Raghu stops Sumitra from wiping Shivani’s vermillion in Zee TV’s Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se.

Last week, Raghu had a brush with death when he was travelling back home. All family members believe that Raghu is dead and brings the dead body having Raghu’s belongings. Shivani couldn’t believe that Raghu is no more. Lata gets shattered with the arrival of dead body. Baburaam informs Lata about the bus getting burnt in an accident. Shivani says, she can identity Raghu and he is not Raghu. Rupesh gives the news about Raghu’s death to Renuka Aunty who gets happy.

Shivani prays to God and requests to send Raghu to her else she will die. Bella consoles her. Shivani is firm that Raghu is alive and promises to bring him back. Renuka and Mahima celebrate Raghu’s death with a champagne. Jazz comes and throws the champagne glasses. He tells them to have some shame. Rupesh tells Lata that they shall take Raghu for the final rites. Baburaam asks Lata to let Raghu go. Lata cries badly. Neighbours asks Shivani to break her bangles and removes the mangalsutra. Sumitra holds Shivani and tells her that Raghu is dead and breaks her bangles.

Sumitra tries to wipe Shivani’s sindoor, just then Raghu comes and holds Sumitra’s hand stopping her. Everyone feel happy to see Raghu alive. Shivani hugs him happily. Shivani says, she believed that he will come back. Lata gets emotional to see her son. Baburaam talks emotionally. Raghu hugs him. Raghu tells them that he got saved by fate. He tells them that his baggage was stolen by a thief when he went to the washroom to freshen up. Vivek says, he is happy that Raghu is back.

Raghu slaps him and says he is ashamed of him. Raghu tells Lata that Vivek is involved in fake drug racket, killing a girl. He says, he wanted him to do the same thing, but he refused. Vivek accepts his crime and apologizes to Lata. Raghu drags Vivek out of the house. Maya pleads with him. Lata asks Raghu not to send Vivek to Jail. Raghu agrees on Lata’s insistence and determines to help the dead girl’s parents. Lata tells Shivani that she doesn’t know what went wrong on Vivek’s upbringing.

Lata apologizes to Shivani. Shivani hugs her. Sumitra sees them together. Vivek tells Maya that he went to jail because of doing the crime. Maya says, she is okay with the salary. Shivani tells Raghu that she felt bad with whatever happened and says she cannot live without him. Karan comes there and praises Raghu for benefitting his company profits. Gini comes holding the water glass. He drinks it and leaves. Gini dreams to marry Karan.

Raghu tells Shivani that he doesn’t love her. He tells her that their worlds are poles apart. Shivani says, she loves him very much and can die for him. Raghu asks her to accept the fact. Shivani questions Raghu about stopping Sumitra from wiping her sindoor. Raghu says, that’s because he cares for her. Raghu tries to break her mangalsutra and gets hurt. Shivani fills her maang with Raghu’s blood and asks him to wipe it off. Raghu thinks to clear her misunderstanding. Sumitra brings taweez for Raghu and ties it. Shivani feels bad. Raghu tells Sumitra that Shivani is not his wife but a boss. Sumitra hugs him. Raghu promises to marry her. Shivani cries. Bella tells her that Raghu loves only her and asks her to take lunch for Raghu. Shivani goes to Raghu’s office with tiffin box. Shivani comes to his office and sees Sumitra feeding Raghu with her hand. She gets shocked and drops the tiffin box.

Raghu goes after Shivani and finds her on terrace. Shivani says she will jump. Raghu asks her to come down. She says, she got hurt being his wife. She lost balance and falls. Karan saves her. Karan asks what is the matter? Raghu tells Karan about their marriage and Maliksaa’s promise. He tells him about finding a groom for her and says it is you. Karan is speechless. Karan says, how can he think like that. Raghu tells him that he can’t think of shivani as his wife. He thinks to agree Shivani.

Jazz gives the good news to Mahima about Raghu safe return. Mahima gets shocked. Shivani comes home crying. Raghu calls her and says he wants to start a new relationship with her. He calls her to some hotel. Shivani notes the address and thinks he called her on a date. Shivani tells Bella about Raghu calling her on a date. Bella asks her to go and gets ready. Sumitra gets angry and calls Raghu. Raghu is busy and disconnects the call.

Sumitra locks Shivani’s cupboard so that she couldn’t go on the date. Shivani tells Bella that her keys are lost. What will Shivani do now. Keep reading.

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