Slap Drama: Harman’s ‘SHOCKING’ reaction as Preeto ‘SLAPS’ Soumya!

Soumya will be stunned with this sharp blow and will be left teary eyed

One after another, Colors’ Shakti is adding unexpected twists in the track and this time, it is concerning a separation of the property between Preeto-Harak Singh and Soumya-Harman!

Preeto has disliked Harman’s association with Soumya from day one and has always tried some or the other trick to separate the two but alas, nothing worked in her favour and the love birds have been inseparable.

Out of rage, Preeto will find an excuse to call Soumya near her and will slap her. Soumya will be stunned with this sharp blow and will be left teary eyed. When Harman would see her in a pitiful state, Harman will question his family as to who dared to slap his lady love.

Preeto will take charge and admit to doing it and Harman will fume with rage over this matter and will declare a separation. Not only will Harman demand his right but will command Soumya’s right too in the property!

Harak Singh, who will not be able to accept that his own son has chosen Soumya over his parents, will then prepare property papers on which Soumya and Harman will both sign but Preeto will have other plans!

A source informs, “Preeto loves her son and cannot see his life going down the drain. She thinks she can plot better plans to throw Soumya out of Harman’s life and she will therefore tear the property papers and will convince both parties to live peacefully under one roof.”

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