Kabir makes a comeback entry and saves Rachna in the party in Zee TV’s SSLK.

In Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke, Gunjan tells everyone that she knew about the DNA test. Seema asks Gunjan not to cover her further mistakes and confesses her doings in front of her family. Bindya gets upset. She requests everyone to forget and forgive so that they all can move on for the child. Seema tears the reports envelope and says to Gunjan that she doesn’t need any proof now. Gunjan hugs her. Shayl asks Seema to make Kheer for the family. Gunjan accompanies Rachna for her interview and were on the way when Rachna feels Kabir’s presence there. Gunjan explain to her that it is impossible for Kabir to be there, Rachna is sure of her feelings. Gunjan tells Mayank that Rachna felt Kabir’s presence in the market which disturbed her. Mayank gets angry and says he won’t forgive Kabir for what he has done to his sister.

Bindiya meets the blackmailer in the market and gives him her necklace to keep his mouth shut. Rachna who is also there sees Bindiya and enquires about it. Bindiya tells her that she loved the man, but he betrayed her and then sent her the man to blackmail her. Rachna believes her. Later in the night Rachna and Gunjan go to Kabir’s house and see his house locked. Rachna gets teary eyed as she looks at the door and leaves. Kabir comes out and sees her leaving. One of Kabir’s friend sees Kabir hiding from Rachna and enquires about it. Gunjan asks Rachna to come for a New Year celebration party. Rachna doesn’t want to go, but Gunjan convinces her. They go to the party venue wearing masks as a part of dress code.

Kabir comes to the same hotel and gets emotional upon seeing Rachna at the party, but continues to hide from her. A man asks him wear the mask. Kabir wears the mask. Kabir thinks he don’t have the courage to face Rachna today. Rachna senses his presence again and looks around. Shayl forbids Gunjan from dancing, Seema allows. Mayank says he has an idea that they will dance slowly in a corner. Mayank promises Shayl to take care of her. Just as the party begins to mark the start of the new year, Gunjan and Mayank gives a sizzling and romantic performance. Rachna and her family celebrate new year’s eve, Bindiya gears up with her another plan to harm Gunjan.

Kabir sees that a chandelier is about to fall on Rachna and rushes to save her. Rachna sees her saviour in mask and feels some connection with him. Later, Bindiya mixes a drug in a drink and gives it to Vikram to drink. Later Rachna goes after the saviour and unmasks him. She gets shocked and gets teary eyes tears when she sees Kabir there. Rachna asks KT, why he did this to her. She needs the answers of each day in the past eight months. KT stood still, Rachna cries as she asks him shouting. He says he has no answer. Rachna asks what he means that he doesn’t have an answer. Why has he come back then, to open all those past chapters again. Rachna beats KT’s shoulders with her fists, asking why he did this.

Gunjan asks her to forget there was any Kabir Tripati in her life. Dayal, Shayl and Mayank come there. Rachna asks Shayl to be with her and not leave her alone. Shayl promises she won’t move from there. KT comes to the benches, where Rachna was sitting. He apologizes to her. Bindiya brings Vikram home who was in an inebriated state. Rachna gets depressed thinking that her past have come infront of her and recalls the moments spent with him. KT thinks about Rachna, and her complains. She had asked him to go away from her. Mayank promises Gunjan that he will kiss her in everyone’s presence. Gunjan challenges him. The New year count down begins and Mayank kisses Gunjan and wins the challenge.

Bindiya takes advantage of Vikram’s inebriated state while he is unaware of it. Next morning, Vikram wakes up and finds himself without clothes. Bindiya tells him whatever he did in the night. Vikram feels guilty. Rachna announces to everyone that she will not take up the new job. Gunjan asks her to get get up and without seeing past, move on. Rachna says she no longer has the courage now, she can’t move on and join this job. However her family members try to convince Rachna. Rachna tells the reason for her decision, but her family manages to convince her. Rachna agrees to look for a new job. Shayl gets sweet for Dayal and others, saying this year has been great for them all. Gunjan says their Rachna is so talented, she will get something really good job.

Later on Gunjan notices that something is wrong between Pihu and Murli as Pihu is behaving in a strange manner. Shayl tells Gunjan not to take her wrong, but Gunjan says this time Peehu is really worried. Gunjan comes to Kabir and asks why he came to Banaras, is he shifting here. If he wants to play with Rachna’s life again. Kabir replies that he didn’t come to meet Rachna but to leave this place forever. He have to take property papers, and sale this house. I promise to never come back, I know how much she must hates me. Gunjan tells Rachna that he wants to sell the house and leaving Banaras forever. Rachna is in tears. Keep reading.

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