Gunjan determines to unearth Guruji’s truth infront of everyone in ZEE TV’s Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke.

In Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke, Seema asks Gunjan to do the puja. Gunjan refuses. Seema says, she is doing this to protect her and Mayank. Seema says she understands this is the bad image that is making her doing this all. Gunjan tells Rachna that there is only one man who can make her leave this false belief. Kabir asks Rajiv to leave from his house. Rajiv tells him that he knows that he is insecure about Rachna and asks him to give him a week’s time to make Rachna confess her love. And if this doesn’t happen, he will leave. He forwards his hand for the bet.

Gunjan comes to the ashram. She asks why ashram is close today. The guard says Guruji is busy today. Gunjan sees the magician coming to ashram in a car. She sees the trucks filled with colour powders unloading at the ashram. Gunjan hides . She hidingly goes to the jungle and sees the magic training of Guru ji. The magician make the girl vanish. Gunjan thinks he is a fraud. Kabir happens to read the love letter of Rajiv for Rachna. Rajiv tells him to see Rachna when she reads the letter.

Ashram’s men comes to Mayank’s house. He gives them Gunjan’s photo. Gunjan stops him. They gives something to Seema to be washed in water, if it gets yellow the bad image is still there. Gunjan says this is just superstition, but Mayank refuses to listen. Rajiv comes to Rachna and gives an envelope to her. Rachna sees an old photo of her with Rajiv in the hockey match in the envelope. She smiles and happily keeps it in bag. Kabir recalls Rajiv’s words. Shayl says to Seema that whatever is happening between Mayank and Gunjan is not right. Seema says, she also feels the same. They hug.

In the night Seema gets up and goes to Gunjan’s room after reading the instructions from the paper. It reads bring Gunjan’s 2 inch long hair and burn 101 of them in a black cloth before dawn. She quietly enters the room and carefully cut the hair. Gunjan is awake and pretends to sleep. Seema counts her hair, ties them in the black cloth and burns them. Gunjan sees this and thinks there is one way to break this belief and to bring that Guru’s truth infront of everyone.

Gunjan thinks Guruji’s ego got injured because of her truth. She determines to expose Guruji soon. She takes Shayl’s blessings. Rajiv brings Rachna somewhere and proposes her while singing a song. Rachna gets upset. Rajiv tells her that he loves her. Rachna tells him that she doesn’t see him like that and she loves someone else. Rajiv insists her to say. Rachna leaves. Rajiv thinks he don’t understand why she and Kabir are making each other miserable, but he will let them meet.

At Ashram, the man announces they can give the Prasad to Guru ji now. Guru ji calls Seema first, she comes forward. Gunjan calls from behind and stops Seema. she puts the tray of Prasad near Guru ji. She tells him that she brought 56 food items for him and apologizes to him. Gunjan says she is ready to prove her faith. The man says you will have to walk bare-footed on burning coal, if she is loyal her feet will not get burnt. He says if she get burned they must not see her there.

Rachna gets tensed thinking about Rajiv’s love confession. She gets Rajiv’s message. She thinks she loves Kabir. Mayank and Seema tries to stop Gunjan from walking on the burning coals, but Gunjan insists. Rajiv calls Rachna from Kabir’s phone. She disconnects the call. Then Kabir calls her and asks her to come to the workshop. She readily agrees. Kabir asks Rachna, if Rajiv said something. Rachna doesn’t tell him. Later Rachna gets a text message from Kabir asking her to come to a photo-shoot.

Gunjan tells Guruji that she is ready to walk on the coals. She takes Guruji’s blessings. She stepped on that coal. The ladies there began to shout that she will get burned. Guruji runs to her and drags her from the fire. Guruji tells her to rub her feet in grass. No one needs to do this for him. Gunjan asks him to give her the responsibility of cleaning the ashram. He agrees. Guruji announces the 10th Devi is coming here tomorrow. Gunjan thinks to find out.

Rachna comes to the shooting location as per Kabir’s message. She sees Rajiv there and gets shocked. He comes forward until she is trapped in the wall. She pushes him further, and shouts saying she can never love him. He asks her to tell him the reason. She says because she loves someone else. He says she is telling a lie, she will have to say to him that she loves him. She shouts him to stop it. She says she only loves Kabir. He smiles. Kabir comes and punches him on his face. They start fighting and fall in the swimming pool.

Rajiv asks Kabir, if he is Rachna’s bodyguard and makes him angry. Kabir confesses to love Rachna and says he loves Rachna. Rachna is shocked while Rajiv smiles. Rajiv laughs and says he had to do so much to make them confess. He gives Rachna’s hand in Kabir’s hands and asks them to unite. He asks Kabir to keep Rachna happy always. He leaves. Kabir and Rachna confess love to each other. They share a romantic and emotional hug.

Gunjan who is staying in the ashram hears god barking and gets up. She sees men saying that the things will arrive at 2 am. The men brought something covered in a box. Gunjan follows the men. Guruji comes in front of the box and asks did anyone see. His men say no. The box lid opens and a lady appears out of it. Guruji says beautiful. He says now, no one can stop her 10th devi. Rachna comes home and tells Shayl that today was good. Shayl thinks Kabir appreciated her. She tells her that Gunjan, Seema and Mayank are spending a night in the Ashram. Keep reading.

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