Rajveer proves Kesar innocent and determines to expose Rajveer in Zee TV’s Jamai Raja.

In Jamai Raja, Sid and Roshini share a romantic evening together. Sid says DD trusted him for the first time and he cannot prove himself now. She cheers him. Sid at office sees DD busy preparing power of attorney. Sid goes hotel and meets Kesar. Kesar says he could not get info. Receptionist gives pan card of Ghafoor. He shows it to Kesar and Kesar tells how Ghafoor was trying to con DD and she got him arrested. Sid says they have to reach DD’s office right now. Sid tries to catch him and stand infront of his car, but he runs. Sid asks Kesar to call police and runs behind Ghafoor. Rajveer waits for DD to handover the power of attorney documents. She asks him to wait for 10 mins. However Sid manages to nab Gaffur and hand him over to the police. Rajveer insists DD to sign fast as he will miss flight. DD is about to give the power of attorney papers to Rajveer but just then Sid enters there and tears the papers.

Later, he explains to her that she was wrong to suspect Kesar behind the theft of her jewellery and also tells her about Gaffur. DD slaps Ghafoor and says because of him, she doubted her dear ones. Sid smiles at Kesar. DD regrets blaming Kesar for stealing the jewellery and apologizes to him. Kesar gets emotional and tells DD that her tears are weakening him. He tells DD that he considers her like his mom and asks her if she won’t give him one chance to stand on his feet. She agrees. DD blesses him for his new business. Sid worries that all is not well and that he needs to find out who is fooling them being one amongst the family members. Sid comes to jail and asks to meet Gafoor but finds that he has been released on bail. Sid is stunned and asks how the cops let him go. Sid is unaware that Rajveer bails Gafoor out. He notices Sid at the police station and gets shocked. Rajveer creates some commotion and tries to escape before Sid sees him.

DD and Nani discuss about Sid and DD shows faith on Sid. Sid visits Roshni’s NGO and celebrates Christmas with the unprivileged kids. The kids ask Roshini and Sid to kiss each other. Sid kisses Roshini on her cheeks shyly. Sid gets call from his associate who informs that he did what he told. Sid says now Ghafoor will tell who bailed him and he will easily identify him. DD calls ACP and asks how can he allow Ghafoor’s bail. ACP says he cannot stop his bail, but Ghafoor is under house arrest as DCP himself is taking care of his case and got pressure from higher ups.

Gafoor calls Rajveer and asks him to help him leave his house. Rajveer decides help Gafoor, but he is unaware that it was Sid’s plan to catch the person who has been helping him. Sid says Ghafoor’s rescuer will come there and he can easily find him out. Rajveer comes and takes him out of house and mingles with marriage baaraat crowd. Sid follows him. Ghafoor escapes in crowd. Both Sid and Rajveer start searching him. Later Sid gets shocked to find Rajveer behind the necklace theft and Gafoor’s associate.

Sid reminisces all the incidents till now where Rajveer was involved and thinks how could not he identify the betrayer, thinks he is a thug. Sid determines to expose him infront of family members. Simran tries to enquire about Krutika’s friends and comes to know that she has a boyfriend. Later she sees Krutika with someone who had saved her life a few days back. Roshini comes to the kitchen and sees the servant crying. She comes to know that Samaira had slapped old servant of the house and gets angry. She goes and slaps Samaira in front of everyone. Mona gets angry and threatens to leave the house along with her Samaira and Rajveer. DD asks Roshni to apologize Samaira. Roshni angrily apologizes to Samaira.

Sid thinks even he is going through same issue and will have to show Rajveer’s truth to everyone. Sid meets his dad and tells him about Rajveer. Raj says he is a fraud and is intelligent, they have to be very careful. Sid comes to IT office and enquires about RV company. The officer informs Rajveer about Sid inquiring about his company. Rajveer thinks before Sid can inform family, he should to something.

Rajveer comes home and angrily holds Sid’s collar asking why is he inquiring about him indirectly. Sid gets shocked. DD comes there and asks what is happening. Simran thinks to take Krutika along with them, but Raj decides against taking Krutika along with them. At a dinner venue, Roshni asks Sid if he needs baby boy or girl. He jokes that he has a girl whom he adopted some time ago whose name is Roshni. She laughs and says she needs a son like him and he says a daughter like her. Raj and Simran come there. Simran gives her gifts. Simran asks about NGO kids. Roshni calls kids. Simran distributes gifts to them. Krutika gets jealous even more seeing them happy. She thinks she will not let them stay in peace. Keep reading.

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