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Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Lovely warns Sikandar

The episode starts with Sikandar telling Lalwani that he won’t let Amyra sing on stage. Amyra meets Tevar and they discuss their problems. She says that Lovely has changed but Tevar tells her to listen to her mother.

Lovely asks Sikandar to sing with Amyra. Sikandar tells her that he won’t discuss this again; Amyra can’t cheat people by stealing someone’s voice. He wants to do justice with Kullfi. He tells Lovely that he wants to find Kullfi’s father first.

Lovely tells Mohendar to stop Sikandar, but he says that he is too stubborn. Sikandar asks Kullfi where she is from; she tells him that she hails from a village Chirauli. He tells her that he has an old connection with that village; he will take her there and find her father. Lovely gets tensed.

Lovely asks Sikandar not to go with Kullfi since he shouldn’t meet Nimrat again. He tells her that he will go himself, else he will feel restless.

She confronts him about making Amyra feel insecure and lonely. She asks him not to compel Amyra for any wrongdoing again since Amyra is the one who sent Kullfi with David. Sikandar is enraged and tries to ask Amyra about putting Kullfi at risk. He wants to scold Amyra.

She tells him that Amyra was compelled to do this because of his behavior. She asks him to punish himself for being a bad father. Sikandar sheds tears when Lovely warns him. Kullfi overhears Sikandar’s mother talk about the concert. She thinks Sikandar should sing at the concert, else his career will suffer.

Kullfi meets Sikandar and cheers him up. She makes him promise that he will sing at the concert. She decides to go to Chirauli after his concert. He is in a dilemma because he is not doing justice to her. He tells Kullfi that he can do anything for her. Kullfi is touched by his emotions.

Ishq Mein Marjawan: Aarohi Hides Anjali

The episode starts with the doctor saying to Aarohi that Anjali was on this bed. Aarohi tells the doctor to tell his staff to help in finding her. Deep disguises himself as a doctor and takes Anjali and hides here. He comes back and sees that Anjali is not there and he calls Mausi and Virat.

He asks Virat where is Anjali and he says he doesn’t know. He asks Mausi where is Tara. She says that she wasn’t at home. Deep says everything is getting worse.

Deep calls his spy and tells them to find Tara, but then, she comes out of the washroom. He asks her where she was all this time and he doesn’t know where Anjali is. She tells him that she killed her and he is dazed after hearing this.

Deeps tells Tara that she is lying, she tells him why is so worried for her and he is only Tara’s. The media has come and tells Deep that he is going to be arrested.

The police come and tell him that an accident happened with his car and someone has logged a complaint against him. Deep says that the car was stolen. He says he would like to meet the person who complained against him.

Deep comes to the hospital. Virat is there too. Aarohi recalls that she replaced Anjali with herself. She left Anjali with the doctor. Virat says that he won’t leave her alone and whoever did this to her he will not leave that person. Deep wonders who is it? Aarohi or Anjali?

Kumkum Bhagya: Tanu Asks Nikhil to Kill John

The episode starts with Abhi looking at Pragya from the OT window and crying. Aaliya thinks of how John threatened her to reveal everything to Abhi, and Abhi’s anger for Pragya is a dangerous one.

She thinks even today, he is staying in Pragya’s memories, and the feeling is enough to get angry on others. She thinks Tanu might have thought of something.

Tanu calls Nikhil and asks him where he will keep John. He tells her not to call her and let him concentrate on work and he is a businessman and not a contract killer. He tells her to talk with respect and makes her apologize to him.

The doctor comes and says that Pragya’s condition is critical; they have to call the London doctor and take an opinion. Abhi asks if she gained consciousness. The doctor says no and says that her nerve is damaged by the glass piece and she is not responding to treatment.

Robin asks John who is the person behind all this and tells him to tell the name right now but before John can say anything his phone gets switched off, Nikhil is following the car.

Abhi tells Pragya that he can’t see her in this state, and he promises that he won’t blame her again. Abhi asks the doctor to get her treated by the best doctor and not to worry about money.

Tanu tells Aaliya that she has become confident and she can do anything and win from Pragya. Aaliya tells her that they should go to the hospital and say that John is brainwashed and that’s why he is blaming us.

Tanu says John will not reach the hospital and says just as we handled Pragya, John will be handled too. Tanu says goodbye Pragya, your story has ended.

Ishqbaaz: Shivaay Convinces Nikhil’s Mom for the Marriage

The episode starts with Shivaay convincing Nikhil’s mom that Anika is, in fact, a very nice girl. But his mom is not ready to listen. Nikhil’s mom says that if she is so good then why Shivaay doesn’t marry her. Shivaay thinks how in reality he is actually married to her. They leave and Shivaay and Anika are confused.

Shivaay tries to convince Nikhil’s mom by saying that Nikhil still loves Anika and she should think of the marriage again. He says that he will take the full responsibility for the marriage and give Nikhil a job in his company with a good salary. She finally agrees.

Anika tells Gauri that she got the job; Nikhil calls up Anika and tells her that he wants to meet her; she says she is busy and she will meet him tomorrow.

Shivaay calls her up and tells her to meet. She gets excited and says that she will meet and tell him about the job. He congratulates her. Nikhil asks Shivaay why Anika denied meeting to which Shivaay says that it could be because of his mother. Anika is asked the same question at her house and she replies that she wasn’t in the mood for meeting Nikhil.

Shivaay comes and tells Anika that he wants to fix the marriage, as he didn’t respect marriage. He asks her if her answer is yes, she hugs and says she is fine with the decision.

Shivaay tells her that he knew she would say yes and he has finally convinced Nikhil and his mom. She is shocked to hear this as she thought that Shivaay was talking about their marriage.

Nikhil’s mom tells him that she agreed to the marriage because Shivaay was ready to pay the expenses and give Nikhil a job. Nikhil says that they can now take advantage of him and he wouldn’t even get to know. He tells his mom that he is doing all this out of guilt.

Nikhil and his mom come to Anika’s house and his mom says that she has come there to fix the broken marriage, Shivaay congratulates them and leaves.

He feels jealous when he sees Nikhil and Anika together. Anika comes and tells him that this is her life and she should be taking the decisions then why is he taking all the decisions for her.

She says that when he is deciding everything in her life, he must do this as well. He did not ask her before breaking her marriage, getting married to her, not believing in the marriage, handing over the divorce papers, or deciding on her marriage with Nikhil.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik and Naira Have a Huge Fight

The episode starts with Naira and Kartik bringing Mansi downstairs. Everyone is relieved seeing Mansi, Kirti is happy to see Kartik and Naira together, but she fails to understand why they can’t sort their matter out. Rukmani again receives a call from the jeweller. She tells him that she has arranged the money and asks him to send someone. Suwarna listens to her.

The wedding ceremony starts and everyone tells Naira to sing a song. She agrees to sing, and while singing the song, she imagines being close to Kartik, but then, she gets emotional when she comes to know it’s only her imagination. Everyone claps for her singing.

Suhasini asks Surekha to bring the shagun kept in the tray. Surekha goes there and finds the shagun money missing. Suhasini and Suwarna tell her that they saw the money there before some time. They felt worried about the money being missing.

Luv and Kush say that they saw Rukmani stealing the money from the tray. Surekha requests Suwarna to keep this matter secret and asks her to not to tell anybody anything about this matter. Naira hears their conversation and tells them that her grandmom cannot be a thief. Suhasini tells her not to interfere in the matter.

Rukmani hears this conversation and comes and says that she took the money to put in the safe and she didn’t steal it. Kartik apologizes to her. Naira says not to apologize as she never trusted you. Kartik gets angry with Naira and tells her that he hates her because she doesn’t understand him and she says the same thing as she doesn’t trust her.

The situation gets more complicated as advocate Sharma and advocate Pandey reach there and ask them to go court with them for final hearing. They get shocked to listen to this. On the one hand, it is their final hearing, and on the other is Mansi’s wedding. They don’t want to go but still move ahead with a heavy heart.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Sameer Tells Sunaina the Truth

The episode starts with Sunaina coming to Sameer. Naina looks at them. Sunaina falls down and everyone goes to help her. Sameer comes and asks her if she is fine. She tells him she will be fine when he genuinely tells her I love you. Sameer’s voiceover says that Sunaina might have understood that his love fever has decreased.

Sameer calls Naina. She picks the call up, a song plays. Naina tells Preeti that the conversation is over, and they didn’t speak anything. Sameer says that Naina is right, and he wants her to remember him with a smile and not with tears. He says Naina is right; I can’t take out Naina’s anger on Sunaina. He calls Sunaina and asks her to meet him in the Red Rose Restaurant.

Sameer, Munna, and Pandit come to the Red Rose Restaurant. Munna and Pandit ask him to rethink. Sameer says he will tell Sunaina irrespective of the consequences. Sunaina comes. She asks what is the matter?

Kartik tells Priyank that Sameer is fooling both Naina and Sunaina. Sameer tells Sunaina that he did a big mistake and asks her to punish him.

Sunaina tells him that she knows that he doesn’t love her and they both can always be best of friends. Sameer agrees and says that they will always be friends.

Munna and Pandit say that they don’t believe that she took it sportingly. Sameer says she is very understanding. His voiceover tells that I never knew that Sunaina was lying to me seeing her face, and I came to know what she was actually feeling.

Bepannaah: Aditya Gears up for Competition

The episode starts with Zoya dancing with the guy. Aditya also pulls Mona for a dance. Aditya tries to dance with Zoya, but she is dancing with Arshad.

Finally, Aditya and Zoya are dancing together, and he asks her what her father said. She tells him that she told her father that she doesn’t want to marry, and by the time, Arshad comes there and asks for Zoya for a dance. Aditya steps back and watches them dance.

Anjana gets a message that Sakshi has run away and she gets shocked. Sakshi is hiding behind the cars and thinks that she has to somehow reach Aditya. She sees Anjana telling the guards that if Sakshi comes here not to let her come in. Sakshi hears it and thinks that may be the doctor informed her.

Sakshi thinks of calling Aditya somehow. I should look for a PCO. Aditya and Zoya come out the moment Sakshi leaves.

Aditya asks Zoya what she spoke to her father; she told him that she doesn’t want to marry. Aditya asks her she must be wondering why he is, again and again, asking her such questions. He tells her now is the time he will tell her the truth.

She tells him that she knows that he is very concerned for her as he is her best friend and they are meant for each other. She tells him that this is what she was trying to tell her father but he didn’t understand. She tells him that Arshad has given two weeks for them to know each other and she has said yes to it. Aditya is shocked to hear it and she runs into the house.

Aditya tells Noor and Arjun about it. Arjun tells him before it too late to tell his feelings to Zoya. Arjun tells his brother that Arshad can never become Aditya for her. Go and snatch your Zoya out of Arshad’s hands! Aditya repeats his words. You are right. It’s time for action! I will fight for my love!

Kundali Bhagya: Manisha Takes Karan Into Her Room

The episode starts with Sherlyn asking Prithvi what he is doing. He answers that he not doing anything and Karan will now be finished, she asks about Preeta and he tells her not to suspect him. Prithvi goes to the reporters and tells him about Karan asking them to make news, Sherlyn says that she seriously doubts him and will now keep an eye on him.

Prithvi is trying to tell the media people that there is news about Karan but they refuse to listen to it, saying that Karan is a very nice human being. They leave.

Manisha is with Karan who is unconscious and she makes a call to Prithvi who is with Sherlyn, Prithvi tells her not to take his name and Karan is very smart, she tells him to call media, he tells her not to teach him what to do.

Sherlyn asks Prithvi about the update. He says that their plan is half complete and the other half will be completed shortly. She calls the police to attempt to trap Karan in their plan.

Manisha takes Karan to her room, which is very difficult; Preeta thinks that something is very wrong as Karan doesn’t drink so much. She says that the girl was pulling him and taking him, He didn’t want to go.

Manisha decides to put Karan on the bed and after that she will close the door, Preeta wonders what she will tell Prithvi who would be waiting for her, she sees that the door is open and walks towards it.

Prithvi calls the police and tells them that Karan is doing something bad with a girl and to come here and arrest him.

He says that the police will be there shortly and then everyone will rush towards them to ask them about the matter. After that, Karan’s self-respect will be like a sand grain, and he will be not able to stand with anyone that is close to him. Sherlyn says that they will now win and no one will be able to challenge them.

Manisha starts to talk with Karan, saying that he was not made for some ordinary girl, and now she will make herself famous, Manisha then makes him lie correctly on the bed. Preeta sees Karan and Manisha together.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Param Tries to Kidnap Pihu

The episode starts with Raman saying Param has done all this and made Simmi do wrong things, it’s not her fault. The inspector says that good she realised her mistake, but we will have to arrest her as she was also at fault. She says she is ready to bear the consequences.

Raman tells her that she realised her mistake and that’s only enough, and he has applied for a bail. Riya tells Pihu to come with her in the bus but she says that she won’t come as Ruhi is coming to pick her up.

Simmi asks for forgiveness from Ramana and Ishita. She tells them that she is very bad. They tell her that they have forgiven her and she should come home along with them. Ishita is worried as Pihu has not come home; she is trying to contact Saniyal but is unable to. Saniyal tells Pihu that her family will come and pick her up so she should wait for some time.

The landline rings and Saniyal tells Raman that they didn’t come to pick her up; he tells her that she told that they will drop Pihu. He says that he is coming to pick her up. Param cuts the phone line.

Raman tells that Saniyal said that she didn’t come, Ruhi she says she spoke to them, Ishita says the phone came from a private number, they get worried. Simmi suspects Param’s hand in it and she says he is doing all this to take revenge from me even I am coming.

Mani and Shagun are preparing for a charity event. When some men come there and are dressed like clowns and jugglers. One more man comes and says that his costume is missing, he doubts that may be the person he met at a birthday party stole it. Shagun tells him not to worry they will hire him a costume.

The man whose costume is stolen sees Param in those pictures and tells them that he’s the person who stole his costume. Mani and Shagun get shocked to learn that Param stole his costume.

Ishq Subhan Allah: Zara Disappointed With Kabir

The episode starts with Zara coming to Salma’s house, she hugs her and makes her sit down. Zara asks Salma what how should a wife and husband’s relationship be. Salma says that the husbands goes out and works hard and the wife takes care of the house making it a home.

Zara gets a call from Abida, and she says that Wasim is troubling you, I am coming. She tells Kabir about he tells her not to go but she refuses to listen to him.

Miraj calls Kabir and tells him that to keep his wife in control, or else he will bring problems in his life and keeps the phone.

Miraj tells Nilofar that she needs to send Kabir to Abida’s house and then he will get angry on Zara and give her the second divorce. Nilofar convinces Kabir to go to Abida’s house.

Zara comes to Abida’s house and looks around; she sees some envelopes there and sees the marriage invitation of Abida and Qasim.

Kabir comes to Abida’s house and Zara tells him that if he had listened to her then Wasim wouldn’t have forced Abida to get married. He tells her that he will handle this matter and not to worry.

Zara asks Kabir to promise to stop Abida’s halala nikah. Kabir promises her and asks her to go home, Zara smiles and leaves.

Wasim threatens Abida that if she doesn’t marry Qasim he will harm her daughter, and then Abida sings the paper and gets married to Qasim. Kabir comes there and asks Abida if this marriage was done forcefully she says no she has done with her own wish.

Zara calls Kabir and asks him what is happening there and did he stop the marriage? Kabir tells her that Abida’s nikah halala happened, Zara is shocked and says that injustice has happened I am ashamed of myself.

Kabir comes home, he asks where is Zara his mom tells him that she is gone to her father’s house. Zara comes to Abida and tells her that she knows Wasim made her marry forcefully and he doesn’t have to give the expenses of her, she tells her to come and give her statement she will fight for her, by her one statement so many girls’ lives can be changed.

Zara comes and tells Irfan and Salma that she failed in giving justice to Abida and that’s only because of Kabir, she tells Irfan to help her out, he says what is under the law I can’t change it. He tells her we need proof against them to win the case.

Irfan says you are going against Kabir by doing this. Irfan says to Zara that God forbid even if Abida gives statement and even then you can’t prove your case the will you do? Zara says what’s wrong is wrong and God will prove it, I have faith in him, she leaves.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: News of Kunal’s Accident Brings Nandini to Him

The episode starts with Dida asking Nandini to request Kunal stay back at home. But Nandini avoids the questions and leaves. Kunal then leaves wondering that he just wants someone to take care of him. As he sits in his car he notices Nandini standing at the window.

Dida and Mamma are watching the news when there is news of a bridge collapse and an accident near Kunal’s hospital. Everyone is very worried for Kunal, Nandini tries to call Mauli but all in vain, as Mauli is busy in OT. Pramila recognizes Kunal’s car among the ones crashed. Nandini curses herself for not stopping Kunal. She hurries out of the house and takes an auto.

Mauli comes out of the OT and also watches the news and gets worried, Nandini reaches the spot where the accident has taken place. She sees dead bodies and the injured being carried, she is shattered. But then Kunal calls her from the back and she turns around at once and runs to hug Kunal tightly. Kunal was about to place his hands on her back but prevents himself.

He holds Nandini away from himself and assures that he is fine, Nandini withdraws herself from Kunal and runs away. Mauli reaches from behind the crowd; she runs to hug Kunal and caresses him. Kunal is left in a state of shock.

He assures Mauli that he is fine and he is not hurt anywhere. She hugs Kunal again but Kunal’s attention is on Nandini.

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