Tinaa Dattaa would want to celebrate her birthday by going back to school

MUMBAI: As the gorgeous Tinaa Datta of Uttran fame celebrates her birthday today, we got in touch with her and had a quick Q and A with her. Read below :

How do you intend to celebrate your birthday this year?

I don’t intend to celebrate it as I would be working so it will be a working birthday for me. I would love a working birthday. On my birthday I go to a temple and worship God and offer some sweets and that’s it.

By far which birthday has been a memorable one for you?

My childhood birthday when I distributed toffies to my school friends, cut a birthday cake with them and celebrate it at home, where my mother used to cook food for us.

Another memorable one is when my dad gift for me.

and other when somebody threw a yacht party for me

What gift are you planning to give yourself?

I think I have already received the best gift as the lead in the serial Daayan. So I don’t think that you can’t expect any better gift than this.

A gift that you wish to gift yourself and haven’t gifted yet?

I think I want to gift myself an expensive Porsche car.

Age is just a number. What are your views on it?

I believe that age doesn’t matter. all that matter is how old are you from your heart. I still feel like sixteen. My mother also tells me that I still behave like a child as I still like Hello Kitty stuff and all.
I think we all feel young at heart in life.

If you had a chance for a “do-over” in life, what would you do differently?

I just wish that I could go back to my school life and enjoy with my friends as school life is the best life.

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