Sid gets shocked seeing Rajveer as Kritika’s to be groom and beats him in Zee TV”s Jamai Raja.

In Jamai Raja, Rajveer manages to prove himself innocent and proves Sid wrong. Mona feels that Rajveer has been humiliated and once again decides to leave the house along with Rajveer and Samaira. Sid feels bad that his plan to bring Rajveer’s truth has failed. DD asks Sid to apologize to Mona. Mona asks him to apologize to Rajveer instead. Sid apologizes and requests him not to go. Rajveer says it is okay. Sid thinks that he doesn’t want the family to break up. Sid says DD that he wants to go to factory today. She asks why factory and says she knows he wants to unite family, but should not do anything that harms family. Later in the night, Rajveer proudly shows off his true colour infront of Sid. Sid gets tensed and feels miserable as he couldn’t expose him.

Roshni asks Sid to forget everything. Sid sees Rajveer phone ringing and picks the call. He hears Gafoor on the call. Ghafoor asks to send his money, else he will expose him. Sid SMSes that he cannot pick call as police is investigating and asks him also to come back to India. Ghafoor asks his servant to pack bags to go back to India. Sid thinks he will expose Sid soon.

Rajveer sees Gafoor’s messages on his phone and gets shocked. Simran meets Kritika’s boyfriend meets at her house. He leaves before Raj comes home. Simran calls Roshni and asks her to join her for shopping, but Roshni refuses saying she has to get Phatka discharged from the hospital. Simran feels bad as Roshni refuses. Kritika thinks to create differences between Simran and Roshni and instigates Simran against Roshni. Roshni picks Phatka from hospital. DD comes there to pick them. Phatka requests her to get her icecream. She agrees. They enjoy icecream and snacks.

Simran and Kritika sees them enjoying. The preparation for Kritika’s wedding start on a full swing. Sid comes to his house and tells Simran that he will soon come to stay with them along with Roshni. She gets happy. Raj says Sid that he is proud of him that he gained his mother-in-law DD’s confidence. Sid gives him DD’s mortgage papers and asks him to keep it in his locker. Simran comes there and Raj gives her DD’s mortgage papers and asks her to keep in locker. Roshini calls Simran and speaks badly about Kritika. Simran gets irked. Rajveer gets nervous thinking about meeting Ghafoor. He gets his SMS asking to meet at 7 a.m. Sid comes there, checks his SMS and thinks Rajveer is believing Ghafoor is SMSing him, but it is him instead.

Ghafoor meets Rajveer and asks why did he call him from Dubai so urgently. Rajveer says he did not. Ghafoor says someone is playing game with them and wanted them to meet. Rajveer asks him to go back to Dubai soon. Sid records their conversation and decides to use this as a proof against Rajveer. Everyone plan DD’s birthday party. Roshni makes all the arrangements. DD gets emotional when she learns that Roshni had herself prepared the cake for her. Roshni gives her pendant gift with her childhood pic with DD. DD gets very happy. Sid tries to show the video to DD, but she gets busy. Rajveer meets Sid and reminds him about his sister’s wedding today. Sid wonders how did he know about Kritika’s wedding. He rushes to the wedding venue of Kritika.

Simran asks him to wear sherwani. Bridegroom enters wearing sehra. Simran happily performs aarti on him, welcomes in Khurana family, and asks to show his face. He shows his face. Sid and Raj are shocked to see Rajveer as groom. Sid gets angry and beats Rajveer. Simran and Kritika get shocked. Sid tells everyone that Rajveer is a fraud and a married man. Rajveer shows the divorce paper and tells everyone that he has divorced Samaira. Sid gets shocked and checks papers. He tells Simran that he does not know how he arranged divorce papers as Samira has not divorced him. Rajveer says Sid is big fraud instead as he is staying in DD’s house as Sidharth Kukreja. He says he was there in DD’s home till yesterday night.

Rajveer blames Sid and shouts at him for trying to ruin Kritika’s marriage. DD arranges lunch table and asks Simran about Sid. She asks Bablu to bring Sid as she is throwing party for him. Rajveer SMSes his goons to come and kidnap him. Raj says he will call commissioner and get Rajveer arrested. Rajveer’s goons come just then and kidnap him, saying DD sent them to kidnap Rajveer as he betrayed Samaira. Krutika cuts her wrists and falls on floor unconscious. Sid follows the goons, manages to nab one of the goon and ask him who has sent him. He takes DD’s name. Sid gets shocked and couldn’t believe. Kritika tries to commit suicide after Sid stops Rajveer from marrying her. Simran gets shocked and thinks to go against Raj and Sid.

Sid sees Kritika lying unconscious on the floor with blood around her. He immediately rushes her to the hospital. Kritika is rushed inside the operation theatre. Nurse comes and asks them to arrange blood. Sid says he will give blood and tells Simran that he will not let his sister happen anything. Doctor says Raj that Krutika is murmuring Rajveer’s name and they have to get Rajveer to make her condition better. Simran says she will get Rajveer.

Sid tries to convince Simran that Rajveer is a fraud. Raj believes him. Simran gets angry and tells him that DD is the reason for the problems in her family. DD is completely unaware of the happenings and plans to get Roshini remarry Sid again infront infront of her. She starts the arrangements for the marriage. The Doctor informs Simran that Kritika is recovering, but they can’t save her unborn baby. Simran gets shocked and sad. Rajveer comes to the hospital acting as being injured and beaten by DD’s goons and asks Simran to save him from DD as she will kill Krutika and him. Simran says she will not let DD play with her family and will play with her instead now. Sid gets irked, beats Rajveer him till he bleeds. Keep reading.

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