Simran kicks DD and her family out of their house and snatches her property in Zee TV’s Jamai Raja.

In Jamai Raja, Roshni gets ready as a bride. DD tells that her daughter is looking beautiful beause her husband Sid loves her a lot. She apologizes to Roshni for insulting her in front of everyone and not being around her when she is needed. Roshni says she does not have to apologize and needs her blessings. She hugs her. DD repents for her past mistakes and is grateful for Sid who has brought her daughter closer to her. Sid is behind bars. Raj requests Inspector to release Sid as he hit Rajveer in anger. He tries to convince the Inspector that his son is not a thug and it is Rajveer who is a criminal. Rajveer says Sid wants to grab property alone and does not want to give anything to his step-sister Krutika. Sid gets angry and starts beating Rajveer again.
The Inspector tells Raj that he cannot let Sid free. Sid requests the Inspector to allow him to make important call. Simran gets worried seeing Krutika’s critical condition. Raj informs her that Sid did not get bail. Simran thinks to ruin DD’s life and meets her lawyer asking him to transfer 50% of company’s shares in Krutika’s name. Sid calls Roshni, but her phone is busy as she is calling him instead. Inspector releases Sid on Raj’s guarantee. He gets into a bus.
Simran comes there and asks to stop their drama. DD greets her in and calls Mrs. Kukreja. Simran says she is Mrs. Khurana, Khurana empire’s owner Raj Khurana’s wife. DD and Roshni are shocked. DD doesn’t believe her. Simran continues that she is Raj’s wife. She shocks DD and tells her that she brought her house and is the real owner of her house. Simran asks the lawyer to give DD legal papers. DD reads it and gets devastated. Roshni holds her. Sid is in auto. The Driver stops auto as Rajveer stands infront of the auto with an iron rod. Roshini gets shocked to hear that. Simran asks her to come with her, holding her hand. DD stops Roshini and calls her fraud.
Simran shouts at DD and tells her that Kritika is her daughter. Roshni reminisces Sid taking Krutika’s side. Sid asks Rajveer to leave him as he has to reach his family soon. Rajveer starts beating him. Simran accuses DD for kidnapping Kritika’s to be husband Rajveer. Samaira get shocked and couldn’t believe it. Simran shows them the divorce papers on which Rajveer had got Samaira’s signatures. DD and her family get shattered. Sid fights with Rajveer and defeats him. DD says all the allegations are false. Simran asks DD to vacate her house in 5 mins, else she will kick her out. Everyone are shocked.

DD tells Simran that she showed her true colours and her opinion against her that she is of low class and greedy even after earning much money is right. Simran gets irked and tries to slap DD, but DD holds her hand . DD says she worked hard to earn wealth and will earn it again. Simran asks Roshni to be with her, but Roshni refuses to leave her mother DD. She repents for trusting Simran once and thinking her as her mother. Roshni says her marriage was a big fraud and now she does not care about Sid or anyone. They leave. Naani says she does not believe Sid can do this, there must be some misunderstanding.
Sid reaches home and is surprised to see Simran there. She says she bought DD’s whole property and everything and brought her on floor. Sid gets shocked. He asks why did you do this? He asks who is this greedy woman standing in front of him who ruined her son’s happiness. He says for one relation, you are risking so many lives. He accuses her of not having any concern for him and Roshini. Raj gets angry with Simran. Sid says she ruined his life in Krutika’s blind love and says Roshni is his life and will be always, he will get her back at any cost.
DD’s lawyer tells her that Khurana’s have transferred all her property with her given documents, so even if she files a court case, Khurana’s will win. DD feels betrayed and dejected. He says, Khurana now holds the rights of her entire property. Sid sadly walks on the road reminisces his first meeting with Roshni, proposal, marriage, romantic moments, etc. He searches for them. Roshni apologizes to DD for going against her and loving Sid very much. Krutika gets out of coma and asks if Rajveer is fine. Rajveer tells her that their child could not be saved and consoles her. He smirks and thinks to get Sid’s wealth and becoming the sole owner of Khurana Industries.
Sid comes to DD’s house. DD says Naani that her jamai has come. Sid begs for an opportunity to explain himself. Roshni says she made a mistake by believing him and asks him to tell his cooked up story. He says he does not want to see a day where he has to separate from her and apologizes for his lies. She gets angry and slaps him. DD and Naani are shocked. She accuses him for back stabbing her family and betraying DD’s trust.
Sid starts crying and says she cannot break their relationship, he lied to her, but his love for her is true. Roshni asks him to get lost. Sid pleads to listen to him once, but she does and starts crying. Lawyer says Simran has done everything legally and they cannot transfer it back.Raj decides to sell his shares and transfer back DD’s properties. Naani gets sad thinking about her god’s idol still at DD’s house and says she misses it. Roshni says she will get it from there. DD says she will accompany her. They both come out and are surrounded by reporters. DD shouts at them. They ask Roshni why her marriage with Sidharth Khurana broke. Rajveer and Kritika get married in court. Simran gets happy. Raj comes to DD’s house. She opens the door and finds him. Keep reading.

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