Guruji plans to take revenge from Gunjan for insulting him, Gunjan gets suspicious about Guruji in Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke.

In Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke, Kabir and Rachna think about each other. Mayank gets a call from his boss informing him of his termination. Mayank gets shocked and tells Seema that he got fired by his loss for bad performance. Seema recalls Guruji’s words that Gunjan brought bad luck for them. She asks him to come to meet Guruji. Mayank agrees. Guruji thinks Mayank will lose his job today. His helper comes and tells him about getting a call from Seema. Kabir sees Rajiv and Rachna caught in a romantic situation. He gets jealous. Gunjan checks about Guruji on the net. Seema comes to the Ashram to meet Guruji, but is stopped by the guards. Gunjan sees the videos and gets confused. Guruji tells his followers that 10th Maha Devi will be coming to earth to give darshan to his followers. Seema comes and falls on his feet. Kabir gets angry at Rachna. Rachna cries.

Guruji tells her that he knows everything that Mayank lost his job and tells that this is the result of the bad image with him. He gives her something and asks her to make Gunjan follow his instructions. Seema comes back home and sends Gunjan to the kitchen to make lemonade. Seema takes a black thread and ties it above the door. She then takes some black beads from paper and keeps under the pillow. Gunjan brings the juice. Seema tells her that she will drink later.

Mayank comes back home with sweets and tells Seema that his boss gave him a last chance. Gunjan was surprised. Seema asks him to go to temple. She checks the black beeds turned into powder and gets shocked. She opines Gunjan is unlucky for Mayank and thinks to throw her out. Guruji tells his follower that the bead will turn into powder with a little pressure and then Seema will blame Gunjan. He says, he will take revenge on Gunjan.

Rachna is about to tell Rajiv about her feelings for Kabir, but stops. She tells him that she is a huge fan of him. Seema doesn’t let Mayank and Gunjan get close, worrying everyone. Shail questions her. Seema tells nothing. She then stops Gunjan from going to the kitchen. And goes to kitchen herself. Gunjan tells Shail that Seema is crossing her limits. Kabir dreams about Rachna. Rajiv gives something to Rachna and caresses her face which annoys Kabir.

Gunjan is frustated with Seema’s behavior. She notices someone running in the garden. Electricity goes off. Dayal gets a letter reading you should live in dark. Kabir gets jealous seeing Rajiv getting close to Rachna. Dayal brings the electrician and he checks the fuse. Gunjan sets the dinning table. Seema doesn’t let Gunjan sit beside Mayank and sits herself. She serves him food. Shail and Gunjan feel her behavior is strange.

Gunjan and Rachna talk about Kabir. Gunjan tells her that Kabir might be jealous of Rajiv. Gunjan plans to watch movie with Mayank and have icecream. Seema hears it and gets tensed. Seema asks Gunjan and Mayank to sleep in different rooms for one week. Mayank doesn’t agree. Gunjan too doesn’t believe in her superstitious behavior. Seema asks Mayank to follow her order if he really cares for her. Dayal and Shail intervenes. They say that the problems have increased after Guruji came to their house. Dayal asks them to go to their room.

Mayank asks Gunjan not to stop them from believing in Guruji’s words. Gunjan gets irritated. Rajiv confesses to Kabir that he loves Rachna and asks him if he is jealous. Kabir is shocked. He tells him that he isn’t jealous. Rachna plays in the rain and waves them bye. Rajiv praises rachna’s beauty and tells Kabir that Rachna will love him too in future.

Guruji plans to put Mayank in a big problem. Mayank’s car have an accident because of Guruji. Seema gets a call about his accident. She blames Gunjan for not listening to her and sleeping in the same room. She tells her that Mayank was saved because of Guruji’s photo in his pocket. Mayank comes home and kisses Guruji’s photo surprising Gunjan. He tells her that he is saved because of him. Seema and Mayank asks Gunjan to wear a list on colors on different days. Gunjan argues and then goes to change.

Seema asks Mayank not to sleep in the same room as Gunjan. Mayank agrees. The paper falls from her saree. Kabir decorates Rachna’s desk and tells her indirectly that Rajiv plans to propose her. Rajiv asks Kabir, if the dress is ready. Kabir says no. Gunjan is shocked to see Mayank wearing orange dress. Seema scolds Gunjan and asks her to leave. Gunjan sees the paper with Guruji’s instructions for Seema to separate Mayank and Gunjan. Rajiv and Rachna come to the restaurant. Rachna asks Rajiv to go back to his house as he is fine now. He is about to confess his love, but stammers. He asks her to have coffee. They laugh. Kabir sees them.

Dayal questions Seema about the paper and asks her who is asking her to do this. She tells them that this house is having a bad image and that’s Gunjan. Everyone is shocked. She tells them that she can prove it. Gunjan laughs. Seema makes her sit and lits the fire around her. She reads something. Gunjan gets irritated and pours water on the fire. Dayal, Gopal and Shail support Gunjan. Gunjan tells her that she will end the drama. Rachna sees the smoke coming out of her house and runs inside. Keep reading.

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