Abhi and Pragya take rounds/pheras again during lohri celebrations in Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya.

In Kumkum Bhagya, Bulbul tells Pragya to confess her feelings for Abhi. Pragya says she will not as she is happy the way it is going. Bulbul says she has to propose jiju in 2 days, else she will break engagement. Akash discusses with Abhi about client wanting to do business in old rates. Purab praises him that he learnt business so soon. Bulbul and Purab come to Pragya and say they have both decided not to get engaged until she proposes Abhi. Pragya says she will not. Purab says they tried to make her propose thrice, but she did not. Daasi comes and asks Pragya, if she gave Daadi’s medicines and says doctor is questioning. Doctor scolds Abhi for not taking care of Daadi well. Daadi says she is fine. Doctor says she is losing weight and it is not a good sign. Abhi says he would have taken care of Daadi. Aaliya blames Pragya. Abhi asks her to call Pragya.
Abhi scolds Pragya and asks how can you be so careless. Tanu and Aaliya smirk. He blames her for Dadi’s deteriorating condition due to her negligence in taking care of her. Pragya says she gave oats and non oily food to daadi and stopped her tea/coffee and instead gave juice, now Daadi’s leg swelling has gone down and she is climbing stairs herself without shortness of breath. Later the doctor checks the reports and praises Pragya for taking good care of Dad. Pragya scolds Abhi that without knowing the fact he scolds her always and continues. Daasi says Daadi that it is Pragya’s first lohri after marriage, so they will celebrate it lavishly. Daadi says yes. Bulbul says lohri is an auspicious day for the couples to express their love and she should not lose this chance. Aaliya says she will make Tanu perform lohri with Abhi. Tanu says she is getting excited.
Bulbul provokes Pragya to propose Abhi at any cost and says if she does not, Tanu will win her challenge. Pragya says she will. Pragya signs Abhi to put the kumkum on her forehead, but Abhi jokes with her. He sees her getting angry and puts the kumkum on her forehead. Abhi and Pragya come there. Daasi praises them as Sohni Mahiwal. Daadi asks them to give her a gift of Junior Abhi or Pragya by next year. They both get shy. They celebrate the the festival with Dadi. Pragya’s family too join in for the celebrations. Purab gets romantic with Bulbul, Aaliya gets jealous seeing them. Tanu gets a call from her mother informing her that they are in Mumbai. Tanu tells Aaliya that it is her plan to call her parents and force them to ask Abhi to marry her. Tanu says once her parents come she will perform pheras with Abhi along with Bulbul and Purab. Aaliya gets irked.
Dadi asks Abhi to perform pheras with Pragya in front of lohri. He gets annoyed. Bulbul tells Pragya to propose Abhi after pheras and if she is shy, she can take him away and propose. Abhi and Pragya light the Lohri. Abhi holds Pragya’s hand and performs pheras around lohri fire. Everyone claps for them. Pragya takes Abhi to the corner and says she wants to tell him something. She says she gets nervous seeing him. Tanu comes there and asks Abhi to come with her. Abhi says he will listen to Pragya first and then her. She drags Abhi from there. Tanu asks Abhi to speak to her parents. She says she wants him to take her to his house as her parents are coming there to talk about their marriage. Abhi is shocked. Bulbul scolds Pragya for not proposing Abhi yet and says if she does not, Tanu will take away Abhi.
Abhi meets them and informs about his marital status. Tanu lies to them saying Abhi is going to divorce her soon. Tanu’s mother questions Abhi about Pragya. He praises her saying she is down to earth, is a teacher, knows to handle situation, etc. Tanu’s mother expresses her wish to meet her. Aaliya comes there. Tanu’s dad asks her to bring Pragya. He thinks of taking Purab’s help, calls him and asks to come right now here. Aaliya says Tanu that she made a good plan, but it will fail as Pragya has Daadi’s support and will escape. Tanu says she is right. Sarla gets emotional seeing her daughters happy.
Tanu challenges Pragya that Abhi will soon divorce her and marry her. Purab asks her to go and propose Abhi right now. She thinks she will propose her right now. Bulbul meets Purab and tells that Daadi wants them to do pheras around lohri. Purab gets romantic. Bulbul kisses on his cheek and hugs him. Aaliya burns with jealousy. Abhi is stuck alone with Tanu’s mother and waits for Purab to get him out of the situation. He pretends to be waiting for Pragya and makes a fake phone call. Pragya comes there surprising Abhi and insists to talk to the clients/ Tanu’s parents. Abhi gets tensed. Pragya sits to talk to them. Keep reading.

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