Pari agrees to marry Shekhar and informs her family in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta.

In Pavitra Rishta, Naren and Pari are not seeing each other. Pari hears Naren’s voice in the temple and goes in search of him. She doesn’t find him and thinks he hide from her. She goes home. Soham and Damodar dance on the song in the bar. He calls him Azoba. Damodar thinks he is friendly. Pari comes home and sees Shekhar and his family. She thinks they have come for the puja. Shekhar’s mom likes her for Shekhar. Pari says, she is not ready for marriage.

Naren and Ankita tell each other that they wish Pari and Shekhar get married. Shekhar asks Manav not to pressurize Pari to marry. Archana tells Pari that it is their responsibility to get her married as Arjun and Purvi are not there. Ankita asks her to forget Aman and start afresh with Shekhar. Pari thinks nobody can understand her and goes to her room. Neena thinks Pari will stay unmarried like Teju. Archana apologizes to Pari for calling Shekhar’s family without informing her and asks her to rethink about Shekhar. Naren and Ankita discuss about Shekhar and Pari.

Pari comes to Ankita’s house to give her shopping bag. She says sorry for her behavior. Pari says, she wanted to know why her boyfriend cheated her. Ankita asks her to find him. Pari leaves. Damodar talks to Savita about Pari. Savita says, we should change her thinking. Damodar murmurs a song. Manav remembers that Soham used to sing this song. Manav says, we shall check in bar.

Naren and Ankita discuss about having kids. Sunanda hears them and asks them to start a family as it will improve Naren’s condition. Manav and Damodar reach the bar. Damodar tells him about seeing a man wearing turban and beard. Manav thinks he is their our Soham. Pari thinks to have food with everyone.

Manav have an argument with Sachin. He tells him that Soham is his son like him and he wants him to be at home. Pari thinks about Ankita and Archana’s words. Shekhar comes to Pari’s house to take her signatures. He says that their professional life will not be effected with whatever happened yesterday. Pari agrees and signs on the papers. Sulochana is praying and falls down. Shekhar and Pari hold her and take her to the hospital.

Shekhar gets the medicines. Manav thanks him. Doctor informs them that Sulochana is suffering from nerve inflammation in her brain and needs surgery. Manav asks Archana to take care of her mother. Sonu informs Mansi and Shashank about Sulochana’s condition. Shashank gets a call that his parents building collapsed. Shekhar informs Ankita and Naren about Sulochana being in the hospital.

Neena asks Sachin to convince Pari to marry else her share will not come to them. Sachin gets angry. Pari decides to marry Shekhar and thinks to tell him about her past. Sonu informs Soham about Sulochana’s illness. Soham comes to the hospital indisguise of a ward boy and touches Sulochana’s feet. He prays for her recovery. Sulochana takes his name in sleep. Pari comes to Shekhar and says she is ready to marry him. She tells him about her past Aman. Shekhar happily accepts her. Pari thinks to inform her family.

Shekhar calls Naren and tells about Pari’s proposal. Naren gets happy for him. Ankita calls Pari and congrats her. Naren says, they will go to honeymoon together. Nurse informs Ankita that they can take Sulochana home. Pari comes there and informs them about her decision to marry Shekhar. They get happy. Shekhar comes. Sulochana blesses them and hugs Pari. Shashank brings his injured parents home. Mansi goes to get turmeric paste to apply on their wounds until the doctor comes.

Manav goes to Shekhar’s home. Shekhar’s mom gets happy on hearing that Pari agreed to be her bahu. She gives sweets to Manav and wants them to get engaged and married soon. Pari tells her family that she wants the marriage to be done in a simple way. Archana thinks to call Ankita for help in shopping. Pia informs the family that she has been hired by a five star company as a chef and has to join tomorrow. Pari gets happy for Pia.

Shashank’s father asks him to read the newspaper which he reads. Mansi gets cold treatment from her mom in law. Ankita and Pari go on a shopping and eats road side Pani puri. Shashank apologizes to Mansi for his mom’s behavior. Mansi says she is lucky to have them and misses Soham. Shashank says, he will call him. Soham gets vada pav for his kids. They ask whether the money is stolen. Soham feels ashamed and thinks to earn money. Keep reading.

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