Raunaq to get jailed for Mansi’s rape in Pavitra Rishta

Last week, we wrote about Shekhar proving Naren as a mentally challenged man in the court. Sunanda scolds Shekhar for risking Naren’s life. Shekhar says it was needed for the case. I was doing my work. I wanted to prove Ankita wrong. Court didn’t see their love but have seen Ankita’s greed for money. Arjun is on the hospital bed and Purvi is sitting by his side and recalling Ovi’s words. Doctor checks Naren and tells Sunanda that Naren’s condition has worsened and asks her to take care of Naren. Ankita says, he is my responsibility only. I will take care of his health and will see that no one hurts him. Sunanda says, you married him for money and asks for her price. Ankita says you can’t pay me and decides to take care of Naren herself. She hugs him and cries.

Pia comes and says, mom has sacrificed her life to repent for her mistakes. She gives her tickets and asks her to take Arjun to Melbourne as Ovi talked to the doctors there. Pia requests her not to tell anything to Archana, Manav and family as they will get worried. We will inform them once he is fine. Ankita feels herself responsible for Naren’s condition. Naren wakes up and asks Ankita to leave as Raunaq is facing embarrassment because of her. He says, I will leave. Ankita leaves instead. Ankita comes to the servant’s quarters and sleep there. Naren is sitting in his room and cries. Shekhar tells Sunanda not to worry as it is open and shut case and they will win.

At the breakfast table, Naren refuses to eat Lauki ki sabzi prepared by Ankita. She feels bad. Shekhar calls Mansi from Ankita’s phone.He says, I am sure Raunaq is innocent and I have to prove him innocent. He has been victimised of your tricks. Shashank takes the phone and puts it on loud speaker. Shekhar says, your reputation will be spoiled and Raunaq will be freed. You prepare yourself as you will come to know why girls feel uncomfortable in rape cases.

Shekhar does the demonstration in the court and proves that Mansi’s eye sight is weak and she didn’t see the culprit’s face properly. He shows the CCTV of the hotel, where Raunaq and Kinnari went for their honeymoon and shows the entry and exit of them. Judge grants bail to Raunaq. Ankita challenges Shekhar that she will win the case as truth is with her. Raunaq comes home and Sunanda asks Ankita to do the aarti. Ankita does the aarti for Naren’s happiness. Raunaq and Kinnari make plan to throw Ankita out of the house. Ankita wishes Raunaq on his birthday. Naren throws a party. Someone comes from the jeweller shop and gives the jewellery ordered by Kinnari along with the bill. Naren pays the bill.

After the cake ceremony, Raunaq tells Naren that people are gossipying about the case and asks Ankita to apologize. Naren asks Ankita to apologize and tells infront of Media that Raunaq is innocent. Ankita refuses to give the statement and is thrown out of the house by Naren. Mansi tells Ankita that she should have give the statement and saves her married life. She says, we already lost the case. Ankita says, I can’t take my statement. I will get Raunaq punished. Mansi says, we don’t have any proofs. Why you are risking your life for me. Ankita is adamant to support the truth. She tells her that she loves Naren and they will unite soon.

Naren tells his family that she is not his Ahana otherwise would have agreed to do whatever he wants. Later Naren, Raunaq and Kinnari dance on the song Oh Pappe Shaadi Karke Pachtaya……Naren works on his laptop. Raunaq looks at him and thinks he is not affected at all as Ankita left. He asks him. Naren says, I threw her out of the house. It doesn’t affect me. Naren comes to Ankita’s home and gives the money to Soham to pay the debts. He says, I need to talk to you and goes inside. Soham agrees to give the testimony in favour of Raunaq. Mansi, Prashant and Ankita get angry on Soham. Ankita tells Naren that she thought that her husband is innocent, don’t know about the business, but you are a good businessman. You did the dealing of my sister’s respect. I am ashamed to be called as your wife.You might know very well that Raunaq raped Mansi.

Shekhar tells the judge that he has submitted all the proofs and asks her to give the verdict. Judge says, it is a fake case. Women are taking wrong advantage of law and it is very shameful thing. She gives the verdict in favour of Raunaq. Naren says, one minute and tells about his confusions. Naren says, my office employees called me as mad and I also believes that I am mad but I am a mad genius. I am a bi polar mad guy. Whatever I do I use 100 percent of my brain. He says, I got something which I wants to submit. I have 4 confusion in my brain and it would have occur in normal man’s brain. He says, first thing is that I am upset with my wife Ankita as she accused my brother as a rapist but my perception changed after these four things. Stay tuned to know how Naren solves the court case.

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