Shivani stops Raghu from selling his kidney for her operation in Zee TV’s Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se.

In Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se, Shivani and Raghu meet at the railway station after Raghu searches for her. They get happy to see each other and hug. Shivani tells Raghu, how the kids helped her. Vivek feels bad as no one turn up at his chaat shop. Then Nishi comes and asks him to give chaat to her, followed by her friends. Vivek happily gives them chaat. Raghu and Shivani take a taxi and is going to the hospital. An Eunuch asks them to give money. Raghu refuses. Shivani asks him to give money. Raghu gives money. Eunuch gives blessings to Shivani. They reached the hospital. Raghu asks her to wait in the waiting area. He meets Dr. Rao and brief him about Shivani’s case. Dr. Rao appreciates him for bringing Shivani on time.

Vivek gets some customer for his chaat. Maya gets happy. Vivek gives credit to Nishi. Shivani hears Dr. Rao and Raghu’s conversation. Dr. Rao assures him that she will be fine after the operation. She hears Doctor telling Raghu about the cost of operation which will be 20 Lakhs rupees. Raghu gets tensed. Shivani asks Raghu to take her back to the house as she heard everything. She tells him that 20 lakhs rupees is not a small amount. She refuses to take his help. She reminds him that she is no longer his wife as he married Sumitra.

Just then Raghu gets Sumitra’s call. He disconnects her call. Raghu stops Shivani and says you will be alright soon. Shivani asks him why he wants her to get operated as he doesn’t get any salary from him. Raghu says, it is his duty and he will make sure that she gets fine. Shivani says, it would be different if they were married, but not anymore. Sumitra again calls Raghu. Raghu tries to disconnects the call, but the call gets picked by mistake. Raghu tells Shivani that he just faked his marriage with Sumitra and didn’t marry her in reality. Shivani gets shocked. Sumitra hears it on phone and gets shocked too. Shivani doesn’t believe her. He tells her that he did a drama so that she marries Karan. He says, how can I get married before your marriage. Sumitra gets very angry.

Lata comes home and sees Sumitra with Sindoor and mangalsutra. She questions her. Maya tells her everything. Raghu apologizes to Shivani, but Shivani doesn’t forgive him. She asks him to apologize to Sumitra being a good woman. Raghu tells her that he would die if something happens to you. Shivani covers his mouth with her hand. They have an eye lock. She asks her to promise her that he will take care of himself whether she lives or dies. Raghu gets Bella’s call. Raghu tells her everything about his fake marriage with Sumitra. Bella gets shocked.

Bella apologizes to Shivani on Raghu’s behalf. Maya praises Sumitra infront of Lata. Lata is about to give dupatta to Sumitra, but Bella stops her. Bella tells her about Raghu and Sumitra’s fake marriage. Everyone get shocked. She tells her family that Raghu acted to get Shivani married to Karan. Sumitra accepts it. Lata is about to slap her, but Bella stops Lata. Bella takes the dupatta from Sumitra which is for Shivani.

Shivani and Raghu reach a hotel and asks for a simple room. Receptionalist taunts Raghu for not having money and coming to their costly hotel. Shivani answers him well and shows his place. Mata supports Sumitra. Lata asks her to remove the mangalsutra and sindoor as she is still unmarried. Sumitra tells her that mangalsutra is stuck. Gini removes her mangalsutra and says it is removed easily as her relationship is fake. Sumitra sheds some fake tears.

Raghu and Shivani get a accomodation in the chawl with the help of Munna. Though Raghu doesn’t like the room, but Shivani approves it. She tells him that she will clean the place. Shivani eats Vada Pav and asks Raghu to eat it too. Lata calls Raghu and scolds him for misusing the sacred thing like marriage. Shivani takes the phone and asks her to forgive Raghu. Lata forgives him. Sumitra decides to take revenge on Raghu’s family.

Shivani asks Raghu to take her to Mumbai tour. Raghu tells her that he have to search a job first. Shivani insists. Raghu agrees. They come to the chawl and finds no lights. Raghu lights the candles and looks at Shivani. He sleeps on the floor. Shivani sees water droplets falling on Raghu and goes to sleep with him. She asks him to sleep on the bed and divides the bed into two with a pillow. Raghu hesitantly agrees. They enjoy the Mumbai tour happily.

Rupesh thinks to get some money through Gini’s marriage and thinks to arrange her marriage with someone rich. Raghu gets a job with Rs 500 salary per day. Rupesh informs Baburaam and Lata about a rich family’s proposal for Gini. Baburaam asks him to invite them to see Gini. He tells Latha that he has investigated about the family and the boy is good. Lata agrees.

Raghu meets Doctor and offers him jewellery. He requests him to start the operation. Doctor says, he can’t go against hospital rules and asks him to pay Rs. 5 lakhs immediately. Raghu gets tensed. Ward boy who has listened to their conversation tells Raghu that he can get the money. He takes him to other doctor. Doctor agrees to give him money on one condition. He asks Raghu to give his kidney. Raghu agrees for Shivani. Doctor tells him that he will get the money once Kidney is taken out.

Raghu comes home tired. Shivani massages his head. Raghu gets a call from the doctor. Shivani picks the call. Doctor tells her that Raghu’s operation is tomorrow. Shivani asks Raghu. Raghu lies to her saying he was talking about her operation.Raghu talks with the doctor then. He agrees to come for the operation. Raghu comes for his operation. He wears the gown and lies on the hospital bed. Shivani gets a hospital slip in Raghu’s pocket. She calls on the hospital number and enquires about Raghu. She overhears Doctor talking about Raghu’s operation and gets shocked.

She rushes to the hospital and sees him on the operating bed. She takes him to the temple and asks him to promise that he won’t do any such thing in the future. She threatens to leave him and go if he does it again. She says, she has faith on God that he will never separate them. Raghu asks her, from where they will get the money then. Shivani says, God will help them. She hugs him. Raghu gets tensed. Keep reading.

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