Abhi and Pragya are getting closer and shares some romantic moments in Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya.

In Kumkum Bhagya, New year party begins at Abhi’s house and everyone enjoy the party with full enthusiasm. Neetu continues to chase Abhi. Abhi tries to run from her, but she hugs him and does not leave him. He calls Pragya, but she acts as not listening. He runs from there and stands next to Pragya. Pragya teases him. He drags Pragya to the corner and asks why is she forcing him to be with his fan. She says he wanted to be with fan and felt she is very hot, so she is helping him instead. Suresh arrives at the party and wishes Pragya a happy new year. Abhi is about to tell everyone about his lady love’s name and is about to take Tanu’s name, but sees Da di coming there and takes Pragya’s name. Pragya is surprised. Even Sarla, Dadi and everyone present get happy except Tanu. He also goes on to announce Bulbul’s marriage with Purab in front of all the guests. Aaliya gets sad.

Suresh seems to be shocked after hearing about Bulbul’s marriage announcement with Purab. Suresh talks to Rachna and tells her about it. Rachna says Suresh that he is not a loser and will get a better girl. Tanu decides to take advantage of this situation and makes him drink wine. After a while Suresh gets inebriated and confesses his love for Bulbul infront of everyone. He asks her to marry him instead of Purab. He holds Bulbul’s hand and tells her that he is better than Purab. Bulbul tries to free her hand from Suresh’s grip. Pragya asks Suresh to leave Bulbul’s hand, but he doesn’t comply.

Sarla comes and asks him to leave Bulbul hand. He says if he leave, she will be married. Sarla slaps her and asks how dare he to hold Bulbul’s hand. He says he loves Bulbul, so he held her hand. Pragya explains to him that Bulbul loves Purab. Suresh doesn’t believes her and continues to tell about his love. Pragya gets angry and shouts at him. She then calms down and explains to him that no one will happy if marries against wish. Bulbul asks him to stop his rubbish. He says he is not talking rubbish and is sensible. Purab says if Bulbul would have loved him, he himself would have got her married. Purab says the truth is that Bulbul loves him. Suresh says the truth is that he loves Bulbul and why no one is accepting that truth. Suresh gets unconscious after sometime.

Rachna apologizes Pragya for Suresh’s misbehavior in her party and asks why did she call him when she knew about Purab and Bulbul’s marriage announcement. Pragya says Abhi invited him. Abhi reminds Pragya of the challenge to propose him. Pragya gets shy, but later on proposes him romantically. She hesitantly tells a romantic poem. He gets impressed and subconsciously comes near her. They both romantically look at each other. Abhi praises her and says it is unbelievable, she can be so romantic. Pragya asks Abhi for the gift as she proposed him and won the challenge. Abhi calls her by another fully nickname other than Chashmish and also shows her one of her childhood photos. They spend some romantic moments. Purab decides to surprise Bulbul and invites Abhi and Pragya. Abhi asks Pragya to get ready for shopping. She says she will not come. She agrees.

They visit a showroom along with Bulbul and Purab. Abhi and Pragya fight in a boutique over a petty issue. Abhi calls her fuggi and she angrily starts fighting. Bulbul and Purab get worried for them and plan to unite them. Tanu hears their plan. Bulbul sends Abhi and Pragya into the same trial room. They are unaware of each other’s presence in the trial room and gets shocked seeing each other. The crowd gathers outside the trial room because of Tanu. The crowd asks the guard to break open the door of the trial room. He breaks the door. They see Abhi and Pragya coming out from there. They taunt them. Abhi says Pragya is his wife and they should be ashamed to badmouth about his wife. Purab and Bulbul smile hearing Abhi taking Pragya’s side while Tanu is not pleased.

Pragya feels great as Abhi acknowledge her as his wife infront of the people. She couldn’t stop smiling. Abhi then calls Pragya as Fuggi (balloon) and leaves. Pragya gets shy and goes in changing room. The arrangements for Bulbul’s marriage goes on full swing at Abhi’s home. Abhi’s daadi reaches Sarla’s home. Pragya’s daadi asks why did she take so much stress. Abhi comes home and sees Daasi busy decorating house for Bulbul’s roka. He says he does not want roka at his home now. Daasi asks why.

He says he has booked a hotel and has planned a pool side party for roka. Everyone get surprised. Pragya sees Abhi holding his head due to headache and asks if he had tablet. He says he does not want to have tablet. She says she will do something else and oil massages his head. Abhi and whole family come to the hotel for Bulbul’s poolside Roka. Pragya goes near swimming pool and gets afraid seeing water. She hugs Abhi and asks him to save her. He says he will get her fear of water out, sleeps in floor and asks also her to sleep next to him and touch water. He gets up and starts splashing water on her. Keep reading.

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