Vishkanya Ek Anokhi Prem Kahani or simply Vishkanya (lit. venomous girl) is a soap set in the old neighbourhood of the city of Kolkata. The show is about supernatural love story of Aparajita Gosh and Malay Mittal.

Aparajita is born as a Vishkanya, a venomous girl, whose body including her bodily fluids is poisonous which could fatal to anyone per contact. Initially she was not aware of the fact that she is a poison girl or that she was used as a pawn to destroy Mittal’s family by her maternal aunt( Kalpana Ghosh) who she thought was her mother. Her mother kept her locked in her room since she was a little girl, avoiding any contact with the outsiders stirring curiosity from her neighbours especially Malay. The first time she was allowed out was for a party in Mittal’s mansion where she met Malay for the first time, properly and he instantly smitten by her beauty and delicate grace despite her mysterious aura. Due to some series of event, Aparajita beguns to question her true identity. She demanded answers from her mother about the unexplained facts such as her skin turning into bright blue whenever she felt conflict. Kalpana revealed that she is indeed a descendant of Vishkanya. For generations, daughters in her family were used as a weapon to destroy kingdoms and cities. Kalpana urges her to kill each and every member of Mittal’s family especially Malay to hurt his mother. Years ago Malay’s father married Kalpana despite having another wife, Malay’s mother. Enraged, Malay’s mother gun-hired a man to kill Kalpana but he mistakenly harms Kalpana’s sister and Aparajita’s mother causing Malay’s father and Aparajita’s mother to be paralyzed. Kalpana swore revenge on Nandhita Mittal by planning to make Malay fall in love with Aparajita and then dispose him later. Aparajita was disturbed by the fact but she could not find in her heart to do as her mother asked and distanced herself from Malay but he relentlessly kept chasing her without knowing the reason. Against all the odds, they both fell for each other but Malay’s mother had plotted many evil schemes to separate them. In the end, Malay reluctantly marries Vardaan due to some misunderstanding caused by his mother and under the influence of the rest of his family. In the sequences of the story, Malay had a change of heart and begins to love Vardaan much to Aparajita’s dismay as he instantly breaks up with her after that. By some tricks she had up her sleeves and with Kalpana’s aid, Aparajita managed to marry Malay but at this point he does not loves her anymore and still remains unaware of her supernatural identity.

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