Aaliya pushes Bulbul in the swimming pool after her roka’s ceremony in Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya.

In Kumkum Bhagya, Bulbul’s engagement function starts. Bulbul getting ready in a beautiful dress for her roka. Purab enters room. Bulbul thinks it is Pragya and asks to help her wear jewelry. Purab helps her dorn jewelry and touches her romantically. Bulbul turns back and sees Purab there. Purab and Bulbul’s roka start with everyone blessing them. Purab’s cousin and aunt congratulate Abhi and ask how did this miracle happened. Purab says it is all because of Abhi. Purab tries to send her a message asking her to meet at the pool side but before reaching her, the message reaches Tanu and Bulbul. Tanu tries to brainwash Bulbul into stopping the marriage.

Bulbul goes near the swimming pool and waits for Purab to come. She sees something falling in swimming pool and goes near it to check. Someone pushes her in swimming pool. Bulbul cries and struggles to get out of water as she doesn’t know swimming. She calls for help. Pragya goes near poolside and sees Bulbul drowing in swimming pool. She calls for help, but nobody is around. She takes floating tube and jumps in water. She gives tube to Bulbul, but tube flows far away.

Pragya drowns herself. Abhi comes there thinking of meeting Tanu and romancing her. He sees Pragya drowning and thinks she is joking with him. He then he realizes that they are actually fell inside. He jumps into the pool to save them. Purab too reaches there and helps them. Bulbul tells everyone that she was pushed by someone. Purab sees Tanu listening to them from a distance. He suspects Tanu’s involvement and informs Pragya about it. Tanu goes to her room and accuses Aaliya for pushing Bulbul into the pool.

Aaliya accepts to have done it and says that she is upset that Bulbul had not drowned. She says she hid her emotions with difficulty and will never let Purab and Bulbul unite. She says she planned instead of being an enemy, she can get her plan executed acting as a friend, she will use Pragya in her favor and separate Bulbul and Pragya and also make Abhi hate Pragya. Tanu hugs her and says she is glad that she has not changed and says let us celebrate.

Pragya tells Aaliya that Tanu pushed Bulbul into pool. She confronts Tanu in front of Aaliya. Tanu says she did not and asks what proof she has. Aaliya starts acting and asks Tanu being her friend how can she harm Bulbul when she does not have any problem with Bulbul and Purab’s marriage. Aaliya acts innocent and scolds Tanu in front of Pragya. Tanu asks her to call police so that the truth can come out. Pragya asks her to stop shouting and says again if they call police, Abhi’s reputation will be spoilt. Pragya forgives Tanu. Purab drops Bulbul home and the two of them get a bit emotional.

Abhi catches cold and Pragya tries to make him drink kada so that he gets better. She forcefully puts nose drops in his nose to make him feel better. Abhi then calls Tanu, but she doesn’t talk to him being angry. Abhi gets angry too and shouts at Pragya asking her to maintain some distance. Abhi gets tensed when he learns that his designer suit does not fit perfectly and wants it to be altered immediately. Bulbul asks Pragya to alter the suit as the designer is not available.

Tanu tells Bulbul that she loves Abhi immensely and will not let her sister Pragya get him. Bulbul smiles and says Pragya has started loving Abhi and even he loves her. Tanu gets annoyed. Bulbul confidently tells her that her sister will win Abhi’s heart. Tanu gets worried though. Pragya stitches Abhi’s designer coat and gives it to him for wearing. Abhi comes down and jokes with daasi that pragya must have brought another blazer. Daasi says she herself saw her stitching. He tries blazer and comes down. Everyone are surprised to see torn blazer. Tanu comes there and reminisces cutting blazer once Pragya goes out. Pragya thinks she has let Abhi down.

Tanu gives a cunning smile as she had torn the coat to create a rift between Abhi and Pragya. Mittali tries to speak to her husband Raj about getting him bailed out of the prison, but Raj does not want to leave the prison as a culprit and wishes to get bailed after he is proven innocent. Tanu apologizes Abhi for making his life more stressful and says he is already stressed because of Pragya. She says it is her birthday tomorrow. He says he will celebrate her birthday at his home tomorrow and asks her to cut call as Pragya is coming.

Aaliya decides to bring Abhi close to Tanu and that’s why decides to celebrate Tanu’s birthday in her house. She takes Pragya’s permission. Pragya sees Bulbul angry on Tanu and asks her to calm down as it is Tanu’s birthday today. Bulbul says Tanu tore Abhi’s blazer and she herself accepted it and told she will separate her and Abhi and remarry him. Pragya says she will teach Tanu a lesson. Tanu tells Aaliya that she will create such a situation in front of Abhi that he himself will happily marry her and divorce Pragya.Tanu walks down the stairs. Aaliya asks Abhi to go and receive Tanu as she is sad. Abhi looks at Daadi.

Aaliya requests Dadi and she permits. Abhi happily goes to receive Tanu. Abhi wishes happy birthday to Tanu, holds her hand and takes her to the cake venue. Aaliya hugs her, wishes happy birthday and asks to come and cut cake. Bulbul steps on her gown from behind. Tanu try to walk forcefully. Bulbul steps up and Tanu runs and falls on cake smearing her face. Everyone start laughing. Tanu gets upset and goes to her room. Abhi gets angry. Bulbul asks Pragya to relax as Tanu has lost her promise. She suggests to go and propose Abhi today to complete her next challenge. Keep reading.

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