Naren’s and Pari’s alliance get fixed, Ankita gets sad in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta.

In Pavitra Rishta, Balan thinks to get money from Soham’s kids and recalls washing the utensils at the hotel. Naren comes to Sonu and Pranav’s school and takes them in his car. He promises to give their treat and gifts. Kids get happy. Ankita comes to the school and gets shocked when she couldn’t find them. She comes home crying. Prashant asks her not to worry. Sonu and Pranav come just then and inform that Naren had come to pick them. Naren also comes there. Ankita scolds him for picking the kids without informing her.

Archana tells Manav that they shall stay in India. Neena overhears them and decides to do something. Shashank’s mom asks Mansi to prove that the child she has been carrying is of Shashank and not Raunaq’s. Shashank comes home. Ankita informs him about his mom doubt. Shashank’s aayi scolds Mansi. Shashank says, he will accept the child no matter whose it is. Mansi says she wants to know about it now. Shashank’s aayi says if the kid is Shashank’s, she will accept the kid, else she will get out of the house. Mansi pleads Shashank to let her go through the DNA test.

Pia as a assistant calls Ankita and asks her to arrange a business meeting with her boss in a hotel. Ankita agrees. Mansi and Shashank give blood for DNA test. Doctor tells them that the report will come after 6 hours. Ankita apologizes to Naren for being rude. He says it is okay. Ankita informs him about the meeting with new company. Naren says, he have to meet Pari now. Ankita calls Pia and asks her to fix the meeting some other day. Pia insists to have it on the same day. Ankita talks to Naren. Naren asks her to represent him in the meeting. Ankita hesitantly agrees.

Pari arranges a dinner table in a hotel for Naren with Pia’s help. Ankita comes there for the meeting. Pari sees her and gets angry on her. Pari insults Ankita for coming between her and Naren. Naren tells Pari that it was not Ankita’s mistake as he sent her there. He asks her to accompany her for the meeting. Courier boy comes and gives the report to Ankita. Ankita reads it and gives it to Mansi. Mansi happily informs Shashank that the child is theirs. They hug emotionally. Shashank’s aayi gets happy too.

Naren and Ankita are travelling in the car. Ankita gets down to have Pani puri. Naren sees some goons trying to misbehave with Ankita and saves her. He eats spicy Pani puri and start shouting. Shashank’s aayi behaves well with Mansi. Mansi gets happy. Ankita sees Soham working in the garage and gets happy. Soham tells her that Naren didn’t recognize him. Ankita says, he is fine. Naren and Ankita are going back in the car. Ankita feels some pain and asks Naren to take her to the hospital.

Neena informs Sachin that Manav and Archana have decided to stay in India. Naren takes Ankita to the hospital. Doctor asks her to take extra care of her health. Naren gets a call from Pari and he goes out to attend the call. Pari tells Pia that she feels insecure about Ankita. Archana asks her not to be insecure and asks her to trust Naren. Ankita meets Shashank in the hospital and comes to know that Mansi is carrying Raunaq’s child and Shashank changed the reports. She tells Shashank that she can’t lie to Mansi. Shashank explains to her that it was not Mansi or her child mistake. He asks her to hide for better. Ankita agrees.

Soham meets his kids and gets icecream for them. They get happy. Courier boy gives the report to Archana. She comes and gives Ankita’s report to Shashank. Shashank reads it. He congratulates Ankita. Ankita tells him not to tell anything about her pregnancy to anyone as Naren doesn’t recognize her as his wife. Shashank promises her. Pari comes to Naren’s house and tells his parents that they are going to Pune. They get happy for Naren.

Naren and Pari goes to Pune. Naren calls Ankita and asks her to come as his laptop hard disk crashed. Pari feels bad. Ankita leaves for Pune. Ankita joins Naren and Pari. Naren says it is good she came with pendrive, else he would not have handled the meeting. Pari gets angry. Mansi happens to see Ankita’s pregnancy report.

Naren and Ankita finish the meeting and travels back home. Naren praises Ankita and her lauki ki sabzi. Their car stops in the middle of road. All three start walking and see a hut. Naren remembers that he had come to this hut before. Pari and Naren go into hut to check it while Ankita waits outside. Pari hugs Naren romantically. Ankita gets emotional and cries. Ankita recalls the romantic moments between her and Naren.

Pari takes Naren go out of the hut to rekindle their romance. Ankita watches them dancing from a window and cries. Naren gets a flashback of time spent with Ankita in the hut and says Pari that he has come to this place with her. Rushaali and Shirish come to meet Archana and Manav. They asks Pari alliance for Naren. Archana tells about Ankita. Rushaali says, Naren’s marriage with her was contractual. Archana says, she will talk to Pari and agrees for the alliance unhappily. Rushaali calls Naren and informs him about it. Naren gets happy and shares with Pari. Ankita gets sad and cries.

Ankita comes back home. Mansi confronts her about lying. Ankita tells her that she doesn’t want to tell anyone and the child is not Naren’s. Keep reading.

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