Shayl approves Rachna and Kabir’s alliance in Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke.

In Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke, Dayal and Shayl come to know that Rachna is with Kabir and they get worried. Rachna’s phone battery goes dead. She says the battery of her phone went dead, but it is ok Gunjan must have known that she is with him, and must be fine. Kabir looks at her in shock. Seema says he is a cheat, they can’t trust him. Mayank says it is all because of that Kabir Tripati, he won’t leave him once he comes to his front. Rachna is happy to have Kabir at her side. They go towards a hotel. Later Rachna comes to know that Kabir has left her alone in the hotel and has gone away. Rachna feels bad, but just then she notices Kabir and hugs him. Kabir remembers Shayl’s promise. He separates her from himself, she wipes her tears.

Kabir tells her that he will be sleeping in the car, and asks her to rest on the bed. Rachna agrees. Later the receptionist deneid to give them room and gives room to some one else. They are forced to stay at some other place given to them by the hotel staff. Dayal and Shayl decide to take the help of the police and goes to the police station. The Inspector tells them that they does not have any reason to suspect Kabir and doesn’t file any case. He says she is with him with her own will, they are both adult as well.

Gunjan says Kabir isn’t a bad man, she must not be worried. Shayl scolds Gunjan that it is because of her that police didn’t make a report. Gunjan tells that Kabir should be given a chance and says it is their destiny. Shayl asks Gunjan if she is in her senses, that Rachna and Kabir may be given time for being together. Shayl says she won’t let it happen. Kabir and Rachna go to a shed to spend a night. Rachna seems to find it okay and lies down to sleep on the ground. Kabir sees Rachna shivering and he asks her to take a sip of wine to keep her warm. Rachna drinks more wine and gets completely drunk. She starts to dance and goes on to express her love for Kabir. She shouts I love you Kabir.

Kabir takes hold of her as she fell on his chest. He takes her in his arms and stares at her face. She holds his hand, while sleeping. Next morning Rachna tries to hug Kabir, but Kabir does not reciprocate her. Rachna gets surprised. Rachna says to herself, that she heard Kabir’s heart beating for herself then why he is hiding the love. She says she will make him confess her love from him, this time.

Rachna and Kabir are on their way back and and are silent. Kabir is thinking about Rachna and the promise he had made to Shayl to go away from Rachna’s life. Rachna asks the reason for Kabir’s ignorant behaviour towards her. She asks why he is doing so, and behaving like strangers, they were both going to marry and they both still love each other. She expresses her love for him. Rachna decides to not go home, but Kabir asks her to go home as it is his responsibility to leave her home safely. They reach home.

Shayl angrily comes to him, and says he has no shame. Rachna speaks up as she is unable to take his insult and talk against her parents. Shayl is shocked that their daughter has gone against them. Rachna runs to her room cryingly. Kabir says it is nothing like they people are thinking, he just came to drop Rachna safe here. Shayl says he played with their daughter and they can never forgive him for this. Rachna doesn’t need him, he must leave. Kabir walks out and cries.

Rachna is sad. Shayl comes in with Gunjan and asks is she alright. Rachna was quiet, she denies eating anything. Shayl says she doesn’t care about what her mother says now. Rachna says she has such hatred for Kabir in heart, that she doesn’t see her daughter’s pain. Gunjan comes and reminds her that she too has not eaten her food. Rachna have the food for her sake considering Gunjan’s pregnancy. Dayal asks Shayl if she really think they must do it. Shayl says there is no other way than this. She comes with some plan. Kabir comes to Rachna’s home. Dayal tells that Kabir is there to speak his relationship with Rachna. Rachna gets happy.

Mayank refuses to trust Kabir. Mayank says to Rachna that Kabir isnt ever going to get change why she believes her. Kabir says he has given pain to his sister but he will get her rid of all her pains. Shayl says they doesn’t want Rachna doesn’t get in pain. They accept him. Rachna says that after much struggle they again met. This time she won’t let anything go wrong. She says I love you Kabir. Kabir hugs back saying I love you too, please forgive me for what I did. Mayank and Gunjan visit Pihu’s house and invite Murli and his parents for his daughter’s annaprashan/ first grain feeding.

Shayl agrees for Rachna and Kabir alliance. Rachna gets extremely happy. She is unaware of the real intentions of Shayl. Pihu comes without her husband Murali and her in-laws. The next day everyone gives gifts to Khushi. The ladies say she is just like her father, her eyes are so beautiful. A lady asks Peehu to get a brother for this little girl. Mayank tells Gunjan that her daughter will also be cute like this, she will be like him. Rachna waits for Kabir on the terrace. Kabir comes inside. Mayank was still in bad mood. Rachna asks why he didn’t wear green dress. Kabir says something fell on his dress at the last moment.

Gunjan comes to know the problems of Pihu with her inlaws. She tells her that she called Murli from her phone, when Pihu had left her phone on the desk. Her mother in law talked on phone and Gunjan was shocked to hear all the truth. She tells everyone that Pihu has been asked to leave the house by her inlaws for giving birth to a girl child. Pihu tells them that since she cannot give birth to any more children and cries. She is facing the rude behaviour of her husband and her inlaws. Dayal asks Pihu not to worry Peehu hugs him. Gunjan and Mayank come to Murli. Murli makes excuse as he couldn’t attend Annaprashan. They try to explain to him. Gunjan asks him to fulfill his responsibilities and get some rights for his wife and his daughter. Keep reading.

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