Leela to create trouble for Susheel amidst her muh-dikhai ceremony in Ikyawann

Mumbai: The wedding ceremony of Susheel (Prachi Tehlan) and Satya (Namish Taneja) has been full of twists and turns in Star Plus’ popular daily Ikyawann (Panorama Entertainment).

After crossing a lot of hurdles, Susheel and Satya are finally married and we hear that Susheel’s stay in Satya’s house is not going to be a cake walk for her.

The viewers will get to witness Susheel’s muh-dikhai ceremony in the coming episodes and twists are bound to happen when Leela (Kavita Vaid) is there to create troubles for Susheel.

Our source informs us that Leela will tear Susheel’s saaree before the muh-dikhai ceremony. Susheel will also act smart and save the moment from getting spoiled. She will attach another piece of cloth to the torn part of the saaree and attend her muh-dikhai ceremony.

Further, Leela will come up with another plan to embarrass Susheel in front of everyone. Knowing that Susheel is not skilled at cooking, Leela will ask her to cook food for everyone present in the ceremony.

What do you think about Prachi Tehlan and Ikyawann?

Will Susheel defeat Leela this time? How will she manage everyone? Only time will tell.

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