Raghu takes Shivani to Mumbai for her treatment in Zee TV”s Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se

In Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se, Shivani gets ready to marry Karan. She prays to God to unite her with Raghu. Just then vermillion bottle falls on her forehead as Raghu was moving out. Shivani gets emotional seeing her maang filled with Raghu’s sindoor. Raghu is surprised too. She writes letter for Raghu and writes that she will always love him and nothing can stop her from loving him. Nishi brings Shivani for the mehendi ceremony. Raghu gets the mehendi for Shivani. Bella applies mehendi on her hands. She writes K on her hands, but R gets written instead. Shivani smiles. Nishi asks Raghu to sing for Shivani. He sings the song Ek Thi Kaanch Ki Gudiya…………..

Karan, Sumitra, Gini join him and dance as well. Sumitra asks Karan to tell his love story. Karan confesses to love Shivani from his childhood. Sumitra asks Shivani to tell when she fell for Karan. Shivani tells that she knew Karan since her school days. He is her best friend. Then she looks at Raghu and starts telling loving him indirectly. Everyone understand that she is talking about Raghu. Raghu gets embarrassed. Raghu tells Karan that you both are made for each other.

Panditji asks Bella to call Shivani for the marriage. Raghu goes to bring her. Karan gets a call from Renuka. Karan happens to see the letter written by Shivani for Raghu. He gets shocked. Shivani gets ready and thinks she is not less than a dead body. Raghu comes and asks her to come. He makes her wear the ghunghat. Shivani wears the sandals and feels uncomfortable. Raghu holds her hand. Karan comes and closes the door.

Karan shows the letter to Raghu and make him understand that Shivani loves him. Karan asks Shivani, how could you do this? How can you sacrifice your love? Shivani cries. Raghu says, he wants babyji’s betterment. Karan says, she loves you and can’t be happy with me. He refuses to marry her. Karan wipes Shivani’s tears and says you would have tell me that you love Raghu. I would have united you both.

Karan tells that he is going back to London. Karan leaves. Baburaam gets tensed. Raghu informs everyone that the marriage is not going to happen as Karan refused. Shivani feels dizziness. She faints. Raghu shouts babyji and holds her. Baburaam sees blood coming out of Shivani’s leg and informs Raghu. Raghu takes out blade from Shivani’s sandal. Gini realizes that she had thrown it mistakenly and cries.

Baburaam asks Rupesh to drive the tempo. Raghu, Bella and Rupesh goes to the hospital with Shivani. Raghu recalls his moments with Shivani and gets emotional. Sumitra breaks the marriage altar in anger.

Doctor asks Bella about Shivani’s eating habits. Bella tells him that she has been refusing to eat food occasionally and doesn’t feel hungry. Doctor does some test and awaits for the reports. Raghu asks Bella to go home with Rupesh. Raghu sits at Shivani’s bed side and cries holding her hand. He asks her to wake up and promises to do as she says. Sumitra tells her family that Shivani might be acting to get unconscious. Maya supports her. Bella tells that Doctor is waiting for Shivani’s reports.

Sumitra asks Maya to help her. Doctor tells Raghu that reports have come. He tells him that Shivani has a hole in her heart. Raghu gets shocked. Doctor tells him that she needs immediate treatment. Raghu asks him to start the treatment. Doctor suggests him to take Shivani to Mumbai for her treatment. Raghu requests the doctor not to inform shivani about her illness. Doctor agrees.

Raghu comes to Shivani and cries holding her hand. He prays to God to get Shivani in her senses. Shivani wakes up and asks Raghu why he is crying. Raghu says nothing. Raghu and Shivani come back home. Everyone is happy to see them back. Raghu tells them that Shivani’s reports are fine. Maya gives a packet containing honeymoon package tickets to Manali for Raghu and Sumitra. Raghu gets angry and tears the tickets. Sumitra is annoyed.

Raghu tells her that he is going to Mumbai with Shivani. Shivani is shocked. Raghu tells her that Doctor asked him to take her to Mumbai for change. Vivek agrees to bear the house expenses and asks Raghu to go. Sumitra tells Raghu that it was good if Shivani would have died. Raghu slaps her.

Next day, Bella gives money to Raghu and asks him to share his worry. Raghu tells her that Shivani has a hole in her heart and needs urgent treatment. Bella gets shocked. She hugs Shivani. Raghu and Shivani reach Mumbai and get down the train. Shivani tells him to bring water. Raghu goes to bring water and doesn’t find Shivani after coming back. He gets tensed. Shivani is pushed by the crowd and moves from the place. Raghu gets tensed

A thief tries to steal Shivani’s bag. Shivani beats him with the help of kids. Vivek opens a chat shop to earn money. Shivani thanks the kids. She tells him that it has a dolphin which Raghu gifted her. Shivani cries for Raghu. No customers come to the chat shop irking Maya. She scolds Vivek. Kids brings Shivani to the station master’s room and announces that Shivani is waiting for Raghu. Raghu finds her and gets happy. Keep reading.

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