Ankita unites Naren and Pari, Mansi to undergo the DNA test in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta.

In Pavitra Rishta, Naren asks Pari why she was getting married to Shekhar. He asks, even though you loves me, but marrying him. What is your helplessness? Pari remains silent. Naren tells her that Ankita is honest to tell everything. He asks, what is stopping her to come to him. Shekhar tells Pari to take a decision. He tells her that after Ankitra refusing to love Naren clearly,she can go ahead with Naren. He wants her to take a right decision. He gives her hand in Naren’s hands and silently leaves. Ankita gets sad and tears roll down her cheeks. Naren and Pari hug each other. Pari asks Ankita, why she is crying. Ankita lies to her saying someone went in her eyes. She returns her mangalsutra to Naren and leaves.

Ankita cries while in a taxi. She thinks she took a big step for Naren and Pari’s happiness. She thinks she couldn’t able to live without Naren. She thinks of her unborn child and gets sad. Archana slaps Pari after coming to know about her choosing Naren. Pari tells her that Ankita had a contract marriage with Naren. Archana doesn’t believe it. She tells about the pavitra rishta which Ankita and Naren shares. Pari asks her to confirm with Ankita.

Naren comes back and informs everyone that Ankita told the truth and stopped Pari’s marriage with shekhar. Rushaali shows contract papers to Sunanda and lies to her saying Ankita married Naren for money. She doesn’t love him and was after his money. She shows her greedy side. Sunanda doesn’t believe it and gets confused. Shirish tells Rushaali that why she lied to Sunanda and Naren. She tells him that she cheated Ankita and made her sign on the papers. She says, she is doing this for Naren’s happiness and betterment.

Archana asks Ankita about the truth. Ankita lies to her saying she ca’t love a mad guy and married him for money. She tells her that she did it for her siblings. Shekhar tells his mom about Pari and Ankita. He gets confused about Ankita’s behavior. Naren calls Ankita and asks her to join his office. Ankita refuses and thanks him. Naren asks her to rethink. Ankita thinks to accept the job for her baby. Mansi shares her doubt about the baby with Shashank. Shashank assures her that the baby is his and asks her not to take stress.

Pari comes to Karmarkar’s house. Rushaali greets her. She goes to Naren’s bedroom and sees him sleeping. He wakes up and takes her name. She apologizes to him and tells about her decision. Naren gets happy and hugs her. Shashank aayi taunts Ankita for staying in her house. Shashank asks Ankita to stay and tells his aayi that it is his house. Ankita agrees to stay, but asks Shashank to let her do the job. Shashank agrees.

Kinnari comes back home and introduces herself as Raunaq’s wife. She tells him that Ankita’s sister Mansi accused Raunaq of rape and sent him to jail. Naren gets shocked and angry. He goes to his office and throws Ankita out accusing her of trapping his brother. Ankita tries to speak, but he doesn’t listen and insults her. Ankita comes home sad. Someone comes from Naren’s company and gives her stuff which was kept in her office locker. Ankita tells Mansi that she has been fired by Naren for sending Raunaq to Jail. Mansi and Shashank goes to talk to Naren.

Mansi tells Naren that he was good when he was mad. She tells him everything. Naren doesn’t believe her and tells her that they are Karmarkars. Sunanda supports Mansi and tells the truth to Naren. Naren gets shattered and repents for insulting Ankita. Naren tells Kinnari that Raunaq is dead for him now. Police comes with the arrest warrant and arrests Naren for the fraud which his company has done. Naren gets arrested. Ankita sees the news on TV about Naren’s arrest. She rushes to the Police station.

Ankita comes and accepts the accusations. She tells the Police that she is the owner of the company and therefore she should be behind bars. She asks the Inspector to free Naren. Inspector agrees and lets Naren go. Naren tells her, why he will give his 500 crores property on her name. Ankita says, he did it and asks him to go. Naren goes angrily. Naren goes to his office and gets a envelope. He reads the paper and is shocked to know that Ankita has transferred the property on his name.

Naren asks Shekhar to bail Ankita. Shekhar says, it won’t be possible until morning. Ankita gets sad thinking about Naren’s hatred and apologizes to her child. Naren is restless on the other side. Next day Shekhar gets bail for Ankita. Ankita signs the papers. Shekhar drops her home. Naren comes to Mansi’s house and apologizes to Ankita for misunderstanding her. He asks her to come back to job. Naren agrees. Mansi and Prashant get angry. Ankita reminds them that Naren is still their jiju.

Pari calls Naren and asks him to have lunch with her. He asks her to come to his office. Ankita comes back to office. Naren apologizes to her for insulting her infront of the staff members. Naren tells Ankita about his date with Pari. Ankita orders Naren’s favourite pizza. Ankita looks at the cactus plant and cries. Pari comes, sees her and goes angrily to Naren’s cabin. Pari asks him, why he hired such a money minded girl. Naren asks her to calm down. Pari says, she will throw her out. Naren gets angry and tells her that Ankita didn’t encash the cheque and also she transferred her property on his name.

Pari tells her that it was her trick to trap him. Naren says, she is honest. They have the lunch. Pari closes the curtain as Ankita is looking at them sadly. Naren’s employee asks him to give him leave as his wife is pregnant. Naren gives him leave for 10-15 days. Employee asks him, what he would have done if he was in his place. Naren grants him 4 month’s leave. Employee gets happy. Naren asks Ankita to do that employee work as well and offers to pay extra salary.

Sunanda leaves for Paris. Before leaving she tells Naren not to do any injustice to Ankita and praises her. Soham and Balan enter a five star hotel. They enjoy the drinks. Waiter gives them bill. Soham asks him to get the money from Naren. Naren refuses to know him. Manager asks him to wash the utensils. Soham gets shocked. Mansi recalls Shashank’s aayi words and gets tensed. She shares with Ankita. Ankita asks her not to think negative and says the baby is of Shashank. She makes her sleep. Next week, Mansi undergoes DNA test to know about the baby’s father. Keep reading.

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