Satrangee Sasural

Satrangee Sasural Watch online Satrangi Sasural is an Indian comedy show broadcasting on Zee TV channel since 3 December 2014. The show is airing Mon-Fri at 10PM. The show is a remake of the popular Marathi television series Honar Sun Me Hya Gharchi which is aired on Zee Marathi.

In Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke, Bindiya convinces Vikram that he had spent previous night with her in a drunken state. She makes him feel guilty and acts as falling prey. Vikram decides to do what she wants to lower his guilt. Dayal asks him to choose a girl for marriage. He chooses Bindiya and tells all that he likes her. Dayal scolds him that she is a guest at their house what she will think. Bindiya says he proposed her yesterday night. They were all shocked. Bindiya says that the truth is that she likes him a lot too. Everyone is happy with this news and decide to go ahead with their marriage. Dayal congratulates him. Bindiya thinks she has got a lottery. She will lead a comfortable life now.

Rachna is sad about Kabir’s return in her life. Gunjan says there is no reason to question him. She must forget the past and find new goals. Rachna says she thought she will move on once, but she is unable to do so. She couldn’t even move a step forward. She will never forget Kabir. She can’t even hate him. Kabir hears this and was shocked. Shayl shouts at Rachna and tells her that Kabir doesn’t deserve her. She says that love isn’t one sided, one has to love the one who has something in his heart for you as well. Rachna cries.

She feels pain and decides to forgive Kabir. Gunjan argues that they all haven’t forgiven him as he did so wrong. Rachna tries to talk to him, but Kabir pretends not to bother about her. Shayl and Dayal decide to send Rachna far from the city to make her forget Kabir. They inform Rachna about their decision. Rachna agrees and gets ready to leave the house. Gunjan says they must let Rachna and Kabir meet, so that they can end all this. Peehu talks to Murli and requests him to come here. She says she can’t tell them all about it. Kabir decides to meet Rachna and apologize. He gets a bouquet of roses for her. He comes to Rachna’s house and requests her to forgive him. He asks them to hear him for once, though whatever he did was all wrong. Mayank holds his fist at him, to speak Rachna’s name. Shayl and Dayal get angry on him and ask him to leave. They say that they can’t trust him again.

Kabir says he can’t change his past but can make his future better. He folds his hands and says he needs one more chance and wants to marry Rachna. They were all shocked. Dayal scolds Kabir and shouts what he thinks of his daughter. Shayl asks Kabir to leave Rachna if he wants her good. Shayl says she hopes he won’t break his promise this time. KT says don’t worry, if Rachna is happy this way then he will be happy as well. He comes to his house and cries. However Rachna is unable to forget Kabir and calls Gunjan. She asks Gunjan to check if Kabir is in his house. Gunjan lies to her on Shayl’s insistence. Gunjan says Kabir didn’t turn to their house for even once. Rachna says she can’t forget him and misses him so much.

Kabir thinks that he can never forget her. He keeps the photo in his bag and gets into the van. He looks at Rachna’s empty door and imagines Rachna crying, dressed in saree and calls him towards her. Murli says to Peehu that he can’t talk to his mother. Peehu cries that science has advanced. Inspite of doctors saying people get second children born to them. She insists, but Murli hangs on. Rachna is travelling in the train and the driver stops the car on the way. It was night and the phone battery was dead. Rachna asks how much time more is left, the driver says it will take one more hour. They were passing a desserted area.The driver informs her about a problem in the van and leaves her alone to find a solution.

She sees a car speeding in her direction and stopping right infront of the van. She sees Kabir stepping out of the car. Kabir appears in the van’s window, Rachna watches him. Kabir asks what she is doing here. Rachna asks you? He remembers Shayl’s promise. KT thinks it isn’t safe to leave Rachna alone here. He can’t even break Shayl’s promise. Rachna asks doesn’t he has to leave. KT thinks it isn’t safe to leave Rachna alone here. He can’t even break Shayl’s promise. Rachna asks doesn’t he has to leave. He says he will stay until the driver comes back.

Rachna goes to sit in her van, and was upset when Kabir turns to look at her. Kabir waits for the driver to arrive. Rachna says sorry and thank him. She holds his hand and says I love you Kabir, and you love me too. This meeting was written in our destiny. Kabir takes his hand away, saying it is meaningless. Just then, Gunjan calls Rachna and asks her where is she? Rachna informs her that she is with Kabir, but Gunjan does not hear her because of the slow internet. Shayl takes the phone from Gunjan’s hand and gets shocked when she hears Rachna saying that she is with Kabir. Shayl gets shocked. Keep reading.

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