Ankita sacrifices her love for Naren’s betterment in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta.

In Pavitra Rishta, Naren completely forgets Ankita after getting his memory back. Rushaali asks her employees not to tell anything to Naren about his marriage with Ankita. Naren calls his employees to know about the share market. Ankita tells him about the share market. Naren gets impressed and hires her as his assistant. Pari tells Archana that her hatred towards Naren was vanished when they hug each other. She feels bad for Ankita as Naren forgot her completely. Archana tells her about the pavitra rishta which bonds two people together.

Doctor informs Shashank and Mansi that Mansi is pregnant. Shashank gets happy. Naren calls Pari and asks her to meet him so that he wants to tell something. Pari agrees. Ankita feels bad. Naren asks Ankita to help her in selecting the ring for Pari as he wants to get engaged to her. Ankita informs Rushaali about Naren going to buy ring for Pari. Rushaali says, it is fine as Naren loves Pari now.

Rushaali emotionally blackmails Ankita and tells her that if they stop Naren then he may go mad again. She asks her to bear Naren closeness with Pari. Shashank informs his parents about Mansi’s pregnancy. His mother has a doubt that the child is of Raunaq. Naren takes Ankita to buy ring for Pari. He selects a ring and try on Ankita’s finger. Ankita gets sad.

Naren meets Pari and tells her that he lied about his name as he wanted her to love him and not his money. He tells her that on the accident day, he lost his senses and couldn’t rescue her. He gives her engagement ring. Pari refuses to get engaged. She reveals about his marriage with Ankita. Naren gets shocked. He goes home and questions Rushaali. Rushaali tells him about his marriage. Naren gets shocked. Pari asks him to accept Ankita. Naren refuses to accept her as his wife. Ankita cries.

Shashank’s aayi brings laddoos for Mansi and feeds her. She asks her if the child is Raunaq’s or Shashank’s. Ankita tries to make Naren understand of the situation when they got married. Naren refuses to accept her as he loves Pari. He asks Rushaali to throw Ankita out of the house. Ankita cries and leaves from the house.

Ankita talks to her unborn baby and thinks to make everything fine. Pari informs Archana about telling the truth to Naren. Archana says, you did the right thing. Ankita prays to God to get Naren back in her life for her child’s sake. Rushaali and Naren come to Archana’s house to meet Pari. Rushaali shows some papers to Pari and tells her that Ankita is just a caretaker of Naren. And their marriage was a contract marriage. She says, Ankita married him for money. Pari and Archana doesn’t believe Rushaali. Naren tells Pari that his marriage with Ankita doesn’t matter to him.

Pari asks Shekhar to marry her and tells everything. Shekhar agrees. Ankita informs Mansi about Naren. Pari comes there and tells about her marriage with Shekhar after two days. Ankita meets Rushaali. Rushaali shows her contract papers and tells her that the contract lapsed after Naren got fine. Ankita gets shocked as Rushaali took her sign without her knowledge. Ankita believes that one day Naren would accept her.

Rushaali asks Ankita to leave Naren for Pari. Ankita refuses. Rushaali asks, do you want Naren to get mad again. Ankita says no and cries. Rushaali asks her to let Naren be with Pari. Doctor tells Ankita to listen to Naren and implement his demands. Shashank informs Ankita about Mansi’s pregnancy. She gets happy and hugs Mansi.

Naren comes to the chawl to meet Pari. Pari doesn’t open the door. Naren sleeps outside her house. Ankita covers him with blanket. Pari sees it. In the morning, Naren thinks Ahana had covered him with a blanket. Pari comes and tells him about Ankita covering him with a blanket. Naren gets upset. Ankita thinks of Naren’s words that their marriage is a fraud. She cries. Naren comes back home.

Pari goes to marry Shekhar in court with Pia. Pia asks her to rethink her decision. Pia says, she is thinking about Ankita. She says, she is sure that Shekhar will keep her happy. Naren gets a call from Shekhar’s mom informing him about Pari and Shekhar’s marriage in court. Naren gets shocked and leaves in a hurry. Pari, Shekhar and Pia are in the car heading for the court. She gets Naren’s call. Pari disconnects the call and thinks Naren can’t stop her marriage.

Shekhar signs the marriage papers. Pari is about to sign, but Naren comes and stops her. He slaps Shekhar for marrying his love and speaks against him. Pari tells him that she accepts his marriage with Ankita. She says she will marry Shekhar anyhow. Ankita comes and asks them to stop fighting. She tells them that she married Naren for money and left him for money. She lies to Pari that she didn’t love Naren and was just his caretaker. Shekhar doesn’t believe it. However Pari believes her. She says, I was about to sacrifice my love for you and you loves money. Ankita asks her to marry Naren. Keep reading.

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