Shivani confessed her love to Raghu in Zee TV’s Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se

After Shivani comes to know that Raghu is the good and trust worthy man, she starts taking care of him. She tells her friend Meghna about Raghu’s caring attitude. Meghna tells her that it is indeed your love which is reflecting on your face. She makes her understand of her feelings. Shivani is surprised and happy. She closes her eyes and sees Raghu. She thinks, Meghna was right as she has fallen for Raghu. She goes to the office and sees him everywhere. She decides to confess her feelings to him and starts regarding him as her husband. She calls Raghu who was on the way to Ajmer. She indirectly tells him about her condition of love but Raghu doesn’t understand her.

Rupesh takes Maya and Vivek to an isolated under construction building and convinces them to pay Rs. 6 Lakhs Rupees. He thinks to dupe them. Maya and Vivek think to sell the medicine box which they have stolen from the hospital. Shivani tries calling Raghu but his number is not reachable. Mahima comes to Shivani with fruit plate and asks her to eat. Shivani throws the plate and asks her not to show her face else she will throw her out. She comes outside the haveli and listens on the radio about love. She thinks to confess to Raghu anyhow. She starts walking on the road. Raghu comes on his bike and asks, what she is doing in the night? It starts raining. Shivani is about to confess her love.

Raghu covers her head and asks her to get inside the house. Shivani says, she wants to tell something. She imagines confessing to Ram and then about to kiss him. Her imagination ends with Raghu calling her name. Raghu takes her inside and asks Panna tai to dry her hairs. Panna tai tells her about the Maha Shivratri and its significance. Shivani thinks to keep the fast for Raghu’s long life. She thinks I got a good husband two months ago but she realizes his importance just now. She gets ready to go to the temple. Panna tai asks Raghu to take Shivani to the temple.

They come to the temple. Aunty and Mahima also come there. They does the puja. Shivani asks Raghu to break her fast. Raghu not convinced but makes her eat with his hand to break her fast. Mahima thinks to get Shivani angry on Raghu and therefore asks a girl to give bhaang glass to Raghu. Shivani drinks two glasses of bhaang and starts feeling dizzy. She confesses her love to Raghu. Raghu is shocked. She tells him that she really loves him. She asks him to take her in his arms. Raghu lifts her and takes her home.

Raghu brings her home. Shivani is still in a semi conscious state and hugs Raghu. She tells him that she loves him immensely. Raghu is boggled. He doesn’t know how to react. Aunty and Mahima are shocked and thinks their closeness will prove costly for them. Raghu goes to his room and thinks he is Maliksaa’s servant only. Next morning he packs his bag. Shivani wakes up and comes to Raghu. Raghu tells her that he is Maliksaa’s servant and her’s too. Shivani replies him that he was Daaju’s servant but now her husband. She says, equation of relation have changed. She confesses her love to Raghu again which makes him annoyed. Shivani tells him that one can snatch the right from her. She hugs him again. Raghu tells her that he doesn’t have any feelings for her.

He shows her the agreement and says 3 months have completed and therefore he is going. Raghu gives the property transfer papers and leaves. Shivani cries and falls down. Aunty and Mahima are happy. Raghu comes home and tells them that he transferred his property on Shivani’s name and left the haveli. Baburaam scolds him and accuses his luck. Shivani calls Bella and asks her to meet. Shivani tells her that she loves Raghu. Bella says, there is no comparison between them. Shivani wants to live with Raghu.

Shivani asks Mahima, Jazz and Aunty to vacate the haveli. They are shocked. Shivani comes to Baburaam’s house and says she came there being Raghu’s wife. Baburaam welcomes her happily. All the family members organize a birthday party for Raghu. Bella asks him to cut the cake and says surprise is waiting for him. Shivani comes and gifts him chain. Raghu says, it was not needed. Shivani says, I will make you wear it.

Light goes off, someone shoots Raghu but he is saved. He follows the goon but missed him. He comes back home. Shivani asks him to fill the sindoor on her forehead to complete their marriage. Raghu tries to tell something. Sumitra comes and says, he can’t do that. He promised to marry me. Shivani is shocked. What will happen now? Will Raghu and Shivani unite or fall apart? Stay tuned to watch the Sumitra angle in Shivani’s love story.

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