There are few striking similarities that Ishani and Anokhi – Ishani Sharma

In conversation with Star Plus’ latest find Ishani Sharma.

The concept of the show is unique and so is the character of Anokhi. Please throw some light on the show.
At its heart, Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar Kya Karein is the story of Anokhi, a young effervescent girl from a middle-class family in Delhi. Anokhi Tilak Mehra (Ishani Sharma) believes that happiness can only be brought through money and she has no qualms about expressing her love for the same.
Is your role going to be Anokha just like your reel name Anokhi?
Star Plus has always showcased unique stories and very different characters which have left a mark on the minds of the audience. This time again, the channel is bringing the character of Anokhi with this new show. Just like her name, Anokhi too has a unique personality. She is a young, vivacious, attractive, gorgeous, bubbly and full of life. A smart girl of today’s generation, she has a very practical view on why money is important – at the end of the month, you need money to pay your bills. She believes in living life to its fullest. She is warm and sensitive and believes that ‘Money Can Buy Happiness’. She is not a gold digger; she just has a very practical view on why money is important in life. She will hold up a mirror to everyone who gives gyaan, forcing them to agree with her view that money is important.
Coming from an engineering background, how are you preparing to play the role of Anokhi Tilak Mehra?
I can relate to the character a lot because Ishani too is bubbly and vivacious like Anokhi. She is from Delhi. So in order to grab that perfect Punjabi tone that Delhiites usually have, I have been working on my dialect to offer Anokhi the authenticity needed. I have also been watching Punjabi movies to learn and understand Punjabi. Although I do not have to talk in Punjabi, I am trying to incorporate the intonation so I can do justice to my character. Having a sound understanding of the character is more important for me and that is what I have been rigorously following up to achieve. My transformation from an engineering background to acting has been seamless because my production team has been very supportive. The director is helpful and he brings out the Anokhi in me.
How did this role come to you?
I belong to a small town in Himachal where I pursued my engineering. Even though I was studying to be an engineer, I had a strong inclination towards acting, it was a dream I really believed in. After completing my education I took the decision to move to Mumbai and fulfil my dreams. I gave the screen test for Anokhi’s character and here I am playing the role. There are few striking similarities that Ishani and Anokhi have and this acted as a catalyst in helping me bag the role. At the end of the day, you have to justify the character you are playing. I was nervous and I still get nervous when veteran actors like Sudhir ji and Abha ji are shooting with me but they’re extremely sweet people and often help me as well.
As Ishani, what is your take on Anokhi’s character?
Anokhi is very expressive, she says what is on her mind and isn’t hesitant about it. I really like Anokhi’s character because she is real, funny and true to herself. Anokhi is also very witty by nature. She thinks on her feet and when need be, she turns jugaadu and finds solutions to problems quickly. The character has so many facets to her and that makes me really excited to play this role.
Do you think people like Anokhi, who believe money brings happiness, exist today?
I think every person in their heart of hearts agrees that money is a very important factor in life. To those who give gyaan and philosophy, Anokhi counters them with a very realistic and practical example of why money is important. Everyone loves money secretly, but never admits to it. Anokhi speaks what’s on everyone’s mind.
You’ve bagged your first project with STAR Plus, how do you feel about it?
As a child, I have grown up watching shows on Star Plus. I’m very fortunate to have bagged the role of Anokhi. This is a very big platform and also I am getting the opportunity to work with such great artists. We are eagerly waiting for the show to go on air.
What is the kind of talent that is associated with this show?
We have an ensemble cast with some great names. The male lead is Varun Toorky and veteran actors like Sudhir Pandey and Abha Parmar are also a part of the show. Varun will be playing the role of Tushar. Ankur Verma is also part of the show. Other than the cast, we also have some amazing writers and crew on board. The whole production team is very supportive and nice. We have Suzana Ghai who has previously done shows like Suhani Si Ek Ladki, so overall, the team is really good.

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