officer says kidnapper that he wanted to buy a medicine for his mom, but forgot it and his battery is also dead, so if he can make call from his number. Kidnapper agrees and gives him phone. Officer calls Kabeer. Kabeer asks officer to tap kidnapper’s number to know if his boss is Lavanya, Pratik, or Kushan.

Sonali asks Amrita not to interfere and tell how to take care of her daughter and says when she cannot control her son, then how can give lecture. Pratik hears that and asks Sonali to stop alleging his daughter and says that she is a failure as mother and says his daughter was not involved with her cheap son and he was the one who was behind her and was tarnishing cousin brother-sister relationship. Pratik says he is not telling lie as Vivan himself confessed in front of Amrita. Will Kabeer find out about Trisha? Keep reading.

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